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Human urinal

Check out this Urinal Piss Gag:

Urinal piss gagUrinal piss gaghuman fag urinal

Made of soft, flexible pure silicone. The strap-on URINAL is one nasty piss-gag. It was designed by piss-loving pigs. The flexible silicone urinal is deep and shaped so anyone needing to take piss can step up and fill it up. The yellow piss gag inserts are firm, flexible silicone. It comes with the bent tube insert, but it is removable so you can switch to one of two other available gags.

Available from the twisted fucks over at Mr S

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Oh, and if you like reading about human urinals, be sure to read the story Conversion.


A Week in Chains – Part 5

By asiancuffs

Part 5 – The last day of the camp

I woke up when the sky started to brighten and my sleep last night was good because I could have fresh air for the night. When I spent my last 2 nights in the cell, the air circulation was bad and to make it even worse, our odors filled the room. My clothes were muddy and sandy due to direct contact with the ground. I stand up and stretched my body. I couldn’t see anyone in my sight and I guessed they were still asleep. I felt my wrist shackles were sticking to my skin and I managed to slide them up to my arms.

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Video: Solitary confinement project last 4 hours

Here’s a follow-up posting to that solitary confinement project video I posted a few days ago. In this video, you see the last FOUR HOURS of the guy’s voluntary stint. Metalbond reader Phil recommends fast-forwarding to the 1-hour-32-minute and the 2-hour-13-minute marks – “to see the hot correctional officers looking into his cell, smiling and waving at him while he’s locked up.” They also appear at the very end.

Public outdoor humiliation

At Brutal Tops, Masters Dave and Maurice team up to humiliate a feeble nameless sub. In a public park with countless people walking past, the naked captive is humiliated and ordered to suck cock. Snarling Master Dave gobs in his face before pulling the runt to an even more busy place and barks at him to humiliate himself more and more. Bewildered members of the public watch as the sub parades around revealing his pert arse cheeks.

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