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Locking buttplug harness

Locking buttplug harnessButt Plug harnessMr S leather buttplug harness

These harnesses are made out of a soft garment leather. They have an adjustable locking waistband and a locking butt strap that buckles up to the waistband in the back. A sliding neoprene base plate secures the butt plug firmly in place. The front of the harness holds a cock ring that is riveted on for extra security. The harness and plug can easily be worn under regular street clothes.

To learn more about this, visit the Mr S Leather store

They also have a silicone egg plug version

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Stealth cocksucker hood


Mr S writes:

“When you feel this tight rubber hood against your skin as your Master zips it closed, you know you’re about to become his filthy cocksucking pig. Pinhole eyes allow you to see shadows in well-lit rooms, but that’s all. When the dungeon lights come on all sight goes away, you just need to trust him. Nose holes make breathing easier, which is a good thing because Master is going to be skull fucking you hard and rough. In this hood you’re nothing more than an open hole for him to use as he wants. Get ready for a long night!”


To learn more about this hood and see a video, click here.

Booted prisoner on a treadmill in leg irons

Booted prisoner with leg irons 02

If you are going to be on a treadmill while wearing heavy leg irons, it is important to make sure that your ankles are properly protected with a nice pair of army boots. Like these Corcoran Boots available from Mr S — helpfully modeled by one of Richard Hunter’s prisoners:

Booted prisoner with leg irons 01Booted prisoner with leg irons 03Booted prisoner with leg irons 04

To learn more about these boots, visit Mr S.

Iron restraints from Mr S here

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More pictures of Prisoner805 at The Edge Jail and Dungeon

Check out these new pictures sent in by Awesome Roper, of Prisoner805 locked up at The Edge Jail and Dungeon:

Prisoner805 at The Edge Jail and Dungeon


Awesome Roper was kind enough to share a list of the gear Prisoner805 is locked in:

Deluxe Tight Hood from Mr. S

Chain and Master Lock Magnum 2-3/4 in Shrouded Disc Padlock from Home Depot

Bulldog Harness 2.0 with Grey Piping from Mr. S

Wrist Manacles “Plug System” No5802X from Parus

Handmade Steel Chastity Belt Model CS-500/A from Fetish Felix

Peerless Model 703C Leg Irons from Handcuff Warehouse