Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 01

Island Paradise

In Two Parts

By Joshua Ryan



Chapter 1: A Great Place for the Whole Family

Hey, what’s goin on?  I’m not an interruption–I’m Joel, and it’s my turn to talk.

You don’t know me yet, so I’m wondering how to introduce myself.  I guess it doesn’t matter.  Just think of me as the Boy Next Door.

You know the type.  I’m sorta tall, and sorta blond, and I was sorta popular in school.  Picture me raking leaves in the front yard, wearing a red flannel shirt, with a light blue tee underneath it.  I was never behind any white picket fence, but my family lived in a pretty good neighborhood and I went to a pretty good school, which means there was zero crime and only a couple fistfights out behind the gym.  Lack of tradition, lol!

Anyway, I went out for sports and was good in English and real good in math.  Dan—he’s my older brother—went to law school, so my parents thought I should go to med school.  The summer after my junior year in high school, my dad’s friend Dr. Lowery got me a volunteer gig at the hospital, which meant following the doctors and nurses around while they did their things.  When they were with a patient I had to say—“Hi, I’m Joel, I’m a volunteer, just learning stuff”—and the patients were always nice about that.  The nurses and doctors weren’t always nice to each other, but they were nice to me.  I wondered how I would feel if people actually weren’t that nice.  Maybe it would be more interesting!  Don’t ask me whether I wanted to be a doctor.  I don’t think I did, but I guess it was as good as anything.

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Edged in bondage



In this shoot from Men On Edge:

Sebastian manages to drag Van to tango lessons, where the two find a hot — yet totally cruel — instructor in Adam Ramzi. They have enough of Adam’s mean teaching method, capturing him and binding him in front of his dance studio’s windows. Against his protests and taunts, they cut his clothes off to reveal a chiseled body and beautiful cock. Sebastian’s tongue brings him to the edge over and over. Adam tries to fuck two hitachis pressing his throbbing cock head and balls. Adam ends up in a rope sling, dangling in front of his mirrors, watching his body twist against the denied orgasms. Van rigs a dildo into the web of ropes, making Adam fuck himself as he squirms with Sebastian worshipping his feet. They finally let Adam’s cock explode in thick, heavy cum. The punishment moves to tickling, taking advantage of Adam’s dazed state. But Van and Sebastian aren’t done yet: they still have to debut their dance number…

Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_01 Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_02 Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_03 Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_04 Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_05

Model in this shoot: Adam Ramzi

Title: World Premiere – The Forbidden Tango

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 25

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 25: The Experiment Can Be Considered a Success

In a second the twins were dragging me out.  “Roger!” I shouted, but his expression of calm benignity never changed.  The door slammed.  I was back in the passageway, being propelled toward a room at the distant end.  If that was “the room,” then I was the “it.”

Champ and Chimp dragged me in, and Roger followed.

“Put the slap on the wall,” he said.  “And fluff.”

“Sir thank you sir.”  They moored my cuffs to a ring on the wall.  Then they stripped out of their browns and began to kiss and grope each other, groping and sweating and grinding and making each other hard, so hard that if their boots hadn’t anchored them to the floor they could have climbed to the sky on each other’s dicks.  Were they fighting or making love?  It didn’t matter.  They were two volcanoes, ready to erupt.  Then spotlights came on.  The windowless room was boiling with light.  And there were other lights—little red lights in the corners of the room.  Roger was filming this!  The lights seemed to set the boys off even more.  Molten mountains, beasts in a colosseum . . . .

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Hot pain pig Micky Mackenzie pushes his limits to the max

I am a longtime admirer of Micky Mackenzie. In this vintage shoot from 30 Minutes of Torment, Van Darkholme pushes Micky to his limits and gets him to blow a load all over the place:


Micky Mackenzie is no stranger to BDSM, but he admits that his pain tolerance is pretty low, nevertheless he’s still a pain pig. The Wall – Micky begins his session with the wall. Van works him over with his bare hands. Micky grits his teeth as he’s punched and smacked. Van brings out the flogger and mercilessly beats him before taking him off to his second challenge. – The Pit – Van uses the cane on Micky, leaving beautiful red welts on his ass. With a row of clips across Micky’s chest, he is caned on his ass and thighs. A round of hot wax takes Micky to his limit, and then Van flogs it all off. The Water Station – Micky is now determined to make it through, but first he must endure clothespins and the heavy blast of the cold water on his raw skin. Having made it through the challenges, Micky launches a huge load.

36094_3 36094_8

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