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NEW SITE! 30 Minutes of Torment


Check out the scenes below from a new bondage site — 30 Minutes of Torment

This episode is called “Nomad – The Beginning


Bound and blindfolded, Nomad awaits with a bit gag in his mouth as Van approaches, punching the captive’s chest. The blindfold is removed as Nomad endures a flogging, turning his pale skin bright red. In the roman bath with a pillowcase on his head, Nomad has his hands bound behind his back with weights tugging on his balls. Van approaches with a crop in hand as he orders Nomad to his feet and attaches clamps all over his torso. He beats the captive down with the crop, adding more and more weights to his balls as his beating continues. Nomad is then presented with durian fruit at his feet as he’s ordered to kneel on top of the sharp, pointy fruit. After getting a nasty mouthful of the durian fruit, Nomad is hosed down with blasts of water spraying him in the face as he’s bound in the chair. After enduring relentless torment, Nomad is challenged to finally blow a load out of his aching cock.

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Free video preview of Nomad available here.

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Another Bondage Fantasy World Client — Part 1

By Mister-X / Spartan

While surfing the internet I came across an interesting ad.  “Spend your vacation living your bondage fantasies at our secluded location.  Packages available for two weeks, a month, three months, six months and a year.  Program tailored to your specific desires.  Passport required, as our location is in Guatemala.  If interested, request our application form.”  An e-mail address was given.

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The Box – Part 4

By Rubber Dog

His Master brought the straitjacket back from the far end of the playroom where it had been stored with some of the other larger pieces of restraint he often used; his boy laid out on the table was still trying to keep still but had taken to gently and ever so slightly pushing his butt down into the padding and thereby gaining some leverage with the plug.

He let him do this for a moment or two until the slave started to moan and then firmly slapped the slave’s dick through the restraints.  This elicited what would have been a yelp and a well-caught instinctive attempt to move his hands to his dick’s protection.  He would have been disappointed if the boy hadn’t caught this reflex and he smiled to himself that already the boy was learning.

Getting the jacket on was not as difficult as it sometimes was when he’d gotten slaves to this point of the storage process; occasionally they had already decided they wanted out and wrestling the straitjacket onto them took time and considerable effort.  In fact the last time that had happened had made him rethink just how much of the impending captivity he let the slaves see before beginning the encasement.  Certainly the desperate struggling and fight for freedom had its plus points and he still wasn’t sure if he should hood a victim early on since this deprived them of a view of the box up-close, and deprived him of seeing their reaction to it.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 02

By socalbd

I woke up with a start. John was hitting the side of the cage with a metal rod.  It brought me quickly out of my deep sleep.  I have no idea how long I was out but it probably wasn’t that long.

Once John saw I was awake he unlocked the cage door and motioned for me to crawl out.  A dog bowl of water had been placed near the cage and I crawled over to it and drank as best I could.  When I was finished I propped myself up on my knees.

“Stand up,” John commanded.  He was still in his BDU’s, barefoot and shirtless and looking hot.

I stood up and John began to remove the shackles.  The last portion was the collar and once he had removed that from my neck he let the chains fall behind me with a loud clanking thud.

“Hands behind your head, fingers interlocked.  Spread those ankles, boy,” John further commanded.  He circled me while I stood there exposed.  Nothing was said between us for a couple of minutes.  He just continued to walk in a circle around me.  My instincts said he was not pleased with me since he wasn’t showing any signs of warmth towards me as he did earlier.  I couldn’t be sure.  It might have been an act to keep me off balance.  I told myself that whatever was next I had to do my best to get through it and make him proud of me again.

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