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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 07

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Late Afternoon – Pretty Boy’s Fate, Part 1

Alpha released Pretty Boy’s hands from the eye-bolt on the wall and the slave removed the four rubber restraints from the boy’s wrists and ankles. The slave handed Pretty Boy a towel and he dried himself off.

Alpha led Pretty Boy from the shower room back into the room where the intake had taken place. Pretty Boy noticed the black wooden bondage table against one wall, the medical exam chair with stirrups in a corner, and the wall with steel rings and metal restraints at various location. He was naked and there were a lot of places he could be restrained for whatever was going to happen next.

Alpha led him toward the black wooden bondage table and Pretty Boy began to wonder what would be done to him. But instead of being motioned to climb onto the table he saw a folded set of clean prison scrubs and a clean pair of white boxers. Alpha pointed to the clothes and the boy got dressed.

Alpha roughly pulled the boy’s hands behind his back and Pretty Boy felt a pair of handcuffs applied to his wrists, and then Alpha and the slave led the boy out of the intake room and into the room where he sat on the floor when he was first brought to the camp. That just yesterday, Pretty Boy reflected with in amazement.

The slave laid a pair of clean flip-flops on the floor and pointed to Pretty Boy’s feet, motioning for him to put on the flips. Pretty Boy looked at the slave with confusion; the Commander had said he was going to barefoot his whole time at the camp. The slave looked at Pretty Boy and said, “It’s to keep your feet clean as you walk outside.”

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 06

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Afternoon – Pretty Boy is Prepared

The Commander, Alpha, and the slaveboy stood over the cot where Pretty Boy lay shackled and the Commander said to the slave, “Get him ready.”

“Yes, Sir,” replied the slave, and the Commander and Alpha began to walk away.

When the men were gone Pretty Boy looked up the the slave and whispered quietly, “help me.”

The slave looked into the boy’s eyes and walked away.

A minute later the slave returned holding a set of four restraints made of rubber and attached one to Pretty Boy’s left wrist. As the slave began attaching the next restraint to Pretty Boy’s other wrist the boy said to the slave, “Help me. Please.” The slave looked deep into Pretty Boy’s eyes, paused, and quietly said to him, “All you need to do here to be treated well is obey. I learned that lesson. And so will you.” The slave attached the rubber ankle restraints to Pretty Boy’s feet and went to tell Alpha that it had been done.

Alpha returned and released Pretty Boy’s wrists from the metal shackles and handcuffed them together while his legs were still shackled to the cot. Then Alpha opened the cuffs on his ankles and gestured with his head that Pretty Boy should stand up. Pretty Boy stood up and Alpha put his massive hand on the back of his neck. Alpha was not holding his neck gently, the way he had when he guided him to the chair for his buzz cut; at that point Pretty Boy still had a choice between Alpha’s carrot and his stick but he gave that up when he defied the Commander’s order to strip for his flogging. Alpha grabbed him roughly by the neck and shoved him out of the dormitory and into the shower room.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 05

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Late Morning – Recovery and Fear

Pretty Boy lay naked and shackled to the cot in four-point restraints and wondered what would happen to him next. He couldn’t stop remembering the flash of fire in the Commander’s eyes when he hesitated to strip and the Commander’s speech about how hesitation would lead to punishment, and as he lay on his back chained to the cot he was afraid.

The slave told the three other boys they could relax and he suggested that the badly flogged Colonel could sit on his cot. The slave gently pulled off the Colonel’s top, being careful to hold the fabric away from his red welted skin, and told the Colonel sweetly, “I will be right back.”

The slave returned in a moment with a tube of aloe vera gel and told the Colonel to lay on his stomach and relax. The slave kneeled at the side of the cot and began carefully spreading the cooling gel on the Colonel’s red back with sweet, tender motions. The Colonel let out his first real sound in a while; a moan of relief and gratitude.

After a while the Colonel tilted his head toward the pretty young slave; his small chain collar looked good against the smoothness of his thin neck and his deep blue eyes radiated kindness. The Colonel stared deeply in the slave’s eyes and the slave returned the look. The Colonel looked at the blush of red on the young boy’s cheeks and at the slave’s soft red lips; under any other circumstances the Colonel would have taken that sweet face in his fatherly hands and kiss the boy’s mouth deeply.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 04

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Early Morning – Flogging

Morning light was already flooding through the windows of the dormitory but the four boys were still fast asleep, worn out from the previous day’s intake, which for most of them took place after a long drive to the campground.

Alpha entered the dormitory and banged a police baton on the metal cover of a trash can, waking the boys. Behind Alpha was the barefoot slave, again wearing shorts and his white tank top with the small chain padlocked around his neck. The slave pushed a cart of trays down the aisle of the dormitory and gave each boy a tray with a mug of hot black coffee, a glass of orange juice, a bottle of water, and two protein bars. The slave spoke to the boys gently – “You have 15 minutes to eat breakfast” – and then Alpha and the slave left the dormitory.

Each boy sat up, with one ankle still shackled to the corner of his cot, and silently ate his breakfast. In 15 minutes Alpha and the slave returned and Alpha unlocked each boy’s ankle restraint.

The slave pushed his cart down the dormitory aisle and gave each boy a tray with a small disposable tooth brush, a tiny tube of toothpaste, a small bar of used soap, a small towel, a disposable razor, and a travel-sized can of shaving cream. The slave explained that the boys had 20 minutes and motioned for them to follow him to the bathroom. It was a large room from the days when the dormitory accommodated 40 boy scouts. There was a line of 10 sinks against one wall, 10 urinals against another wall, and five toilets against the third wall, open to the room with no dividers.

“You may brush your teeth and wash up in the sink,” the slave said to the boys, “and you will each shave your face. You may use the toilet if you need to. You have 20 minutes.”

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 03

By AlphaMetal

Day 1, Evening – Intake, Part 2

Cody has no idea how long they had been cuffed to the poles. After an hour or two you lose all sense of actual time. But it felt like a long time and Cody’s arms and shoulders ached from having his hands pinned behind his back. Even his feet were beginning to hurt from supporting his weight for so long on the hard concrete floor without shoes.

Cody’s mind was beginning to go in and out. The one thing he felt was helpless. Totally helpless. Cody’s arms hurt, his shoulders hurt, his feet hurt, he was a little cold, and there was nothing he could do about any of it. If they had wanted that to sink in, it had sunk in.

He had no idea what time it was, but based on the time he arrived at the camp, and the time he spent cuffed on the floor waiting for the other boys to arrive, and the time it took to cut their hair and shave their bodies, and however many hours he had been cuffed to the pole, it must be very dark outside.

Cody was beginning to zone in and out – not really sleep, but something kind of like it – when the sound of boots on the floor snapped him awake. In walked the Commander, each of the boys’ four masters, and Alpha, followed by the barefoot slave.

Each Master walked up to his boy and looked him over, and then nodded to the Commander and walked out of the room.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 02

By AlphaMetal

Day 1, Afternoon – Intake, Part 1

When Alpha snapped on the handcuffs Cody felt his cock get hard from the steel on his wrists. Restraints often did that to him; even the click of handcuffs got him excited.

Cody turned his head and looked at Wrestler who was next in line. He hadn’t been able to look at Wrestler’s naked body until now because he had been too busy removing his own clothes and paying attention to the Commander, but now he had a chance to check him out.

Fuck, Cody thought. Even from the side Wrestler was pure muscle: traps, delts, abs, obliques, quads, calves, everything. And he oozed strength, not just because of his muscles but from the way he was standing, the way he held his head, and the way he planted his feet.

Wrestler was shorter than Cody but Cody knew he could easily pin him to a wrestling mat and fuck him, and Cody’s mind started to imagine himself face-down on a mat with Wrestler’s cock thrusting inside him.

Cody stared at Wrestler like he was licking the jock’s body in his mind, and then suddenly realized he had been staring at him way too long. He looked up and saw that the Commander had been watching him and taking it all in.

When the Commander saw that Cody had come back to earth he barked “Move out” and pointed to a door. Alpha started walking toward the door and the boys followed.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 01

By AlphaMetal

Day 1, Morning – The Arrival

Cody had been playing with his Sir for two years now. They started out doing 2-3 hour sessions, which moved to full days, and then Cody began spending nights, often sleeping in restraints. Things became more intense and Cody found himself submitting to Sir more and more when they were together.

The past two years had been great for both of them and the 26-year old Cody had learned a lot, but Sir decided it was time for the boy to experience something much more intense. It was time for Cody to go the campground.

Sir explained the campground to Cody. A few years ago, two good friends of his who owned a leather business bought an old boy scout camp that had sat empty for years. They used it for play parties and an annual weeklong training session to which close friends could bring special boys who were ready — and worthy — of being taken to the next level. Sir thought it was time for Cody to be taken to the campground; he thought Cody was ready, and he thought it would help submerge the boy more deeply into the headspace of a sub.

Cody was excited by the idea. Sir had taken him to the leather store several times and one of the owners had a calm and commanding presence that Cody found exciting. The man was older than Sir – about 60, maybe 65 – but he had a confidence around young subs that came from many years as a Leatherman.

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The Next Level

By AlphaMetal

“Are you ready to go to the next level, boy?”

That was the question Sir asked me as I sat on the floor recovering from a flogging. It was a harsh flogging as usual.

Before I could respond he said, “Don’t answer now. I don’t want your answer while you are still feeling tough from that flogging, and warm in its glow.”

I just nodded.

“Stand up, boy,” Sir said.

I stood up and faced him.

“Turn around, boy. Hands behind your back.”

I turned around, put my hands behind my back, and spread my legs just enough to show I was submitting.

Sir expertly clicked the handcuffs on my wrists and double-locked them and said: “Over to the column, boy.”

There is a steel support column in the middle of Sir’s basement dungeon and I have been cuffed to that pole before, so I knew what to do; I sat on the concrete floor with my back to the pole and Sir used a padlock to attach the chain of my handcuffs to a chain wrapped around the base of the pole. Sir put a water bottle to my lips and gave me a long drink of water and walked away, leaving me sitting sitting on the cold floor with my hands cuffed behind me, still naked from the flogging.

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