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By Bikermike

At 28 years old Jack was dissatisfied with his body despite spending as much time in the local gym as he could spare. True, he was 6 feet 3 inches tall with a 39-inch chest and 29-inch waist, but he was not getting anywhere as much sex as he wanted. For some reason, his Recon profile got hardly any response. But one morning as he was reading the very few messages that Recon had forwarded to him, a “ping” announced that someone had cruised him. He had a look and read the guy’s profile. It read:

Strict physical training offered. Limits pushed. Encouragement given where appropriate.

Send respectful message.

The photographs were of a very gym-fit man, shirtless, his chest and arms replete with tattoos, wearing tight fitting shorts that accentuated his genital bulge. He looked as though he had last shaved his face and scalp a fortnight previously. His profile stated that he was 40-something years old. Other photographs were of a gym with free weights, chin bars and benches; they also showed heavy steel manacles and instruments of punishment, including whips, canes and paddles. The guy lived some 30 miles distant. That made a change: most of the men that interested Jack seemed to live on the other side of the country or even abroad. Intrigued, he sent him a message.

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Raptor – Chapter 5

By Bikermike

Alex was left to recover for an hour or so; resting his bruised and cut body lying on his front on his makeshift bed, made out of wooden pallettes. He was milked once again; this time his captors needed to attach toothed clamps to his nipples in order for him to gain an erection so soon after his ordeal.

His life settled down once again into its routine: food then milked first thing in the morning (often fucked in the process), working the generator, milked again, food, generator, milked; every other day made to do various physical exercises and so on.

Even though he was beaten on occasions when he had not produced enough sperm, he was quite enjoying his life as a slave. Thoughts sometimes came into his mind as to what was going to happen to him when his ejaculate was no longer able to produce testosterone B? Would he be released? Did he want to be released at all? He needed to get answers from his captors but he was forbidden to initiate any conversation with them on pain of severe punishment.

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Raptor – Chapter 4

By Bikermike

Hour after hour Alex turned the generator handle in total darkness; sensorily deprived except for jolts of electricity surging through his balls, some tickling and some agonising depending upon the voltage being produced. Throughout this torment he was aware that his cock for the most part remained rock hard. The more he thought about his situation the more it appealed: his was now a life of abject sex slavery, having to satisfy three brutal masters as and when they desired.

He even found the prospect of being severely beaten this evening exciting, as were the not-so-tickling belts of current that his genitals were suffering every few minutes. How much more physical abuse could his body and mind take? His sexual appetite seemed insatiable.

The more he thought, the slower he turned the generator handle until Zapppp! He grunted as the electricity fried his balls. More electricity…more zapps…more…He roared as he orgasmed once again, followed by a very short period of euphoria until he sensed his cock hardening once again.

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Raptor – Chapter 3

By Bikermike

The weeks went by with Alex settling down with the acceptance of his life as a slave, with no rights, no say, no clothes and no dignity. He had endured savage beatings, rape and physical exercises to the point of collapse. However, the more he thought about his situation the more excited he had become, with his cock being rock hard for much of the time. Occasionally at night he would masturbate, enjoying the feeling and taste of his own semen on his tongue, then fail to produce a vialful of ejaculate in the morning.

The resultant whipping would cause his cock to harden once again but he would then enjoy the almost brutal wanking he would receive from either Andy, James or Steve. By this time his body bore the scars of such beatings and he could only guess at the appearance of his broad muscled back (he had no access to a mirror), which made him even more excited the more he thought about it.

The food had been good, tasty and nutritious. He had decent washing facilities, was warm and had a relatively comfortable bed upon which to sleep. As he was unable to shave, his captors had trimmed his by now full beard once a fortnight (although as a slave, he had lost most of his sense of the passing of time).

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Raptor – Chapter 2

By Bikermike

The room was still lit when Alex awoke. however, the main light had been switched off leaving only a dim bulb still burning, allowing sufficient illumination for him to use the bathroom without stumbling.

He lay there awake, taking stock of his situation. He was a prisoner of these three thugs, to be used as a source of income and as a sex object for an indefinite length of time, maybe a few years. Somehow, he felt a tinge of excitement, feeling the heavy steel shackle fixed around his right ankle. True, his body remained excruciatingly sore, but that fact did not stop fondling his swollen and inflamed nipples and every now and again touching his cock, which had now expanded to its full length. he could feel beads of precum forming, which he wiped off with his fingers and offering them to his mouth.

Still mindful of the warning one of the guys had told him about not wanking himself he nonetheless slowly ran his fist up and down his erection, willing himself not to ejaculate while enjoying the sensation.

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Raptor – Chapter 1

By Bikermike

Raptor: from the Latin, meaning plunderer, thief, ravisher

Alex thought it odd that his underpants were missing. He was quite sure he left them in a pile with his other clothes before he stepped into the shower after a workout at his local gym. It wasn’t an expensive gym; no lockers, but had a communal shower. Neither were his underpants: certainly not a designer pair, being 23 he had been unable to afford such luxuries, unemployed as he was.

They were just a pair of briefs that he had bought from the supermarket, skimpy enough, just sufficient to cover his genitals. He thought “Why would anyone want these?” He glanced around the changing room: there were the usual heavily muscled tattooed body builders, some older guys just wanting to keep fit and a smattering of office worker types, excercising on a day off. As was the rule, nobody spoke to anyone else, a trait so common in male gym changing rooms.

Shrugging, he heaved on his faded Levi jeans over his slim hips, picked up his gym shorts and shirt, had a quick look round on the floor, half expecting to see his underpants kicked under the benches, but to no avail.

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Rented Out

By Bikermike

Tony guessed that there was something different as he rode his Fireblade onto Ray’s drive. His host (but strictly speaking his Master) would normally be waiting on the doorstep upon hearing the powerful motorbike slow and then stop only a few metres away from his front door. As he wheeled the bike into Ray’s garage his cock lengthened somewhat; at least as far as his chastity device would allow.

This was quite an uncomfortable sensation: every Sunday evening as he got ready to leave Ray’s house after a heavy BDSM session, Ray would give his sub a brutal masturbation then refit the chastity device over the now flaccid penis. This would remain in place until the following Saturday morning when the next weekend of sadomasochism would commence.Tony would always wince as Ray inserted the hollow urethral plug some two centimetres into the now imprisoned cock.

Tony rang the doorbell. ‘Come in boy!’ barked Ray from somewhere in the house. Tony entered finding Ray dressed in his normal clothes, not the usual tight leather jeans nor torso hugging T shirt that would normally greet his sub. ‘For a change, I am renting you out to a mate of mine while I entertain another lad, or should I say while he entertains me? Whatever; my mate James will collect you in his van within the next hour. I should warn you, he is really perverted! If you think I am a strict master, just wait until you have to serve him!’ Ray went on, ‘Just another warning: only ever look downwards, unless he tells you otherwise and do not speak unles spoken to and do everything he commands. If you break these rules he will whip you severely. He will then report back to me regarding your disobedience when I will give you another thrashing. Understand, boy?’

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By Bikermike

This ad that had appeared in one of the Gay websites intrigued me. It read:

Spend a day with two dungeon masters. No stopwords, no release until the mutually agreed time has elapsed. Play will be at masters’ discretion. For further information email …. Or Mobile…..

I emailed them.

I learned that there would be no charge but I could spend either four or eight hours secured in the masters’ dungeon (which was actually a cellar in their house situated in a leafy part of London). In addition, the reply text went on to emphasise that I would be expected to be a total “sub” and that I would have to agree to anything that the masters would wish to do to me. I also understood that there may or may not be more than one “sub” being used at any one time. I could take it or leave it.

There was an attachment. This was a photo of some of their play and bondage equipment that would be used, but that more equipment may be added and used without prior warning. These included whips, paddles, tawses, canes; a medieval pillory, heavy rigid irons, steel slave collars; ball stretchers with or without spikes and electro equipment, which included a hand cranked generator.

My cock dripped precum as I emailed my reply: I would love to spend four hours as their “sub.”

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