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On the discipline block

At BreederFuckers.com, Kirk is one tough strong bastard, but all his might and muscle can’t break him free from the ropes holding him down on the discipline block. That big muscular arse of his pointing up looks so hot, especially when his tighty whities are rammed right up the crack to rub against his arsehole. His briefs are destroyed, leaving him buck naked. His dick is drawn back between his legs with a clamp on his foreskin. Kirk is in agony, as he can’t move without causing himself considerable pain to his most tender bits. Adrian and Dave wank his cock, and Kirk can’t do anything to stop himself becoming aroused with their devilish manipulation. His cock is made even stiffer in a suction device while his arse is filled and fucked. Kirk nearly chomps through the bit in his mouth, drooling away like a chained beast. He can’t prevent himself being stimulated to orgasm while he receives a torrent of arse punishment. He weeps and howls as his precious sperm fills the container.


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Aaron gets tied up and worked over

Aaron gets tied up and worked over

At BreederFuckers.com, Aaron isn’t going to be able to sit right for weeks with his arse cheeks throbbing red. But his bum crack still looks pristine. Trussed up with his sphincter fully on show, they ruthlessly go at his bumhole and big heavy balls with a flogger and cane. Aaron’s mettle is tested when Dave demands he remain absolutely silent while the sensitive soles of his feet are viciously caned. Aaron’s foreskin is peeled back and his glans is stimulated with a vibrator.

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Strapped down to a fuck bench

At Brutal Tops, Master Max returns to thrash and cane his restrained sub. Unable to move, the feeble sub yells out at the psychotic sadist uses a paddle, belt and cane to cause serious damage to his red-raw arse-cheeks. The violent pounding is delayed only as the Master needs to piss and uses the humiliated runt as a human urinal. This is one of Brutal Tops’ hardest ever sessions, as the deep welts are produced on the worm’s worthless rear.

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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 12

By Greg Alexander

My situation did not improve over the course of the next several days.

By the end of my first day tied down over the spanking bench, no fewer than 23 alpha males on testosterone overdrive had, in the course of that single afternoon and evening, made me worship their feet and suck their dicks, and then, in punishment for my consistent inability to identify even one of them with the blindfold on, much less recite their sports facts, aggressively spanked and then fucked me.

The spanking, in particular, was excruciating. Nothing, nothing, could quite compare to having 23 muscular athletes in rapid succession deliver a stream of unrelenting punishments to my behind. By the end of the day, my ass felt like it had been seared by a blisteringly hot iron, and it felt like a train had careened through my asshole. My legs were frozen in an wide open spread eagle, my ass was as defenseless as ever, and my inner sphincter and prostrate were throbbing relentlessly from the repeated violent large-scale invasions to which they had been subjected over the course of the past 6 hours. My legs quivered uncontrollably, even though I was unable to move them at all.

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Lee is tied to the fuck bench

Here’s another shoot from BreederFuckers. Lee is a big strong scary fucker, so it’s necessary for him to be totally restrained at all times like a wild animal. His naked body bucks and his muscles strain against his restraints, but there’s no escape for this straight man. They stroke his massive dick and fiddle with his hot arsehole all they want. Clutching that big shaft of his, they give his bum cheeks continuous smacks until they grow red. Then they take out a dildo.

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Training the Sergeant – Part 3

By lthr_jock

Dejan led Davis through the inner door and into the main bar of the club. Davis looked around him at the bare brick walls decorated with pictures of men – men naked, men clothed in fetish wear, men having sex. The bar itself was a huge affair of chrome and glass, illuminated with blue lights. But the men already in the club were what caught his attention – and he caught theirs. The sight of such a man like Davis, a man who would normally be considered a Top, collared and on a leash, was an unusual one. As such, it evoked a lot of interest – and a deal of lust.

Davis paused inside the door to look around. He could see men wearing leather, rubber, skinhead gear, even police uniforms. Some were naked except for shorts, others fully covered – including hoods. The music in the club made it difficult to make anything out, but he could hear sounds from darkened archways, which he associated with sex. He shook his head – what was he doing here?

His train of thought was stopped as Dejan jerked on the leash and led him over to an empty section of bar. Dejan turned to face him.

“No need to be nervous, Sergeant. I realise it’s your first time, but you’re going to have fun. What’s your poison?”

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Craig is bound with his arms and legs in the air

At BreederFuckers. No matter how hard Craig struggles, he can’t stop Dave from sliding his hands over his hairy body and invading his tender arse. Craig gets a big fat dildo rammed far up his arse. The dildo is then rammed in his mouth and secured to his bindings. Craig continues to thrash and resist, but he’s secured more expertly in place with his tender nips and the delicate head of his penis bound to his leg spreader as well. Now he can’t move a centimetre without causing himself an agonizing shock to the most sensitive parts of his body.

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