Things that pinch

It’s all about things that pinch in these shoots from the bondage masters over at Dream Boy Bondage and Roped Studs. Check out the free video clips below, which look great in full-screen mode.

First, at Dream Boy Bondage, Topher has his pecs and ball-sack ringed with clothespins. Then Jared places one of those steel wood clamps — you know, the kind that can crush a finger — right on the tip of his cock:



And at Roped Studs, meanwhile, Lance climaxes his series by pumping out a massive load of cum all over his abs — right after they cover his dick with little clips, and a really nasty one right on the tip.



To see more, go to Dream Boy Bondage



And also go to Roped Studs


Pictures: The Schandmaske male chastity device

Check out these pictures from Dual Drew:


This is The Schandmaske available from Steelwerks

Drew writes:

“Titanium Schandmaske — possibly the best Steelwerks product for pierced casual wearers or newbies as it’s just amazing and relatively inexpensive — without a six-month wait too – though some lock in this device 24/7 since it can go through airport security and is clean and light with just as much security.”

Read Drew’s full report here

Learn much more about this device here

Intense stuff

NoEscapeSlave is casted in a full body fiberglass shell that holds him in one position until they decide to cut him out. They cut holes in the fiberglass to allow his friend DocRough to access his nipples and cock.


You can check out the full video on, which covers the entire casting process from beginning to end.

This is intense stuff!

Austin Wolf handcuffs Alex Mecum and fucks him

Handcuffs alert! In a brand new shoot from Hot House, called “The Fixer,” two of the hottest men on the planet whip out a pair of cuffs for some hot steamy sex.

Alex Mecum (who plays Derek) pulls out a pair of handcuffs that he gets Austin Wolf (who plays Alex) to use on him. Austin then bends Alex over the bed and rams his thick cock deep into him as they both groan from the sheer pleasure of it all. Alex pumps away, slamming Alex’s fuck hole with one foot on his head and the other on the floor. “Use me!” Alex screams as Austin continues the relentless reaming. Alex senses that Derek is ready to blow and they both lie back on the bed to shoot their loads all over themselves. Out of breath and fully satisfied, Alex reluctantly leaves his hot and happy lover at the motel with a kiss and a promise to do the same thing next week. Alex agrees, but not everything is as innocent as it seems. Alex passes off a video of their encounter to a dubious character after Austin leaves.

Models in this shoot: Austin Wolf, Alex Mecum

Categories: Anal Sex, Big Cock, Hairy, Muscle Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Bondage

Title of this shoot: “The Fixer”

Free video preview available HERE