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Charlie hung there, from the overhead beam, his feet about 6 or 7 inches from the floor. The strain wasn’t too bad although, after this long, his arms and shoulders were beginning to feel it. First he had stripped. The big black guy had been meticulous with the bondage. Charlie’s wrists were both in high quality leather wrist suspension restraints that the guy had taken time over. There were no pinch points, each strap had been buckled, unbuckled, readjusted and finally hooked to the rings fixed to the underside of that ceiling beam. When he had finished all the preparations, he had Charlie stand on a box about 18 inches high so it wasn’t difficult or painful to stand there and let the guy fix his arms above his head.

Next to the box he initially stood on, on either side, were two small pillars a bit less than 10 inches high simply waiting for Charlie to reach out a foot, stand on them and release his arms from the building pressure his muscles were feeling. But there was a catch. He’d been told there would be, simply not what it was. Charlie had thought the test would be to see how long he could hang, the heat in the room making him sweat and increase his thirst, before using those two boxes he could easily reach. He wasn’t concentrating enough to think about the cold metal spiral butt plug which had been carefully screwed into his ass or why it was there apart from making him horny or the ring around his cock which was connected to it.

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The Purchase – Part 06

By slavebladeboi

Daz slowly winched the captive up by his wrists, closely wrapped in the leather restraints that shone black under the one downlighter that was positioned directly above the ceiling fixture. He stretched him just enough to tighten the muscles in his abdomen but not enough to be uncomfortably in stress.

His sweaty body shone as the single light source now on in the cellar picked out every curve of his muscles. Daz slowly dribbled a massage oil down each upstretched arm starting at the wrist. I watched it trickle down his arms, pool slightly around his neck then carry on over his chest, him wincing every time my hands touched the chain connected to the tit clamps, and with both hands together I rubbed it around his body until it glistened, wet with the fine sheen of polished naked skin.

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The Purchase – Part 05

By slavebladeboi

We were only about 15 minutes or so in the kitchen, and after I cleared things away I followed Daz down the stairs to the cellar. The light was on and Daz was in the centre of the room kneeling at Zero’s head. I wondered for a second what he was doing, so I slowly walked round the pair to see better without disturbing them. I was surprised, to say the least. Daz had untied the sleeve and taken it off the slave completely. He was very carefully and skilfully massaging his still sweaty back, well developed shoulders and arms whilst at the same time telling him how excellent a slave he was and how well he had born the treatment so far.

“It’s not over yet, slave,” I heard him say, almost to himself he was so soft, “But you’ll be fine. You’re the type of slave I’ve always wanted but never been able to afford. So now you’re mine by proxy whenever I visit your Master.”

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The Purchase – Part 04

By slavebladeboi

We were halfway to the truck when Daz stopped. “Hang on, just remembered,” he said and, taking my keys, went back into the house. He came out a couple of minutes later with a smile on his face. “Almost forget the tit clamps, might as well give him full use of my stuff while I’m here.”

“You think he’s going to be ok?”

“Of course, he’s fit and healthy with all that ‘love and attention’ you been giving him.” He said that with a sarcastic voice but I knew what he meant. “Not going anywhere either. No, Chris my friend, he simply needs to know that his position isn’t going to alter just because you’re not some kind of heartless sadist but actually a regular guy, who happens to also like a bit of kinky s&m play and is his Master as well. He’s bloody lucky to have been bought by you and not me.” He grinned even wider and I chuckled at that. “Now, let’s get some in.”

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The Purchase – Part 03

By slavebladeboi

Well that was three weeks ago now, and I feel a bit of a failure. Yes he keeps the house clean, yes he cooks to a reasonable standard, yes he does everything I tell him to without question and yes he provides the best fuck I’ve ever had, but, and it’s a difficult but, I’m not seeing him as a slave so much as a houseboy or even – yep, I may as well say it, even a partner.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my fair share of bondage buddies, fuck friends, one-offs and weekend s&m parties and enjoyed them all. I’ve had two reasonably long partnerships, the first lasting six years before work changed and he had to leave for the other side of the country, the second for just over two years before the relationship went stale. We were both more or less 50/50 and it never really went well. So I’m now in the dilemma of having blown a load of cash on a beautiful, sex-on-a-rope purchase but don’t feel quite fulfilled for the price. I had him naked when indoors but hadn’t yet decided on chastity.

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The Purchase – Part 02

By slavebladeboi

I woke up with a jolt. I’d sat leaning against the fuck bench looking at my new toy when I must have dropped off. For how long I didn’t know but I certainly had a stiff neck from the odd angle at which I was leaning and looking in front of me I soon had a stiff cock again too. There he was, sitting as best he could in the cage, which was about 4 feet square and 3 high. Not comfortable for that long apart from curling up in a foetal position. But he was there, staring out at me through the bars with his large blue eyes, still looking very apprehensive.

Right, I thought, let’s get on with this. I didn’t pay a small fortune to sit and look at him. Trouble was I felt I wanted to fuck him senseless and hold him tight to comfort him at the same time. Must get over this feeling! I got up, stretched my arms above my head and without being too obvious tried to show him the results of my extra work at the gym. Ok I wasn’t Schwarzenegger at his best but I could certainly handle anything this slave might throw at me. Not that I thought he would. Walking over to the cage, I remained silent, unlocked the door and opened it, indicating he should crawl forward. He remained on his hands and knees looking at the floor.

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The Purchase – Part 01

By slavebladeboi

I don’t often purchase items off the internet, which may seem a strange thing to say for the head of an IT department for a largish company but I have this thing about wanting to touch and feel the items I’m buying. Pictures just don’t do it somehow. Anyway, that’s changed somewhat. I got to the end of an 18-month project that will save the company seven figure sums over the next few years and the bonus I got was out of this world. So I blew it, well most of it, on something I’ve wanted for ages and never had the means to buy. It’s taken nearly two months from order specification to delivery and today, this morning, the crate is standing in the room downstairs waiting for me and my crowbar.

It’s a heavy wooden crate, full of those bloody awful, tennis ball sized polystyrene balls that go everywhere as soon as you look at them and take ages to clear up. But it keeps the item safe which is more important.

I stood looking at the crate and then decided to take pics of the unveiling. So not wanting a full on video I decided to take one or two shots at regular intervals. The first pieces of wood came off quite easily, together with a small avalanche of white balls.

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Toy Story

By slavebladeboi

Today I was his toy, but then I knew that as soon as he stretched me into a vertical spread eagle.

The leather wrist restraints that were bolted to the high beam seemed to get tighter the sweatier my wrists got, helped no doubt by the fine mist of oil that he had sprayed all over me. The temperature in the dungeon was in the low 90s but humid, and I felt each trickle of oily sweat slowly and constantly running down my body.

I’d been alone and in this position for at least a couple of hours now. Is that all? I hear you say. Well you try it and you’ll soon see how time can sometimes drag. I’m standing with my feet in wooden stocks and spread far enough to make my hole available and easily filled.

He was good at DIY too, almost engineering standards if what I was in was anything to go by. The milking machine was fixed in a position in front of me and also strapped to me so, although I could hardly move anyway, there was no way it was coming even slightly loose.

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