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Neoprene cocksucker hood and straitjacket

Check out these neoprene restraints available from Mr S:


CSHJood_NEO523-3Cv2 CSHood_NEO523-3a CSHoodNEO523-3B

This hood will take away his sight — leaving him just a mouth for you to use however you want. He’ll have no choice but to get down and service you!



SJ_NeopreneSJ_01 SJ_NEO505-57 SJ_NEO505-1

All the same aspects of the Mr. S Deluxe Leather Straitjacket have been put into this neoprene one. In fact even more, as neoprene has to be reinforced everywhere compared to leather in order to withstand the struggling and pulling that you’re going to do when you’re strapped tightly into this piece. This truly is a deluxe piece … it’s strong but stretchy.

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Nasty Cop and the Sex Offender

Caleb Colton is locked up in the Curve chastity device and unable to touch his own cock with Jeremy StevensMeanwhile at Bound Gods, Sex offender Caleb Colton is locked up in the Curve chastity device and unable to touch his own cock. Jeremy Stevens keeps watch, and is unwilling to take any shenanigans from him. When Caleb gets horny in his prison cell and starts complaining, Jeremy decides to teach him a lesson. He makes Caleb suck his dick and then fucks him in the jail cell. Still not fulfilled, Caleb is strung up to the ceiling and cock teased by Jeremy. He then gets the flogging of his life while his screams fill the prison. Jeremy then ties him to a desk and fucks the hell out of him, blowing his load all over the prisoner’s face.

Caleb Colton Curve chastity device Jeremy Stevens Curve chastity device Fucked up the ass in a jail cell gay prison rape


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The Curve is available at Mr S