RUBBER object

By muckyRUBBERpig

muckyRUBBERpigRubber was made for dehumanation of slaves, and their conversion into objects.

Worn by an object, rubber hides much of what makes a human body, what makes it different from another human body. Of course, there are still differences in size, width or general shape, but a rubber-covered body looks like another rubber-covered body, they no longer have a real identity of their own. Without this human physical identity and personality, the slave loses part of its humanity and thus becomes an object. During its existence, the object will very rarely see itself in a mirror or it may eventually glimpse its reflection somewhere. Despite the passage of time, when allowed to see, it will only see a human form without a face, without identity, expression or character and what it sees will never, ever change. This immutable image detaches it from the passing of time, cancels identity and the object will forget the image of itself and how it looked like before it was encased in its rubber skin. As soon as it is encased in rubber, a new identity of rubber object is created: It is just one thing, another possession of its Owner.

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Dominic Pacifico is tied up and fucked by machines

In this vintage shoot from Butt Machine Boys, The Ass Master has Dominic Pacifico chained up in his dirty prison cell.

After a long period, Dominic is ready to give in to the twisted Ass Master’s wishes. Dominic is made to stretch out his hole over the toilet with the metal balls and a huge black dildo. There’s nothing like having a Scorpion (machine) up the ass in prison. When Dominic’s hole is nice and wet, The Ass Master completely ties him up for the Annihilator machine. First, it fucks him doggie style. Then, it fucks him on his back with his cock and balls tied up. Will Dominic be set free after this torment or will the Ass Master keep him for more sick games?

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Enjoying the Flight

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 hinged handcuffs“Enjoy your flight!”

Right, because there’s much to enjoy about being stuffed like a sardine in a flying aluminum can for five hours… I take my bags and ticket toward the security line. The one enjoyable thing about the airport at 4am, is how fast the lines go. If there’s a line at all.

“Place any electronics larger than a cell phone in the bins… Shoes off. Coats off. Empty your pockets.”

“Nice boots!” The TSA officer whistled as I placed my black cowboy boots on the belt. “They even look new!”

“Thank you,” I replied as nicely as I could at the 4am hour. “They were a real find.”

“Beautiful!” He took a closer look at the white designs etched over the shiny black leather of my boots. He finally shook his head. “I can’t wear boots anymore, as they hurt my feet. But nothing compares to ‘em!”

“For sure,” I nodded. The TSA guy was cute. Beefy build, big arms, and clearly liked boots. If there was no line, I’d have taken more time getting my stuff into the bins. Oh well…

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