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Restrained in the Spider Web

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Sir Pan restrains the Prisoner to the Spider Web and starts to harshly punch, flog and shock the Prisoner, who yells in pain. The Prisoner is then ordered to his knees, where he is hit in his balls quite hard until he fully submits and sucks Sir Pan’s baton. The Prisoner is then allowed to jack-off and cum as a reward for his total submission.

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When the Whip Comes Down

Some interesting lyrics in this Rolling Stones song:


(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

Yeah, mama and papa told me 
I was crazy to stay

I was a fag in New York

I was gay in L.A.

So I saved my money

And I took a plane

Wherever I go they treat me the same

When the whip comes down (4X)

I’m going down 53rd Street and they’re spitting in my face

I’m learning the ropes

Yeah I’m learning a trade

The east river truckers are churning with trash

I make so much money that I’m spending so fast

When the whip comes down (4X)

When the shit hits the fan I’ll be sitting on the can

When the whip comes down

Yeah, some called me garbage

When I was sleeping on the street

I never roll

And I never cheat

I’m filling a need

I’m plugging a hole

My mama’s so glad 
I ain’t on the dole

When the whip comes down (4X)

(Yeah, go ahead check it out)

Yeah, baby, when the whip comes down

When the whip comes down

(I’ll be running this town, I’ll tell you)

When the shit hits the fan

I’ll be sittin on the can


A couple other Stones songs also have BDSM themes:



Tie You Up (The Pain of Love)

Forced pony play

gay bondage

Master Shamus is in the BrutalTops stable, waiting for a pony ride around the exercise area. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting. New pony boy James isn’t ready, quickly undressing when ordered to do so by Shamus, getting down on all fours. This ride had better be excellent or the thick leather belt in the Top’s hand will be getting plenty of use today.

gay bondage 010

The strong, muscular looking pony soon tires, attempts by Shamus to get it to move faster by beating it are futile as it becomes more exhausted with every circuit. The pony’s rump glows red from the severe beating Master Shamus is giving it. It’s clear the Top is going to ride this useless little fucker into the ground.

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Guy takes a really hard and brutal beating

gay bondage

Hairy stud Guy is a very tempting sight cuffed and tied to a spanking bench wearing only his jock strap and his tight asshole on show at BreederFuckers. His ass is given a good hard caning and his jock strap is cut off from him.

gay bondage

Dave delivers several sharp punches to Guy’s gut. His ass is lashed and his dick is teased until he’s very erect and can’t stop himself from ejaculating.


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Mixed Martial Arts Fighter – Part 3

At long last, here’s more of the Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, from the men over at Straight Men In Trouble

gay bondage

Tied with his hands above his head, the fighter dangles, waiting in fear for the man’s return. The masked man returns with a black paddle, determined to inflict pain and suffering on the martial artist, and begins a painful assault with a series of paddles. The young man’s moans, gasps and cries grow louder and more pathetic with every blow as he writhes in pain and shame, a once proud fighter at the mercy of this unknown man.

gay bondage mmaf-312 mmaf-315 mmaf-317

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Leo Forte gets worked over hard at Bound Gods

They are calling this the ‘most intense session ever’ on Bound Gods

Hayden Richards is a new dom in the house. Leo Forte

Hayden Richards is a new dom in the house. Leo Forte, slave #198, is brought in to service the magnificent new dom. Van welcomes Mr Richards and commences dom training. Somehow things get personal and the spotlight is on #198. The bondage session gets brushed aside for a moment. Van takes #198 on the most intense journey in the history of Bound Gods.

gay bondage 29574_6

#198 is stripped naked physically, mentally and spiritually because he’s too smart for his own good. With Daddy Zeus passing this last winter, Van makes a last attempt to get #198 on track. Will he succeed? Or, will the House crumple with no successor?

Gay Bondage

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Arrogant young hot guy Shamus is tied down and ready for a lesson in total humility. Having already had his ass cheeks flogged, his butt is incredibly sensitive. Adrian binds him so his rear is pointed up in the air. His tight white pants are snipped off him, leaving his bare bottom helplessly exposed. Every whip from his captor’s cane causes this strong macho man to buck violently against his restraints. It drives him crazy that he can’t stop the ceaseless beating his ass gets. Fighting in vain against the ropes that bind him, Shamus’ sore bottom trembles helplessly.


Adrian selfishly gropes the lad’s sizeable cock and balls and exposes his tender asshole while mercilessly whacking him. Just when Shamus thinks he can’t take anymore Adrian climbs on top of him and aggressively fucks the bound hetero until tears spill down his cheeks.

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