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Audio: Cyborg Metamorphosis erotic hypnosis mp3

This audio file from Rick TheTist is about cyborg transformation. Your values will become replaced, your political ideology removed, you will be drugged with steroids and implanted with control devices. Listen to this recording only if you dare, because before the protocol is complete, your mind will be wiped!

rick thetist

Find Rick TheTist on his official site and on his Patreon page

rick thetist

Upcoming livecast with Rick TheTist

For who are interested in hypno-domination, check out Rick TheTist.

Rick TheTist

I had the pleasure of meeting Rick in person at this year’s IML in Chicago — and not only is Rick nice, but he is hot too!

He’s got a website where you can download a wide selection of audio files, many for free and many with bondage themes!

hypno bondage

Also, Rick TheTist will be conducting a “livecast” on Friday, July 19, at 10:30 p.m. Central time, so mark your calendar now!

His main site is here.

Also check him out on Patreon, Twitter and YouTube