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Oh, What a Weekend

By Rubrpig

Jason startled awake by the pain in his shoulders and he began to panic till he forced himself to calm down as there was really nothing he could do. He tried to stretch but the heavy double leather sleep sac and the wooden box he was locked in prevented any real movement. He laid there trying to calm down and slowly his breathing slowed. His could hear his breathing as the sound of his breathing was amplified by the gas mask strapped over the heavy leather eyeless hood laced tightly around his head. The hose of the mask was connected to a port in the side of the box. He kept breathing slowly and tried to keep himself calm as he thought back over the last few days and what he had been subjected to when he hooked up with Master Robert for a long weekend. His mind wandered back to the end of the work day on the past Friday …

Jason yawned and stretched. He was glad the day was over and he stood up and looked around at the rest of the office seeing his co-workers huddled down over their terminals. He nodded to a couple of them and grabbed his jacket and headed to the elevator. Getting to his car in the underground garage he decided to hit the gym on the way home as it would help work the kinks out of his muscles.

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The Customer

By Mister-X/Spartan

Greg was pricing more items for his shop when Wally entered. After Wally told Greg what he was looking for, Greg knew that he had some, but they were in the back. Greg went into the back, and Wally followed. Greg went up to the pile of items that he knew contained what Wally was looking for. As he was going through them, Wally noticed Greg’s leather jacket thrown over another pile.

“Nice leather jacket. Are you into leather?”

Greg’s cock stirred as he noticed Wally as a person instead of a customer. “I do like leather, yes.”

“What else have you got that’s leather?”

Greg noticed that Wally was wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans. “I’ve got a pair of leather pants and a few other items.”

“What kind of items?”

Greg was reluctant to show a total stranger his collection of bondage gear. By then he’d found the item that Wally was looking for, and he pulled it out. Just as he was showing it to Wally another customer came into the store. Wally said “that’s just what I was looking for. How much?”

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The Class Reunion

By Mister-X/Spartan

Guy got home from work. He had packed his luggage that morning. He was ready for his high school’s reunion. It had been 10 years since he’d graduated. He was looking forward to showing his classmates who he now was.

His parents were very strict with him when he was growing up. They made sure that he kept his attention on his school work. When he wasn’t studying he had to help out in his father’s business. He had little time for outside activities. He had done no socializing. In truth, he wasn’t interested in socializing, and liked school work. He was considered to be a geek, and as almost all geeks were in school, he was bullied.

But now that he was out on his own, he had changed that image. True, he had a successful job, so all that school work had paid off. But he had taken a long, hard look at himself, and had come to some conclusions. First, he realized that he was gay. Second, he realized that he was kinky, turned on by being bound and gagged. Third, he could see a fat slob looking back at him, and knew that he needed to lose weight and put on muscle to attract others. Fourth, he enjoyed the leather lifestyle. He started making an effort to change his physique, and lost 50 pounds of fat and added pounds of muscle. He now owned a motorcycle, which he would be driving to his class reunion. He would be dressed in his motorcycle leathers over his shirt and tie from work. He was looking forward to his classmates’ reaction to his new image.

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Tier Four – Part 2

By BoundLongAndHard

BoundLongAndHard speedosSeth affirmatively responded without hesitation. He did want to hear more. He tried to suppress any apprehension about what additional expectations and requirements came with the “higher tiered work.”

Having gone through precisely this discussion with countless young guys before, Creighton loved the combination of ambition and fear that kept them listening without knowing what would be in store for them. He got off on the power this gave him over them. They were so easy to control and manipulate it almost wasn’t challenge any more. And this one seemed especially worthy. He had a superior body and the right attitude. He would fetch a high price and bolster Creighton’s brand.

Creighton began explaining that the additional requirements of tiers 3 and 4 were straight forward, but again, not for everyone. Tier 3 required the sketch model to be hairless from the neck down. Like an uncontrollably excited student who happens to be the smarted kid in the class and raises his hand immediately to broadcast to all that he knows the answer the teacher’s next question, Seth interrupted Creighton to remind him that competitive swimmers – like he had been – shave their bodies before swim meets. Though he hadn’t done that in a while, this wouldn’t be a big deal for him. Offended by the interruption, Creighton disdainfully explained that he wasn’t talking about shaving. That wasn’t good enough for the higher tiered work here. Seth was confused. Did Creighton mean body waxing? Seth had never done that, but he would be willing to try it, perhaps. Seth took care not to interrupt Creighton again and waited for him to explain further.

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James – Part 8

By Thunder

NOTE: Apologies for the delay in relaying this part of the story. I made a significant mistake with one of our investments, so my Husband Owner Alan took away my humanity at home for three weeks — which meant I was not able to do anything with my hands, such as type this update.

When Sir Michael was finished with my hair he took the entire $80 and sent me on my way back out to the car to meet Cody where he was waiting. Over the 10 days I had lost a bit of weight and new muscles in my arms and legs from crawling were beginning to show, so that, combined with my new military haircut, got me feeling like I had just won the whole dog show.

It was now around 3:00, and Cody told me that we were making a stop at Todd’s precinct and that he would be taking me for the rest of the day. I so wanted to ask 200 questions but was enjoying not being gagged so I decided to just go with the plans. We soon pulled up at the precinct, and Todd, in his tight glorious uniform, was waiting in the parking lot and quickly ushered me from Cody’s car to his Jeep.

When we were inside the Jeep he said, “Today is your first day of the dual life, and Alan and I agree on the fact that when you are fully clothed and not collared you are James, my friend’s husband with whom I have a dominant friendship. I want you to know how proud of you I have been over the last 10 days, but know that the next few are going to also be unusual in your mind as things settle, but they will settle. Know that.”

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Timed Bondage Suit – Chapter 2 (Fan Made)

By Unknown

NOTE: This is a reader-supplied sequel to Timed Bondage Suit originally written by Collector2.

I kept struggling in hope that something come lose. I kept wriggling and wriggling. The butt plug within my rectum only adds to the enjoyment, but I just wanted it to stop. It was sore, but still enjoyable. My private rubbed against the suit, it slowly hardens back up. My heart pounds to the point I thought I may have a heart attack. As I continued, I used every bit of strength to wriggle, and just as I feel my arms were freeing up from the posts, it tightens a bit harder. I was at this point panicking, and when I peeked at the timer it reads 29:30:16 and well, I pulled harder, but it felt great as well. The suction is still on my junk, and I gave an orgasm by accident. This, however, made my body relax, I’ve struggled in vain. I peeked again at the timer, and now it reads 29:30:04 and I can only think, “NOT AGAIN!” I slowly counted down… 2… 1…

The suction grasped my already limp penis and massages it, all I could do is watch the timer and count when will the butt plug start pushing back into my rectum. Soon, it goes in, slowly, but soon starts pounding my ass once again. I didn’t think I can take it anymore, and my junk is all hard again. I can feel it, sucking me harder and harder. It is even more unbearable. At this point, I gave up completely. I counted when will my air cut off again, and I kept breathing heavily, until it does. I had held my breath, but it only made me want to thrash around more. My vision didn’t go grey this time, but I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, and let go. This orgasm was big, not as good though. All my muscles relaxed and I slept, I was tired.

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The Adventures of Pete and Gunner – Part 2

By pwnedpuppy

Getting Ready for the Move

It was late Thursday night as the train pulled into the station.  my phone buzzed – it was Pete.

“you can ride up front,” He wrote. (And, yes – the you was lower-case.)

As i left the platform, i could see Pete’s truck off in the parking lot.  He flashed His headlights to let me know He saw me.  i scampered over quickly, able to move nimbly since i had absolutely no luggage with me.

Visiting Pete on weekends was really an exercise in minimalism. i spent most of my time at His place naked, and anything that i would be allowed to wear was stored there.  All i had to bring was myself, my ID and my phone.

i got to the truck, opened the door, and saw Pete sitting in the driver’s seat in the glow of the golden interior light. He looked great as always.

Pete’s dark brown hair neat in a high and tight, with a week’s worth stubble covering the lower part of His face. His square jaw shined in the gleam of the overhead light. An unzipped black leather bike jacket hung from His big, broad shoulders, covering His torso. He had a tight black t-shirt on underneath.  Wranglers hugged His bubble butt, and He was wearing those goddamn riding boots that i’ve given a tongue bath to too many times to count over the last couple years.

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