Timarrie Baker gets tied up at Roped Studs

At Roped Studs, rope man J.J. – aka Jared – comes out from under his hoodie so he can tie up Timarrie Baker and kiss those luscious lips, lick that amazing body, suck that massive cock and tongue that sweet ass.

Timarrie Baker gets tied up

Timarrie is bound and helpless, practically naked, but he is totally turned on by his lanky, muscular top and what he knows is about to happen to him – a lot of pain and a good, hard fucking. If you’ve fantasied about seeing Jared get extremely sexual with a totally hot prisoner, you are in for a treat.

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male bdsm Timarrie Baker gets tied up

When I Confessed Everything to Kenneth

By SockgaggedJason

male bondageSynopsis: This is a true story about the time I confided to my best friend Kenneth, while in high school, that I like male bondage and sports gear. He surprises me by engaging in tie up session while we are suited up in football and basketeball gear. And we make a video tape of it.

This is a recollection of the night I confessed to my childhood best friend that I was probably gay and that I had a sports gear and bondage fetish. We were both just teenagers; seventeen years old. Let me tell you why it happened, how it unfolded, and most importantly how he reacted. It may surprise you.

If you read this, you may think I’m exaggerating or embellishing certain parts of this true story but I am not.

It was a school night like any other but I was depressed. I was fairly popular, I had played sports, and stayed active. I had so many secrets and desires that ate me up, however, and this particular night was more teenage angst than I could handle.

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Video: Bondage sex in the bareback barracks

Captive Zak Bishop struggles against the cuffs and rope that ties him up in a standing position. He’s clad in black leather harness, dog collar and lace-up jockstrap. Dominic Pacifico enters to ask if he’s ready to be a good slave and chews on his tender nipples, slaps his smooth pink body from chest to thighs. Dominic clamps on a pair of screw-tightened tit clamps and roughly yanks them off. While he stares hungrily at Zak’s pale pink ass, Dominic unzips his jeans to let his dick pop out free. He jams his fingers into Zak’s pretty hair-lined hole, spanks him with a leather gloved hand till the prisoner’s butt is rosy pink.

Bondage sex in the bareback barracks

Dominic thwacks his captive with a stinging cat o’nine tails, kissing him between smacks to show who’s boss. Zak sticks his ass out for Daddy Dominic on cue, but still gets the sharp crack of the whip. Pulled down and free from his standing position, Zak is locked hands and head into a pillory, where he sucks “Daddy’s fat cock” for mercy. Nearly gagging, he tries valiantly to swallow the hard uncut meat. The cock-hungry captive drools a thick string of saliva, then licks Dominic’s big heavy nuts.

Zak Bishop male bdsm

Immobilized in the pillory, Zak sighs with relief and gratitude as Dominic gnaws on his hungry hole and coats it with thick saliva. Daddy stands with knees bent just a little as he rams Zak’s hole. Raw bareback cock slides in deep and Zak revels in each hard stroke. Eager to test his limits, Dominic gets out a giant toy and punches it into Zak’s ass, demanding that he thank Daddy for the anal invasion. Hole stuffed and stretched to the max, Zak’s entreaties finally get through to Dominic, who sets him free and plows into his loose slick ass.

Zak Bishop gets fucked

Zak’s body bounces and recoils from each hard smack of Daddy’s cock and balls. He begs for more “just like that” and begins stroking to the edge. Zak can’t hold back, splatters cum over the wooden box below. Dominic slams in roughly and pumps his seed into the quivering ass. Zak squeezes the load out of his throbbing open hole for Dominic to lick it up.

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Title of this shoot: BAREBACK BARRACKS

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male bdsm


Video: Grindr bondage date turns from fantasy to nightmare

Check out what happens to Matthew in this bondage fantasy at Dream Boy Bondage. Matthew has fantasized about being dominated, whipped and fucked like a slave. Today his fantasy comes true; tomorrow it turns into a nightmare.

Grindr bondage date turns from fantasy to nightmare

Blond super-twink Matthew Connor has fantasized about being a slave. He wants to be bound and helpless, feel the sting of a whip then fucked by an older, stronger man. He even has a tattoo of a roped, submissive muscle-boy on his thigh. So, today, he heads over to Anthony Martin’s dungeon. Anthony promises “to go slow” and “be respectful” when he contacts him on Grindr. “Hey,” Anthony says with a smile when Matthew knocks on his door. Matthew takes of his pants, revealing a plump, firm ass. Soon he’s bent over a fuck-bench, wrists and ankles cuffed, the perfect twink-slave: lean and beautiful, innocent and compliant. He’s stripped naked. His ass is beat red as he moans and yelps. He’s terrified but totally turned on. He won’t realize that things have gone way too far and there’s no turning back until his virgin ass is ripped open by his new master’s giant cock. Be careful what you wish for!

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Title of this shoot: Matthew Connor – From Fantasy To Nightmare – Chapter 1

male bdsm video


Copdar – Daddy Bear Cop: Part 2

By Cuffsandcops

This past weekend, I found myself near to where the Daddy Bear Cop lived. I had contacted him a few weeks ago to see if he was going to be in town and he told me he had plans to not be. I woke up and prepared to vacate my hotel and decided to check in with him just in case things had changed. He responded by saying he was in town and was at work. I texted back, “Let’s meet up. Cuff me and jail tour?” His response was an address and a question about how long it would take for me to get there. GPS told me it would be about 30 minutes. I offered to buy him lunch. He told me to come on by and park in the court parking lot across the street.

I got in my truck and followed the directions. Daddy Bear Cop told me to let him know when I was downstairs. I saw the police department on the right side of the street and parking lots on the left. The first one was gated and the second had signs all over designating the spots for specific court employees. I parked and texted to make sure that was where I should be and he told me it was. He asked if I was there and told me he was going to walk down. I made my way across the street and entered the police department lobby.

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