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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 12

By Greg Alexander

My situation did not improve over the course of the next several days.

By the end of my first day tied down over the spanking bench, no fewer than 23 alpha males on testosterone overdrive had, in the course of that single afternoon and evening, made me worship their feet and suck their dicks, and then, in punishment for my consistent inability to identify even one of them with the blindfold on, much less recite their sports facts, aggressively spanked and then fucked me.

The spanking, in particular, was excruciating. Nothing, nothing, could quite compare to having 23 muscular athletes in rapid succession deliver a stream of unrelenting punishments to my behind. By the end of the day, my ass felt like it had been seared by a blisteringly hot iron, and it felt like a train had careened through my asshole. My legs were frozen in an wide open spread eagle, my ass was as defenseless as ever, and my inner sphincter and prostrate were throbbing relentlessly from the repeated violent large-scale invasions to which they had been subjected over the course of the past 6 hours. My legs quivered uncontrollably, even though I was unable to move them at all.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 21

By lthr_jock

Clark yelled into the muzzle as he woke up, his muscles aching and his back spasming with pain. The restraints afforded him little movement and while he slept his muscles had locked. Despite his yells, little sound leaked out of the muzzle and didn’t disturb anyone outside the cell. He moved himself to a sitting position and stretched as much as the restraints allowed, staring at the blank wall and wondering what the time was. He thought it was the next day – but he had absolutely no idea. He also had no idea whether Morrison was actually coming back – he thought he would, but if he didn’t Clark would be exposed once the restraints were removed and his bondage ordeal would be over. But that would just be the start of another ordeal as his superiors explored how this had happened. They would go over his life with a fins tooth-comb as he would be suspected of being involved, and everything to do with Samuel would be discovered.

As he thought about it, he felt his cock rising and tenting the front of his trousers. Clark sighed. The bondage was arousing enough and he could reach his cock to give himself some relief. He was tempted to do it so that Morrison would have to pull on his trousers with Clarks sticky load inside, but he didn’t want to have to endure that himself. It had been bad enough when he had used the toilet on the day before – with his hands restrained in front of him he could just about work his trousers down far enough, but it took ages to pull them back up.

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The Cage – Part 02

By Steellock

I walked into the bar the following weekend. I had dressed more suitably, and I had been working out in the week, too. Showing were my loose camo trousers and the bottoms of a pair of black boots with white laces. On top there was a white T and my Bleacher jacket. The guy at the top of the stairs had just let me straight through! Nice to be expected!

My cock has been locked in a silicon cage for a week by a chuckling and very sexy barman, and I’m very horny.

My barman was there again. Still in leather bondage shorts, boots and harness and still absolutely fucking gorgeous! Did he even own anything else? He looked up and grinned at me – ‘Hey ready for round 2?’ he called. ‘How close can you judge it this weekend? You want a third session in another week?’ So he had rumbled me. I was hooked and ready for a good night of kink, and he knew it.

The three cages were still there. The standing one with the restraints, the head cage and the large supply of titclamps – that one was intense. The puppy cage with the piss hood and butt fucking machine and then the heavy duty one with the stocks, ankle/wrist bar and estim box.

‘You want more of the same or a change?’ he said, the grin getting wider. ‘We got a new cage, and you will love it. You get to have the cock cage removed too. Got to be good eh?’ He waved at a cloth hanging on the wall. ‘Its behind there — you have to choose without seeing it too!’

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Locked at the Beach

By LockedBob

I guess I woke up feeling really adventurous. I got this way every time I deprived myself of relief, and it had been five days since I put hand to cock. I had already decided to spend the day at the beach, but I wanted to ratchet it up a notch, so after I had eaten and showered, I fumbled around in my toy drawer until I found it. My Punisher. I loved to wear this thing, so I slipped it on before my dick got into the mood. Even as I clicked the lock in place, I could feel myself get a little aroused, and the spikes dug into my sensitive head. That quickly cooled down my excitement. I dropped the key in a bowl on top of my dresser. I would not be taking it with me. I’d be too tempted to unlock myself. That was part of the fun, being locked in my Punisher and having no way to take it off.

To make it more interesting, I decided against even wearing a bathing suit. The beach was not officially a nudist beach, but several guys went naked all the time and never were bothered by the authorities. I rummaged around for the perfect sarong, wrapped it around my trim waist, and grabbed my suntan lotion, sandals, and a large bottle of water. I was ready to head out for a day of sun, swim and frustration. I took a final glance in the full length mirror. My hours of working out in the gym were really showing. I could turn a few heads when I displayed my body, and I did really enjoy showing off.

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