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The abuse gets more intense for a tied up muscle guy

Here’s more from BreederFuckers. In this shoot, Brad is bound totally naked in a way that totally restrains him while giving the maximum exposure to his big heavy genitals and tight pink arsehole! They lay into him, feasting on his body and giving him sloppy wet kisses that utterly revolt this straight cunt. His toes are tied to his cock and balls so that every time he thrashes out with his legs trying to kick he only succeeds in tightening the restraints around his package. They tickle his feet in a way that is agonizing and makes him restrain his dick even more. His prick and ball sack quickly turn a deep shade of purple.

Then Adrian rams a dildo down his throat to break his gag reflex and make him lubricate the instrument that will fuck him. Brad’s throat tightens up as he resists the big dildo sliding down his throat. It’s rammed up his arse, widening his sphincter to breaking point. Dave squeezes his cock and mercilessly teases the stupid fucker for the precum seeping out. His dick is suspended from the ceiling making his glans bulge. He’s covered in oil, making all his muscles gleam as he helplessly fights against his restraints while he’s being relentlessly shafted. Adrian takes a cane to his arse at the same time turning his cheeks red and causing the muscle head blistering pain. Brad is completely helpless to stop this never ending torment and searing humiliation!

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The round furry bum of Yuris needs to be gayed up

It ought to be a routine procedure for the NHS to take control and ruin straight men’s arseholes. Luckily BreederFuckers are here to pick up the slack by opening a clinic where feckless heteros can be tied down and taken advantage of. Suited Yuris is marched in and tied arse up to the exam table. That round furry bum of his needs to be gayed up. His genitals are noosed so his big hulking ball sack bulges tight. That tight pink arse is now going to be stretched beyond recognition. Adrian and Dave pry open his sphincter so his hole is gaping.

gay_bondage_humiliation_01 gay_bondage_humiliation_02 gay_bondage_humiliation_03

Yuris moans and hollers feeling the most acute pain of his life. His hetero arse immediately tightens up again so they need to amp up his procedure. A big fat dildo on a stick is shoved up his arse and they pound his pussy until his face is a deep shade of reddish purple. Yuris’ legs wriggle and kick unable to stop the relentless pounding in his arse. His tender foreskin is stretched open with a metal clip. He’s placed in bondage with a vicious hook slid up his arsehole so his bum sticks up in the air. At the same time those hairy cheeks are aggressively caned, but he’s locked in place with no way to escape. This is the proper way to ruin a hetero’s arse and this procedure should be rolled out nationwide.


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gay_bondage_humiliation_ad_1 gay_bondage_humiliation_ad_2


Cocky Craig gets kidnapped

Craig is in a very precarious position, tied up and grunting like a pig. A rope attached to a weight is lassoed around his neck, so the sorry fucker can barely move while they strip him down, pervily groping him all over. Sliding his tighty whities to the side, his big luscious cock and balls flop out. Those pants are wedged up tight to slide against his virgin arsehole. His tight hairy arse cheeks are lashed while his large floppy cock is tugged till his penis is throbbing. Craig is locked into place with an anal hook slid up his rectum making him terrified to move even though we’ve got his big cock in hand.

gay_bondage_01 gay_bondage_02 gay_bondage_03 gay_bondage_04 gay_bondage_05 gay_bondage_07 gay_bondage_08


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Oh no! Duct tape!

Jim Stewart (of blessed memory) has a whole section dedicated to duct tape on his website, Houdini Connections.

metalbondnyc_duct_tape_01 metalbondnyc_duct_tape_02 metalbondnyc_duct_tape_03


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And of you like that, you will also want to check out  “Duck T His Movie,” a short film in which a man is attacked by a roll of duct tape. Yes it really does happen. The pictures above are from this movie. Click here for the movie.

Yuris gags, disgusted by the taste of his own semen

Here’s one more today from the men of BreederFuckers. Straight man Yuris is so revolted about being turned into an object for male lust that he has reverted to his native tongue. He rallies against his pervy captor with a stream of swears and homophobic insults. Getting strong tape wrapped around his head shuts him up soon enough. With his arms tied akimbo and wearing nothing but his thin white briefs, he is incredibly vulnerable. This is the sort of fucker who would bully others. Now he’s treated to the vicious sexual treatment he was so terrified of. His underwear is wrenched up his arse crack until it tears, causing a burn to his arsehole like he’s never felt.

Severe_Testicle_Torture_gay_bondage_metalbondNYC_01 Severe_Testicle_Torture_gay_bondage_metalbondNYC_02 Severe_Testicle_Torture_gay_bondage_metalbondNYC_03

It’s time this macho hetero fucker learns what it’s like to get fucked. A massive dildo is rammed up his tight, resistant sphincter. Simultaneously his arse is flogged hard. Yuris moans piteously as his arse is relentlessly drilled into. His genitals are tied up so his big nads bulge and his penis swells like a fat acorn. With his entire package being weighted down, the sad fuck feels like his junk will be ripped off at any second. His already sore arse is given a caning. Now his prick is so acutely sensitive to any touch. His dick is manipulated and stimulated to the point he can’t help ejaculating. The sperm is fed to him mouth to mouth. Yuris gags, disgusted by the taste of his own semen and the feeling of the creamy spunk sliding down his throat. This will make this fucker sorry.

Severe_Testicle_Torture_gay_bondage_metalbondNYC_04 Severe_Testicle_Torture_gay_bondage_metalbondNYC_05 Severe_Testicle_Torture_gay_bondage_metalbondNYC_06


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