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Now you can get a custom-sized V3 Holy Trainer cock cage

For those who have been interested in chastity but have hesitated, or for those who need to get something that fits just right — now is your chance because Mr S is selling custom-sized V3 Holy Trainer male chastity cages!

The available sizes are:


  • Cock Cage Length: 35mm (1.36″)
  • Cock Cage Inner Diameter: 34mm (1.3″)


  • Cock Cage Length: 45mm (1.75″)
  • Cock Cage Inner Diameter: 34mm (1.3″)


  • Cock Cage Length: 55mm (2 .14″)
  • Cock Cage Inner Diameter: 35mm (1.4″)


  • Cock Cage Length: 65mm (2 .54″)
  • Cock Cage Inner Diameter: 35mm (1.4″)


male chastity devices in custom sizes

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