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Strip searched in jail

When a hard man is presented at prison reception, the officers find it difficult to contain their glee. The tough guy is in the worst place to kick off. He’s just been handed a sentence and the last thing he wants now is to be sent back to the judge to add more time. He’s conflicted because he needs maintain his ego. The officers have carte blanche to take the piss out of him. So guess what they do?!

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Taken down and stripped by corrections officers

Institutionalisation. It’s a common problem in jail. Men, treated as criminals, as bottom of the heap, their personalities change. They start playing up over the smallest thing. Like answering back a guard. This is a big mistake as they have a whole range of punishments you don’t even know exist, until you’re on the sharp end of one…

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Now bend over and spread your butt cheeks

This bloke has just left his missus and young daughter back at the Crown Court. He didn’t expect to be taken down and so has had no chance to stuff any contraband up his tight shithole. You can read how pissed off he is about that on his face. He’s looking at about 5 months all told and has been in and out of jail…

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Billy and Me – Part 3

By Tommy Guns

Other than my uniforms, I’d never spent a lot of time or money on clothes, and had never given any thought to leather clothing other than a jacket. I was intrigued and wondered how they would fit and feel. The smell of the leather was at once intoxicating and arousing. When I pulled on the shorts that were like running shorts, the feel of the raw leather against my skin was simply delightful and sexy at the same time. My hard on came back with a vigor, barely contained by the tightness of the leather shorts that pushed my cock off to the side.

They put enough pressure on my balls that it felt like they were being gently crushed – not painful exactly, but I knew I needed to calm down before I came in the shorts. It’s the same reaction I had the first time I had put on my Dress Blues after graduation from boot camp. If you haven’t experienced the sensation, no explanation is possible. If you have, none is necessary! The shorts did have an interesting feature – a zipper that ran from the front, down under the crotch, and all the way back up the ass to about an inch of the waist band. I immediately saw the convenience of this arrangement and thought whoever invented it was a genius. You could have sex without undressing – cool!

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Stripped naked in front of prison guards and fellow inmates

You have to laugh. This man has been stripped in his cell and walked the entire length of the wing stark bollock naked. Whoops and catcalls inevitably followed him as all the other lags checked out his naked body, muscular arse and big swinging dick. This career criminal takes it totally in his stride. The prison officers took a chance, making this guy an example, and they have only partially succeeded. Less confident prisoners will recognise it as a threat – this could happen to them. Others have put the image in their wank bank and one thing’s for sure, he’s going to be a bit of a celebrity on the wing with lads lining up to get a first hand taste of his arse and cock…

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An alpha inmate gets strip searched by corrections officers

There have been reports of drones flying contraband into the jail, but, in a surprise to no one, endless searches of cells have turned up nothing. The first recourse is to make an example of someone and let it be known that strip searches will become more common as a result of drone activity. The someone has to be an alpha on the wing or it won’t work. The warders choose someone who is respected, has more to lose by kicking up a fuss than going along with it, and who is likely to have something on him. In this case its this stoic green eyed Irishman…

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Welcome to prison, slave

Now bend over and cough. A full strip search at the reception of a prison is standard practice. What is less well known is the “slave auction” style strip. When a younger prisoner is brought in, the guards know full well that he is going to attract a massive amount of attention off the older lags. Left unmanaged, this can cause chaos amongst the highly sexually charged prison populace. Far better for the guards to have “first dibs” and decide which of the Alpha prisoners can take the young man as his personal sex toy…

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