Bondage Workout


A sexy stud endures a brutal bondage workout including flogging, electro, and a hard suspension fuck from a sadistic trainer with an enormous cock.

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Sexy Kyle Quinn answers an ad for a bondage workout. Being a newbie at this, Kyle drove around the blocks for a long time before he builds up enough courage to come inside the bondage gym. Trainer Josh West is pissed because of Kyle’s tardiness and he punishes him for it. Josh ties up Kyle’s huge cock and balls, suspends a heavy metal bucket from them, and makes him do squats while he edges the young stud’s cock. Next, it’s off to the workout bench where Kyle takes all of Josh’s enormous cock in a hard bondage fuck. The workout gets even more twisted as Kyle is bound to the inversion table where he endures electro-play and a rough throat fucking. Josh finishes Kyle off with an intense flogging and a crazy suspension fuck.

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Chastity Suit – Part 11

By Rubbag





The message flashed once more on the control pad before Augustus pressed the Confirm symbol, letting the pad go blank as he put it to one side. He leaned forward, his elbows onto the desk, his palms pressed together resting against his mouth. According to the time stamp, Unit 6 had been ready since last night, but it seemed churlish after such an effort to rush these last moments. No, he would spend a little time contemplating his triumph.

Two young men, both were strong-willed before their transformation into mindless units, trophies on his wall. They were both in position Storage Mounted 01, heads down, arms tight to their sides, legs together, feet pointing to the floor. The first position of their training is also their last, a symmetry of which Augustus approved.

There is a click as he turns on the recorder.

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Santa’s Gift

By ty dehner

The holiday season was approaching quickly. Jack was feeling the pressure of the holiday gift-buying dilemma. He knew that time was running out, but just what do you get your family that has everything in life already? The city was filled with shoppers, and occasionally Jack would notice one of the cute guys. He loved this time of the year, for guys wore boots and jeans. Of course, Jack didn’t look half bad in his full motorcycle leathers. The day had been dry and almost a bit balmy for December. So Jack slid into his leathers, put on his helmet and headed to the city on his Harley. Christmas was tomorrow, and Jack hadn’t gotten anything purchased yet. He was seriously thinking that a check for each person his list might not be such a bad thing.

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