Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Check out what happens at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs:


Randy is a 22-year-old, toned, smooth-skinned, straight father of two with his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his chest along with a her big, fresh hickey. Scott ties him with his legs spread wide and hands tied to his knees and torments him with a slow, teasing hand job.

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The perpetually horny young man is defenseless, at Scott’s mercy for release, looking into his eyes with a pleading expression as Scott delights in keeping him on the edge.

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Group bondage sex


There’s always plenty of group bondage sex at Bound In Public. The title of this video is “Bathroom pig whored out to the horny public”


Bound in chains, Tripp Townsend sits in the bathroom of a porn shop, blindfolded with a hard cock as the public approaches him. They take turns playing with his cock as clothespins are attached all over his torso. When Tripp starts to get a smart mouth, the guys shut up with a cock in his mouth and add clothespins right onto his balls. One by one each clothespin is cropped off as Tripp screams in pain before the guys take him out of his chains and throw him against the sink. Connor Maguire holds him down and hand gags his mouth as the horny crowd comes up to fuck the captive from behind. With his arms tied above his head, Tripp endures Christian Wilde’s flogger as he’s mercilessly beaten red. The guys bend him over for Christian to ram his giant cock up Tripp’s ass as they take turns shoving his head down on their cocks. The crowd then breaks out the fucksall and shoves the toy up Tripp’s ass as they milk a load out of his cock. All horned up, the guys push Tripp to his knees and make him beg for cum as they each cover his face with their loads.

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Show me your chain and padlock collar

Big Dog Stainless Steel Collar Hard muscled, big dicked subs need their collars too. The weight on this thick gauge stainless steel chain collar leaves no doubt in his mind — he is Yours. A click of the finely polished Master lock reinforces the message. You own him. All the other guys at the bar are going to know it too. They won’t miss the Big Dog collar around his neck. Be prepared to be asked permission before they even think about touching Your man.

I’ve got one just like this – and I wore it for a whole week out at Fire Island one summer, leaving the keys back at my apartment in NYC!

Metalbond in chain collar

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August Alexander tickles Pierce Paris

Pierce asks August to tickle him because he loves how much it turns him on. Pierce isn’t the most ticklish guy, but he loves the erotic ticklish sensations as August strokes his feet, armpits and stomach. August finds some good sensitive spots to make his boyfriend struggle against his restraints and giggle. For Pierce, getting off while he gets tickled and worshiped is the ultimate sensation, and August is happy to bring it every day.

August Alexander tickles Pierce Paris

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Title of this video: Pierce’s Erotic Tickling & Worship

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August Alexander tickles Pierce Paris