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An inmate gets his hole flushed out with a power hose

This guy isn’t as thick as most of the other crims in here. Despite his obvious arrogance, he’s managed to control himself and at the same time gained some privileges and genuinely thought he’s too sensible to find himself in this situation where he’s overpowered by the guards, stripped against his will and has this water mistreatment inflicted on him.

Outside he was dealing in drugs, and the authorities have no reason to think he won’t carry on his career inside prison, so they’re keen to jet wash his arsehole and flush out anything he might be carrying. Even if anything stays up there, it’ll be soaked and ruined. And his stashed phone’s not going to be working afterwards either!

male bondage water torture

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male bondage

A rough strip search in prison

male strip search

Lifetime “gangsters” really think they are working in the service of crime. This guy is so set in his bent ways that he has no idea how normal people behave. There is a whole pecking order in prison that guys like him adhere to and think everyone else should obey too. It all comes crashing down of course when a young prison officer takes offence at their cocky ways and the lag finds himself dragged off, stripped entirely naked and thoroughly knocked about and has his dick and hairy arsehole fully exposed! That’ll teach him!

male forced nudity

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Going gay in prison

Within a day of entering prison you will come across characters who go gay in jail. Outside they are 100 percent straight, but once inside they are ripe for cock. Men who want to score will freely offer up their bodies for a hit. The guards will naturally turn a blind eye to this for the most part but with one exception. When a jail search is on the cards who do you think the hardened inmates turn to hide their stash? The man with the most compliant arse! And here he is, being fully explored and checked!

turning gay in prison

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bend over and spread em

A tough prisoner gets stripped and humiliated by sadistic guards

male strip search in prison

Prisoners know when they are being mistreated. The officers royally take the piss out of them and love seeing them damaged and abused. Weaker-willed lags kick off and perpetually add to their sentence but often know when to just roll into a ball and let the guards do whatever they like with them. They have all the tools and the power to humiliate this tough prisoner. Every day is a chance to dish out their sadistic fun.

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Strip Search in prison


Iowa Cowboy – Part 02

By Atlanta Stud

Hogtied on the floor, belly side down and Dave’s sweaty socked big toe had invaded my mouth and along with that some specific instructions as to how part of the rest of the night was going to be spent. After a couple minutes, Dave removed his socked toe from my mouth, took his sock off and placed it right under my nose. The sweat from his feet combined with his leather boots was intoxicating. He bent down near me and began telling me things that I didn’t know this farmboy had been paying attention to over the past semester.

“You see, cowboy, I’ve been paying attention to some things about you this past semester. I’ve noticed that you often wear the same no-show socks with your sneaks several days, even a week at a time without washing them. Even saw you a couple times take a whiff of ’em when you pulled them off, you just didn’t realize that I actually saw you do it. Seems to me, cowboy, that you have a thing for sweaty socks, and feet too I bet.”

With that I shook my head no in trying to convince him he was wrong, but he continued by telling me that it was cool, because he was going to enjoy having his feet taken care of by me all semester long starting with tonight as he reminded me that the ropes weren’t coming off until he was satisfied with my work.

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Stripped naked and inspected by prison officers

At Strip Search Hell, the prison officers have to assess whether a prisoner will cause them problems. A chap can come in with the full intension of behaving but then become really really bad. They can kick off, fall out with other inmates, cause jeolousy in others or spread trouble throughout the whole jail population. That’s why cleanliness and lots of big intimate inspections are so important and it doesn’t matter how many times a guy is stripped and closely prodded and investigated. This guy is clean, but it’s great to watch him being revealed and have to open up his arsehole cheeks.

strip search in prison

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butt naked strip search

Forced to strip down all the way

The perverted officers at Strip Search Hell conducting this search must love their jobs. You can even catch them rubbing their hands together in eager delight seeing this hot young man who has just fallen into their clutches. They particularly relish treating him harshly. I don’t know what this horny offender did to wind up in this position, but I would have happily shared a cell with him.

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