Vintage male bondage porn available to a good home

A friend is cleaning out his attic in preparation for a move, and he has a large collection of vintage male porn magazines he’s like to sell to a good home. These titles include publications from Larry Townsend, Zeus, Bound and Gagged, and many others.

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These magazines are from the pre-VHS, pre-INTERNET days — when the only source for such materials was to visit adult bookstores! Some time ago…

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 14

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 14: Your Every Moment Will Be Filled with Meaning

When you’re a freshman slappie you wake up at dawn, and if you’re a new and potentially uncontrolled slappie, you lie in your rack until the boss comes by to unlock your shackle.  Then you herd into the latrine to do your business.  The smell of piss and shit from 100 slappies—that wasn’t one of the attractions of the King George Hotel.  The hotel had slappies, but they did it someplace else.  Mornings are chilly on St. Bevons, and the steam goes up from the shit holes.  You march to the chow hall in your big boots and your little slappie suit, and you feel like the cold breeze is drowning you.  Chow is something like oatmeal and something like coffee.  No croissants.  No marmalade.  No fresh fruits offered for your selection.  No one to suggest that the gentleman might wish to try the special breakfast of the day.  Then you’re marched out on the slab for exercise.  You strip down to your y-fronts, and you’re ready for your session of mens nulla in corpore sano.

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Bondage and humiliation for Nick

At Hard Up Straight Guys, Nick desperately needs cash and is willing to do anything. He is made to strip, then gets hogtied and tickled until he screams and begs, then he’s fucked by finger and dildo until he’s grunting and moaning, clearly humiliated and emasculated, and embarrassed with what he’s made to do.

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Title: Nick – Part 1 (Update for 08-04-2017)

Hard Up Straight Guys

Jordan gets spanked on the bondage cross

Tom uses his hand, a riding crop, yardstick, paddle and cane on Jordan’s firm butt. Tears well up in Jordan’s eyes at several points. He tells Tom that he has been good since his last spanking and doesn’t deserve to be spanked as hard this time. Tom might have agreed with Jordan, but Jordan makes this a hard spanking on his own by repeatedly screwing up the count. At the end of this video, you’ll also hear Jordan discuss what it’s like to be spanked on the Bondage Cross.

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Title of this episode: Jordan on the Bondage Cross

male bondage and spanking

My Adventures With Billy – Part 08

By Robmacz

‘Well,’ Billy said, ‘it all started soon after I became a cop. I was on patrol one evening and I pulled this guy over. It was a standard DUI, the guy was just slightly over the limit. As I started to read him his rights he started to plead with me not to take him in, that he needed his car to see his daughter who was sick in the hospital and his ex-wife didn’t want him there. It was a real sob story, but I felt sorry for the guy. Then he offered me $200. I don’t know what came over me, but I was overdrawn at the bank and I had to pay off a loan that my brother took out with a loan shark. I was finding it hard just to make ends meet. I took the money and told him to be on his way. It was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

‘A few days later I get some mail, which contained a photo of me accepting the cash.  It told me I should be parked on the corner of a street someplace, I can’t quite remember where. Anyway a minute or so after I arrived this guy got in my car. He told me that if I didn’t want that photo to see the light of day, I was to provide certain information when requested. That it wouldn’t be regular, but every now and then. I agreed.  What else could I do?

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