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Video: Inmates Casey Everett and Cesar Xes have sex in prison

Casey Everett is brooding and won’t leave the cell, so Cesar Xes remarks that he might as well be in the hole if he stays alone inside all day. Casey is afraid of being preyed on and needs a protector. Cesar pulls him up and gives him a kiss, asks if he’ll do whatever he’s told. Next thing Casey is opening Cesar’s orange jumpsuit and sucking his long uncut cock. Cesar holds the back of beautiful Casey’s head and fucks his stiff pole into the boy’s hot wet mouth.

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Casey turns and grabs the prison bars, offering his ass to his new daddy. Cesar juices it up with spit by rimming deep into the tight hole. Soon Casey is begging to get fucked. Cesar stands and slides his raw cock into the spit-slick hole, holding the prisoner by the hips to ram it in straight and deep. Casey pushes back to grind his ass into the hot wet invader, his own cock hard and bobbing up with each pump of Cesar’s crotch.

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Cesar sits on the steel toilet with legs splayed apart, and Casey climbs on to give his ass a hard-grinding workout. Casey groans and yells and Cesar punches in hard and fast. Casey lies on the bed with one leg raised high and his lubed-up ass wide open. Cesar plows in, holding the upstretched leg to open the boy’s hole further. As Casey beats his cock, Cesar races toward a big blastoff.

male bdsm Casey Everett and Cesar Xes

Cesar fucks like a madman, pumping his cock in to the hilt. He’s ready to spurt his sperm. “Fuck I’m cummin!” he shouts as he pulls out to spray a stream across Casey,, then plunges back in to squirt shot after shot inside. Casey barely needs to touch himself before he’s shooting a load along with his new prison daddy.

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Title of this shoot: ENCHAINED: PRISON BITCH

male bdsm Casey Everett and Cesar Xes

An inmate gets his hole flushed out with a power hose

This guy isn’t as thick as most of the other crims in here. Despite his obvious arrogance, he’s managed to control himself and at the same time gained some privileges and genuinely thought he’s too sensible to find himself in this situation where he’s overpowered by the guards, stripped against his will and has this water mistreatment inflicted on him.

Outside he was dealing in drugs, and the authorities have no reason to think he won’t carry on his career inside prison, so they’re keen to jet wash his arsehole and flush out anything he might be carrying. Even if anything stays up there, it’ll be soaked and ruined. And his stashed phone’s not going to be working afterwards either!

male bondage water torture

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male bondage

A tough prisoner gets stripped and humiliated by sadistic guards

male strip search in prison

Prisoners know when they are being mistreated. The officers royally take the piss out of them and love seeing them damaged and abused. Weaker-willed lags kick off and perpetually add to their sentence but often know when to just roll into a ball and let the guards do whatever they like with them. They have all the tools and the power to humiliate this tough prisoner. Every day is a chance to dish out their sadistic fun.

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Strip Search in prison


Iowa Cowboy – Part 06

By Atlanta Stud

After Dave led me (Jake) back to our room, he went back to Brody’s room to find him still standing in front of the mirror, tugging a bit on the cuffs locked through the ring on the transport belt. Standing directly behind him and putting his hands on Brody’s muscled shoulders, he leaned in and quietly said, “Yeah, that’s it stud, keep tugging on that metal you’re locked up in. Ironic that all that muscle you’ve worked so hard on can’t help you right now. But you like this, don’t you, not being in control. I could tell that first day you tried on those cuffs we bought. Bet you’re in ROTC for the same reason, so you can have someone telling you what to do. Am I right? Tell me I’m right, Brody.”

Brody turned to face Dave, swallowed hard and kept silent.

“Yeah, just what I thought, big boy. So here’s what I’m proposing for the week, and when I’m done with the proposal, you’ll have until morning to give me your answer as you’re locked to your bunk for the night. First, I’m the Warden around here and you’re the inmate. This week you’ll be wearing that jumpsuit that you seem to like so much, or you’ll be in your fatigues, boots and your new ARMY T or shirtless if the weather dictates. You’ll see what’s been issued to you each morning after you shower. At all times while indoors, at minimum you’ll be locked in legcuffs, but for now get your ass on that bunk.”

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Video: Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico have sex with handcuffs in prison

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Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico have sex with handcuffs in prison

Cesar Xes is taking a piss in the filthy steel toilet, and cellmate Angel Duran sneaks over to steal his pack of cigarettes. A fight ensues, and vicious Warden Pacifico is there like a flash. He and Cesar yank down Angel’s pants to humiliate him, and Pacifico unzips to make him pay for causing trouble. Using both hands, he fucks his big uncut cock into Angel’s captive throat while Cesar holds him immobile. Alliances and enemies in prison are very quick to change.

male prison rape

Cesar’s dick is out and aching for relief. He plows it into the young inmate’s juicy mouth. Pacifico and Cesar toy with him, bending him over on the bed and spanking his ass while he sucks helplessly. Once his hairy cheeks are rosy and stinging, his hole is ready for rimming. Handcuffed and blowing Pacifico, Angel’s butt is reamed by Cesar’s rough tongue. With no lube but for gobs of saliva, Cesar pumps into the tight red hole. Pacifico whacks his dick with one hand as he holds Angel in place, then switches position so he’s the one to feel sizzling ass wrapped around his thick meat.

show me your handcuffs

Angel submits fully to his two-man punishment and gladly opens wide at both ends for fucking and sucking off the two out-of-control madmen. Each enjoys the hot, well-used hole and hands it off to the other in a sadistic fuck game. Upping the ante as Angel gobbles Cesar’s spit-slicked knob, Dominic pushes into him with a hard metal nightstick. It’s a rough spitroast nightmare, but Angel is past the point of complaining and just revels in the abuse of every hole.

handcuffed and fucked up the ass

As Cesar and Angel slobber on Pacifico’s gargantuan cock, Cesar is reaching a blastoff. Dominic wants first cum into Angel’s hole and pumps in deep. Angel groans and begs for cock as Pacifico sprays cum onto his belly then pushes his sputtering dick back inside his prisoner’s quivering hole.

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handcuff prison sex