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Studs in Stone

I guess the ultimate form of physical restraint for a stud would permanent transformation into a statue — or perhaps being turned into a robot.

A39 casey

The images above are from Studs In Stone, website that was dedicated to this fantasy.  The site had lots of stories, but it’s apparently defunct now, unfortunately.

A similar site that is still up is called Rent-A-Dude

Solitary Confinement

By RbbrStorage

I had it made.  Fit, handsome, in my mid-twenties, and in the perfect job.  At least, perfect for what I had in mind.  After only three years since graduating college, a series of lucky breaks and departing mentors had led to my promotion as company controller of a mid-size manufacturing company.  And as the guy in charge of handling the money, I knew exactly how I wanted to handle it … with the occasional diversion into a private account in St. Martin, thanks to some creative conversion of foreign currency when dealing with our suppliers and off-shore plants.

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