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The Speed Trap – Part 04

By Rubrpig

The routine settled on to the three of us by the end of the first week in the jail. By then my brother and I had decided that no one had investigated my disappearance. Each day was spent in the cells and at night at the dungeon serving the troopers.

They continued to put a lot of effort into breaking our Sir but we were able to keep him from giving in by talking with him during the day and calming him down and keeping him focused on staying strong. We had met and formed a triad while we were under going specialized training in the Marines when we had been undergoing specialized training when we were assigned to recon unit.

One day about a week into our sentence, the three of us were dragged from the cells and taken to the shower area. The corporal ripped off our prison uniforms and boxer shorts and tossed them into a laundry bin. We were glad to be out of them as we had been wearing them for just over a week and they reeked of sweat, and cum. We were told to shuffle over to the shower area.

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The Speed Trap – Part 03

By Rubrpig

My brother and I stood in our cells watching as the leather troopers dragged our Sir from his cell. He shuffled along at the end of the heavy leash they hooked to his collar. He was still locked in the steel bondage helmet so he had very little vision so shuffled slowly depending on the leash to guide him. They took him through the back door of the cells which appeared to be the one I saw them use that morning.

We shuffled over to the cots and sat down taking the pressure off of our necks and backs as the chains we wore forced us to stoop a little to take the pressure off of our bodies. We looked at each other and I asked him what should we do next. We really had no options available to us as we were both padlocked into heavy 5 point chains and locked in a jail cell.

Really no way to escape unless we could figure out a way to overpower the troopers and get the keys to our chains. We both looked at each other and discounted that option as the wrist shackles had short chains so we did not have much movement for our hands and arms so that seemed like a faint hope.

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The Speed Trap – Part 02

By Rubrpig

I called my Sir’s cell again and once again it went to voice mail. This was troubling as he always checked in when he reached his home. I decided to try again the next day but the results were the same. No answer on his cell or the land line at his home. Also no response to the email checking in with him. I decided I had no choice but to contact his full time boy. His full time boy did not live with him as he travelled a great deal and due to security reasons had to maintain his own residence. I texted and got an immediate response that he had just returned from a trip but he also was unable to reach our Sir.

His boy logged into the GPS tracking site for the anti-theft device on Sir’s Harley and was able to get the coordinates of where it was. He watched the site for several days and there was no movement so he contacted me with the coordinates. As it was about an hour away from my home, I told him that I would go check out the site and if there was a problem I would contact him immediately.

I grabbed my leather jacket and jumped into the car. I punched the coordinates into the GPS system and it was able to plot the route to that site. I headed there. When I arrived I parked a little way from the actual site and walked the rest of the way. I found myself outside of a state troopers facility and I walked further around the site. In the rear there was a large storage building and I was able to see through one of the very dirty windows and saw Sir’s Harley.

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The Speed Trap – Part 01

By Rubrpig

It was a great way to end a weekend of heavy play with my part-time boy. Since the start of the pandemic we had not managed much time together but with the easing of the restrictions it made it easier for me to get out on the bike and travel to where he was stuck working on a remote construction project. The hard physical work had kept him in peak condition so he was able to take the hard abuse I so enjoyed inflicting on him.

This morning after letting him out of the sleep sac, he took care of my morning hard-on and piss. I slapped him on the ass and told him to get breakfast for me as I was going to leave right after eating. While he was busy in the kitchen, I pulled on my leather pouch jock, then pulled on the padded Langlitz breeches and zipped the legs. I pulled on heavy boot socks then my tall Wesco’s and did up the 3 straps on each of my boots. I took my long sleeved leather uniform shirt and tugged it on over my heavily muscled furry torso and snapped it closed. I did up the collar and worked my tie on and snugged it.

Then I pulled the waist belt of my Sam Browne through the wide loops on my breeches, then put on the cross strap over my right shoulder. I walked out of the bedroom, my heavy boots thudding on the floor.

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Captured by The Cavalry — Part 05

By Rubrpig

I struggled awake and tried to stretch but the bars of the dog cage I was locked in prevented it. I shook my head and slowly everything came back. Last night was a particularly brutal session with my officers. I spent the evening hanging from my wrists while they used paddles and canes over my entire body. I rubbed my hands down over my chest feeling the welts and wincing from the bruising caused by the paddles.

They finally dropped me to the floor and while I was lying on the floor struggling to catch my breath and work through the pain, Captain Edwards grabbed my right food and began caning the sole of my foot. I screamed into the gag while both officers laughed and enjoyed my pain. They told me to crawl into my cage and they locked the door and left me for the rest of the night. Fortunately, they left me a thin blanket so I was able to cover myself and gain some warmth.

After releasing me from the cage they told me to get out. I limped to the entrance area of Captain Edward’s rooms and quickly pulled on my jock then dressed in my battle dress. Finally I put on my boots but had to leave the right one loose as my foot was still swollen from the caning. I left and limped back to my barracks room. I got to the room just as my roommate Iain walked up as he had also spent the night with his officers.

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Captured by The Cavalry — Part 04

By Rubrpig

I woke up stiff and sore from another long hard session with my officers. I was getting used to the hard use and abuse that was their way of enjoying themselves. I swung my legs out of my bed and sat up. My roommate and fellow soldier servant was awake and lying quietly in bed. He had not been used the evening so he had the evening to himself.

I got up and stretched and headed for the showers as I was covered in piss and cum from my officers. I grabbed a towel and walked out of our room and headed for the showers. The other troopers housed on the same floor called to me and asked how things were going. They were not collared like Iain and I were but they were aware of what we were. They no longer showed surprise when we walked by, our heavy collars and chastity devices on display as we walked by then. By now I had met the remaining soldier servants in the barracks.

There were 8 others but they were housed on different floors of the barracks so we only saw each other at special functions where we were supporting our officers, the mess hall or the gym. We all had hard physical training regimes to follow as our officers insisted that we maintain our high level of fitness. As we were the property of the regiment, we had to maintain the regiment’s property to the standards expected by the regiment. As a result, the 10 soldier servants were the fittest of all of the troopers.

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Captured by The Cavalry — Part 03

By Rubrpig

I woke up when I heard my new roommate moving around in our shared room. I sat up and swung my legs out of the bed and looked at my roommate. I spoke and told him my name and rank. He turned at looked at me and nodded. I stared as well as wearing a solid band of stainless steel around his neck, his cock and balls were locked up in a steel chastity device. I realized that it was a steelwerks necromancer device.

The polished steel tube holding his cock was plugged with a special screw and his balls were incased in a specially shaped steel casing to resemble his balls and sac. He saw the expression on my face and nodded. He said that his Officers had just equipped him with the chastity device a week ago. I nodded and told him that I was Trooper William Rhodes. He stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Trooper Iain Mackenzie. I shook his hand and got aroused as I have always had a thing for gingers.

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Captured by The Cavalry — Part 02

By Rubrpig

After my final night at the Barracks with my new commanding officers, my mind was a tumble of images. I got back to my hotel and packed my gear as my flight home was in the morning.

After checking through security and customs, I sat in the departure lounge of Heathrow Terminal 2 waiting for flight to be called on the departure boards. I finally was able to stop and think about what had happened over the previous two weeks and especially what happened the previous night. I grabbed my computer bag and pulled out the folder of documents which I had been given by my Officers after I had signed them. I read through them and the reality of what I had done sunk in like the Captain slamming me in the gut with his favourite weighted gloves.

I had willingly joined the Royal Army specifically the Blues and Royals as a trooper. The papers also included the assignment to the ceremonial unit once basic training was completed. The reality hit me hard and I knew that I had a lot of work to accomplish once I got home. I slumped in my seat and wondered what the future was going to hold.

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