More information about the rigid stock made by

My friend Mark over at Serious Male Bondage has written in with more information about the rigid stock made by pictured above and showcased in the video I posted a couple days ago.

Mark writes,

Dear Metal,

This rigid stock was made by Martin at It was made with a numerically controlled milling machine controlled by a computer. Martin is from Germany and referrers to himself as a “Bondage Engineer.”

He has been making all kinds of unique metal gear for the past 20 years. He supplies custom bondage devices to both the gay and hetero markets, and his gear can be ordered from his website.

In addition, some of his gear can be found for retail sale at the 665 Leather store ( in West Hollywood, California.

For some close-up photos of Martin’s wrist cuffs, click here.

For some cool 4-chain cuffs, click here.

For some interesting ankle cuffs with an ‘X’ hole and locking pin which allow a chain to be passed through and then locked, click here.

Some cool 9-chain leg irons are here.

For a cool collar with remote shocking device built in, click here.

For close-up photos of a Rigid Fiddle, click here.

For Scavenger’s Daughter, click here.

For a back-to-back double fiddle, click here.

Some of Martin’s gear can be found on Yossie’s website including this pair of famous ‘Z-Cuffs’

For an article about Martin on the SeriousBondage (hetero) website, click here.


Metal would like to thank Mark of Serious Male Bondage for the information and links.


Total degradation and humiliation

Breederfuckers 01Meanwhile over at BreederFuckers, sporty tough guy Toby is the perfect specimen of a young straight who is ripe for total degradation and humiliation. His tight hetero asshole is screwed deeply by a fucking machine, his sensitive nipples and foreskin are clamped and he’s flogged for good measure. He moans in anger and pain as his oiled body is selfishly used.

BreederFuckers 02Breederfuckers 03

To see more, visit BreederFuckers


By Prisoner

When the game becomes pain and the fantasy real.

I was 19 when I first came out to California from Iowa. It was simple, really, I moved to San Francisco because I couldn’t take Des Moines any longer. Even now, there’s not a whole lot a gay kid can do in Iowa. I figure I’m pretty good looking, light brown hair, hazel eyes and a smooth swimmers build. In fact, in high school I was captain of the swim team. Anyway, I figured I’d do alright in the Gay capital of the world.

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Nick and Daniel

By Atlanta Stud

The day’s work is almost done for the crew as Daniel does a run through of the work they completed on the new five bedroom house that’s being built.  Dan’s no stranger to overseeing a group of men, having spent time in the Marines as an MP.  His muscular 6′ frame, topped off by the high and tight that he’s so fond of, reminds everyone on the crew where he came from.

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