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Brand new content on the RubberZone site — go there now

Hey fellow prisoners, the popular RubberZone site has just posted an update. Issue 30.2 features tons of fresh pictures, videos and a two-part story called “The Butcher.” Click the image below to check out RubberZone for yourself:

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The Convict – Part 19

By Joshua Ryan

Documents Relating to Convict 353308, Rossetti, Jason Scott

Inmate, Southern Regional Longterm Correctional Facility


Document 8






351699 Cleveland

Inmate, SRLCF



Mrs. Heather Johnston

1112 Detroit Street

Milestone IN



Approved for Transmission




Dear Sis,

I’m sorry you’re not able to come out to see me this year, but I understand. I think it’s great that you and Frank are buying that cabin at Pleasant Lake.

You asked whether me and my cellie are still getting along. You bet. It’s funny, you know, because he was a college kid who was also a Business Executive before he was put in stir, but as you probably predicted Ive been showing him the ropes. Actually, I was worried because I was celling alone and who knows what would happen when they put some other con in with me, but J is exactly the cellie I wanted. Do you know what I mean? :-) I think you do.

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Jotto – gay erotic bondage artist

jotto a

jotto jotto-r jotto_jungle_boy_punished jotto gh

You can see many more works by Jotto at the Telemachus site.

Jotto has a number of illustrated stories available here.

Many of Jotto’s works are authorized collaborations with Kalabro

You can learn even more about these artists at the Mitchmen blog. Click for Mitchmen’s entry about Jotto by clicking here and Kalabro by clicking here.

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