The Wall – Part 01

By slavebladeboi

He opened his eyes. The rough stone wall, about 4 inches from his nose, was blurred. Licking his dry lips, he moved away, but panic gripped his gut like a vice.

He couldn’t move.

The shock seemed to bring all his senses to life at once. And that’s when he felt what was holding him upright, rigid almost. He tried to move his head but could only do so a fraction. Straining his eyes downwards, he saw the steel bracket that held the collar that he now realised was round his neck, keeping his head so close to the brickwork.

He pulled at his arms. They were locked in position, about 45 degrees below the horizontal and stretched out just enough for him to feel the manacles bite into the backs of his hands, again the same distance from the wall. His elbows too were encased in an unforgiving metal bond.

He was standing straight, his knees held locked, metal tubes about 6 inches long grasped them and forbade them from bending even slightly, his ankles the same distance from the wall locked in position, his feet turned outwards to accommodate that fact.

His fear overcame his senses. He cried out, he yelled. Nothing but a hollow echo returned.

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Pictures and video: Noah in a serious metal collar

Noah is chained naked in the corner of the dungeon, working his cock. He cums all over himself, then sucks off Jared, who cums all over him too.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_06 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_07


Noah is chained by the neck in the corner of the dungeon, completely naked, a leather ball-gag in his mouth. His arms are free, but he can do nothing to free himself from the steel collar, and he doesn’t dare touch the gag in his mouth. He tires of his struggles and, without thinking, starts working his cock. Maybe, subconsciously, he knows this is what the men watching him want to see. In minutes, he spews a load of cum all over his torso and the mat in front of him.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_08 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_09 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_10


His captor replies by cuffing Noah’s hands behind his back and shoving his cock in Noah’s face. “Nooo,” the poor captive begs, hoping against hope that his sexual violation was over. He is wrong. Very wrong. Such a hot man simply must suck cock – and often.



Here’s a video clip — and be sure to click the button to watch in full-screen mode!


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The Convict – Part 15

By Joshua Ryan

I unfolded the shorts. They were cheap and stiff and pasty white, with the same black brand on the leg and rump: CONVICT 353308. Even in your underwear, you had to be labeled. Your rump needed to be numbered so that nobody would mistake it for the rump of the inmate who was next in line. You could never forget that you were a convict, a package of meat with a barcode.

I pulled the right leg of the boxers over my iron and drew them up to my crotch.   I’d never worn whites before. Even when I was a kid, my mother always bought me something “colorful,” something “artistic.” And I’d never worn anything next to my body that felt as coarse and rough as those things felt when I pulled them on for the first time, watching my balls and dick vanish beneath the harsh white cloth that covered them like some exotic disease. I shuddered and reached blindly for the t-shirt.   The thing was as heavy and coarse as the boxers, and just as white, except for the familiar message stamped on the front and back — CONVICT 353308. I pulled it slowly over my chest. Now I was dressed in my prison underwear, with my prison name and my prison number glaring black from the naked white . . . and my dick was rising again. I never knew I could feel this way, sick and eager at the same time . . . Through the thick cloth of my t-shirt, I could see my nipples starting to tube . . .

“What’s the matter, convict?” College Boy asked. “You one of these boxer queens? Can’t get enough of your undies, man? I want you dressed out, convict. Make it snappy.”

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Viewers choice at Bound Jocks: Bob Hager and Dolan Wolf


Bound Jock Dolan Wolf is tied on his stomach with his hairy ass in the air. Bob Hager comes into the room and takes advantage of the helpless jock by drilling both of his holes. First, he starts with Dolan’s open mouth until he is nice and hard and then Bob walks around the back of the tied up man to stick it in his rear end. Using the ankle ropes as handles, Bob power fucks Dolan until he cums.

Bob_Hager_and_Dolan_Wolf_Bound_Jocks_Metalbond_02 Bob_Hager_and_Dolan_Wolf_Bound_Jocks_Metalbond_03 Bob_Hager_and_Dolan_Wolf_Bound_Jocks_Metalbond_04 Bob_Hager_and_Dolan_Wolf_Bound_Jocks_Metalbond_05


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The Mystery

By Steellock

So Who?

He lay on the bed.

His eyes looked at the inside of a thick leather hood. The thick leather gripped his head all round, tight, but not too tight. He could feel the intrusion of the gag into his mouth. It was a rubber plate that came right in beyond the point where his tongue could get round it and it made him drool. He knew the hood was padlocked on – he had done it earlier. It was one of his favorites, an old Sci Fi hood from Mr S in the US; his first hood in fact bought many years ago and showing it’s age and use. But the reason he had chosen it today was that it resonated inside with the sound of breathing. The sound of the air rushing in and out of your nose and through the two small grommets in the nose of the hood. When strapped in tight you could only really hear yourself. He could make it stop by opening his mouth wide and breathing round the gag. He had to do this occasionally anyway to clear the drool. But the sound would hide any noise made by a visitor…

He kept on lying on the bed; he had no choice. His 20 hole laced black Grinder skinhead boots were padlocked from the D ring on the padded and locked ankle restraints to D rings at each side of the bed frame.

His thick muscular left wrist was gripped by another padded restraint wrapped around and locked to his arm; locked again to the bedframe D ring.

The D ring on the top of the hood was padlocked to a chain across the top of the bed.

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