Nick and Daniel

By Atlanta Stud

The day’s work is almost done for the crew as Daniel does a run through of the work they completed on the new five bedroom house that’s being built.  Dan’s no stranger to overseeing a group of men, having spent time in the Marines as an MP.  His muscular 6′ frame, topped off by the high and tight that he’s so fond of, reminds everyone on the crew where he came from.

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More pictures from P.O.W.

Check out the letter and pictures that “P.O.W.” sent:

Dear CO,

SIR, all males in the military look great in uniform, but nothing for me is more arousing than camouflage (any pattern type) trousers. There is extra, reinforced padding in the seated area to prevent against wear and tear.  When the two halves meet, they form a nice oval shape to frame the ass perfectly with seamed stitching. Too bad this area is not colored differently like the rear of deer and rabbits for easy tracking in the field.  Another appealing equipment piece for the combat uniform is the noteworthy Kevlar helmet which similarly looks like a phallic hood.

acu_present acu_target wood_present_1 woodland_target


Two positions ideal for a submissive while bent over is the presentation (command term, “PRESENT”) with legs akimbo and resistance, a feeble protection posture, with legs tightly locked together. The presentation position is a fun challenge to train while the resistance offers a more aggressive penetration tactic. Some of the included images have the prisoner spread-eagled for frisking and willing presentation; the other images have his cheeks tightly compressed to resist penetration, always a satisfying drilling exercise.

Always Dripping,




Leather Pride Night

The organizers of New York City’s annual Leather Pride Night event asked that this notice be posted:


At 8pm, on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, the Leather Pride Night committee will be holding an open forum and town hall to take suggestions, hear comments and, potentially, infuse new blood into this community institution.

We want to see & hear from YOU! Be there! Be heard!

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

208 West 13th Street Room 301

New York, NY 10011

8pm, on Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Lock him up and throw away the key

Check this out … our friend Bind recently spent a whole day locked up underground.

26 hours locked in a below-ground cell

You can read Bind’s first-person account of his ordeal by clicking below:

26 Hours Locked in a Below-Ground Cell

AND … His experience has been documented with pictures and video over at Serious Male Bondage:

Serious Male Bondage

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