Video: Pleasure and pain

Cole is being tortured

Cole is being tortured for one reason only: He is has a perfect bod, with a huge cock that stays hard and cums on command. Even now, after hours of non-stop torture, Cole is rock hard and dripping pre-cum, chained in the dungeon, naked and terrified. He doesn’t want to get hard. He doesn’t want to perform for Felix Frost, the man torturing him. He just can’t help it. He is a born slave, a lean, well-built, smooth-bodied captive. “I want you to stay hard,” Felix says as he puts a rubber ring on the base of Cole’s rock-hard cock, then covers his body and balls with biting pins, making him gasp in pain. But Cole remains hard and, as he is sucked and stroked, his hard-on grows every larger until his erect cock bursts, spewing a new load of cum everywhere. His reward? Next week: He’s brutally whipped, on the front and back of his body, with Felix adding a new light to capture every lash.

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Cole Miller – A Boy For Torture – Part 8

Cole remains hard and, as he is sucked and stroked

Video: Prison Bitch

Martin straps on hard-rubber punching-gloves

“Don’t you fuckin’ try anything,” prison guard Martin Thorn, naked from the waist down, tells Levy Foxx as he unbolts the nearly naked prisoner from the wall, turns him around and reattaches him, facing out. Levy is one sexy captive. Terrified, Levy can only imagine the worst as Martin straps on hard-rubber punching-gloves. “You’re about to get a taste of what happens to pretty boys like you in prison,” Martin says. He pounds Levy’s abs, chest and sides with dozens of hard blows, one after the other, making the captive gasp in agony. Levy will soon hang on that wall, naked, covered with his own cum, for hours.

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Title of this shoot: Levy Foxx – Prison Bitch – Part 3

he unbolts the nearly naked prisoner from the wall

A lunkhead gets tricked, overpowered and bound

Reports have been made about local lads going missing, suspicious noises and howls of pain coming through the brick walls, men limping away in the middle of the night clutching their sore arses. The busybodies at the local council have decided to do something about it and sent one of their lackeys to make an investigation. Well there’s only one thing to do with meddling bastards like this. A fit-as-fuck lunkhead with more brawn than brains. Before he knows what’s happening they strap this man to the medical bench so his legs are perfectly spread and primed. This enraged and weeping straight prick can shout all he wants. No one at the council is going to come help him now that they’ve pounded his arse so hard his sphincter is a gaping fucking mess dripping with sperm!

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