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Teddy Bear – Part 01

By Taurus

I don’t care what people say about subs, about how they should be smooth from head to toe, or about how they should be kept in rubber with a hood on. To each their own, I guess.

I’m a little different. I like hair. Thick, fluffy beard and haircut, plus a whole body of unadulterated hair, but no points are taken off if bald. Lots of added points if muscular, if they know how to curl up to make themselves look like giant yarn balls in a cage, and if they can wear gags for a long time. I love seeing the dent in their beard from a ball gag that seems to sink into their mouth, and I love having as much of their skin exposed as possible.

I haven’t found many of these boys to play with on the regular, and long-term. More accurately, I’ve found one, and I’ve stopped searching for more. Now, reader, you might consider this a shame, but factor in how I pour my emotions into subs like a little kid talking to their teddy bear which is their vessel of emotion, it saves me from heartbreak and I can focus all my efforts on just one sub, who I can trust to have my back. Of course, I do play with other subs, just that I have one who will always be the main project, so to speak.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 5

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudThe two sets of cuffs were sitting on the deck furniture end table during the burger and beer fest, and Zac couldn’t help but sneak peeks at them whenever he thought nobody was looking. As a kid, Zac loved cop shows and seeing guys getting arrested and as his early high school years came about, he noticed that those shows and images created a stir in his manhood. Always wanting to get his hands on a set of cuffs and locking up a guy and even experience getting locked up had only been thoughts with no real world experiences. That is, until today, and he got a full dose — all in a short period of time.

The ice chest was right next to the end table, and after grabbing and cracking open another bottle, Zac couldn’t help picking up the Peerless cuffs so he could again check them out. Ratcheting the bars through the locking bar, and listening to that solid, rapid, click-click-click, created that stir again.

“Pretty solid, don’t you think, Zac?” Daniel said, looking for affirmation.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 4

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudNick presented his wrists in front to be locked up.  “Not in front, inmate…behind the back” Dan said as he applied a set of Peerless 700’s to Nick’s wrists, palms facing out, and set the double locks.  “Don’t worry, when you need a swig of this ice cold beer sitting over here, I’ll let you have some…providing you behave yourself.”  Dan chuckled.  “Now you better hope that the opposing team doesn’t score any home runs tonight, inmate.  Each home run they score will cost you one hour hogcuffed, and that won’t be a good time for you, inmate.”

The game went the regular nine innings and was completed in the normal space of time.  But it felt a lot longer for Nick, having been locked up in cuffs at the start of the game. And as he would find out later, there was another reason.  Dan kept his promise and allowed Nick some beer during the game.  This was accomplished by Dan putting a straw in the beer bottle.  To signify the start of each new inning, Dan would twist Nick’s nipples, which produced a nice pleasurable moan from Nick.  Having his nipples played with was one of Nick’s favorite things and he often played with them himself.  Near the end of the 6th inning, the opposing team scored a home run and Dan decided to start the beginning of the hour long hogcuff immediately instead of waiting for the game to end.  He figured he could always add hogcuff time if necessary.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 3

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudNick got up off the floor and sat down on the sofa so he could enjoy his beer, figuring he’d be locked up in the leg shackles for another half hour. Not that he was complaining. His interest in cuffs and shackles was definitely increasing and Dan apparently had even more in his collection, which he wanted to see. That half hour went by quickly for both men. Dan enjoyed seeing Nick in the Clejusos. Nick was feeling a bit awkward being in leg shackles even though it wasn’t his first time. But he liked how they felt locked around his ankles.

“OK boy, you’ve served your thirty minute sentence, time to release you back to the public.”

Dan chuckled as he proceeded to remove the Clejusos. He spent a few more minutes inspecting them before setting them back down on the wooden coffee table so they’d clearly be in Nick’s view at all times. Dan wanted them in Nick’s view. He wanted to observe if Nick might pick them up and check them out again. He headed off to the kitchen and returned with another round of beers.

“No hard feelings I hope, stud.”

“Nah, you won fair and square. Guess I should have known better than to take you on. Just couldn’t resist the challenge I suppose.”

“Well, guess you know better now, stud.”

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Nick and Daniel – Part 2

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudThe next morning Dan started whipping up a large batch of scrambled eggs, toast, juice and coffee when a shirtless Nick walked into the kitchen wearing his cargo shorts and black no-show socks. That was the first time Dan had seen Nick shirtless and was impressed with his muscular shoulders and traps and his muscular hairy chest, which he kept neatly trimmed.

“Damn that’s smells great and I’m hungry as hell!” Nick said. “We still hitting the weights after breakfast?”

“Sure thing if you’re up for it,” Dan responded.

“Definitely! Only thing, I forgot my gym bag at my ‘shoebox’ as you call it. Mind if I borrow some shorts and a shirt?” Nick asked.

“No prob. Got a drawer full of workout gear. Go find something while I finish making the eggs. Bottom left drawer has shorts and bottom right has shirts.”

Nick grabbed a pair of black workout shorts and changed into that and a light gray UA muscle shirt, the kind that fits snug and shows off every muscle movement when it’s on. As he turned to leave the room, he noticed a pair of antique-looking cuffs on the nightstand.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 1

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudThe day’s work is almost done for the crew as Daniel does a run through of the work they completed on the new five bedroom house that’s being built.  Dan’s no stranger to overseeing a group of men, having spent time in the Marines as an MP.  His muscular 6′ frame, topped off by the high and tight that he’s so fond of, reminds everyone on the crew where he came from. He’d wear his fatigue pants to work if the construction owner would allow, but he just has to settle with jeans and a snug company emblazoned black polo.

He adds his own touch by tucking the jeans into the tops of his desert tan boots before lacing them snug around the ankles.  At least this looks somewhat military he convinces himself.  Once a Marine, always a Marine, as the saying goes.

Dan’s checking on the tile in the master bath when his apprentice Nick finds him to inform him the crew’s pretty much packed up and heading out.  It was a Friday and since some crucial supplies needed for the next day got held back and wouldn’t arrive until Monday morning, it was decided to give everyone the weekend off and start fresh again on Monday.  For the past month the company had put Nick up at one of those extended stay hotels while working on this project.

Nick was roughly the same age as Dan, late 20’s, but shorter at 5′ 8″ and a solid 185 muscular frame, somewhat hairy Italian features, and a mug that looks like it still has a 5 o’clock shadow right after he’s just shaved it.  Dan and Nick hit it off from the start, and a couple days a week would grab a drink, a bite to eat or even hang out at Dan’s house and cook up some steaks on the grill and put down a few beers.

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Rex: A James Story – Part 08

By Rex

Based on a true story.

Sleep did not come easy and what did had conditions. I’m not used to that, I’m one of the few that fall asleep within 10 minutes, normally under 5, my Master was always jealous at the ease of which I would pass out.

The lack of any covering was making it hard to get comfy. The rattle of the chains connecting my wrist and ankles kept drawing the attention of my ears. Todd had said, before leaving me in the darkness, that I’d get used to that in time. I’d get used to quite a lot of things in time.

I wasn’t exactly cold. I felt more exposed, especially now that I was smooth from the neck down. The collar was heavy, and even with the pillow I was fully aware it was there. While I knew the plug lodged deep inside of me wasn’t getting larger it was way more noticeable now that I wasn’t strapped to the chair. Thankfully, it hadn’t fallen out. I was determined to keep it in there. I wish I could say I wasn’t enjoying all of this, but every time I got soft I found a new reason to get hard all over again. How long had it been since I got off?

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