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Your questions, answered


Here are emails from some of you guys, along with my responses:


Dear Metal,

I would love to know if anything new has happened to Jockstrap. Those posts were amazing. I wish I were in his shoes.

Metal responds:

I have not heard from Jockstrap in a while. He was making me photoshop and re-photoshop his pictures before posting them, and it got a bit too tedious for me. Hey Jockstrap, if you are out there somewhere, send us some smoke signals, OK?



Dear Metal,

I thought that you might like to hear about an experience I had a few weeks ago with a well-equipped younger handcuff enthusiast in California. My captor was a pleasant guy whose sole ambition in the scene is to lock someone up in cuffs and not let them out for a while. The outfit he had me in was a pair of BOA handcuffs with a special black box attached to a waist chain, locked with a high-security lock in the back well out of reach. The leg irons were also BOA high security cuffs with about a 12-inch chain, which made walking a little more fun. The black box on the handcuffs was specially made for the BOA cuffs, supposedly one of only a few ever made by the company. The whole effect was very restrictive, I couldn’t have dreamed about getting out on my own, even with the keys. The special black box had large protrusions on the front for the BOA lock tumblers, which rub on your wrists and are really uncomfortable. I’d say that 3 hours in the outfit is about all a person could take with their hands being pried on by the black box, which is how long he kept me in them for.

About halfway through, he thought I had too much freedom, and he added a pair of Ripp-restraint tubes over the cuffs. Then he just made me sit there on the couch. It was a great time, and really got me turned on to high-security cuffs. All of my standard cuffs feel so inadequate now compared to being locked in cuffs that require a very special key with the black box over them.

I liked the story you posted from Mike on the ADI cuffs he got to try on. I’d love to be locked in a pair of those for a while.


Metal responds:

Damn, David, that sounds amazing! Try to get pictures next time, OK?




Just a note of thanks. I really appreciate your being there every morning with something hot every morning (and afternoon)!

—Bob, Chicago

Metal responds,

Thanks Bob!



Dear Metal,

Have you ever ordered anything from Handcuff Warehouse? And are they a reputable business?

Metal responds,

Yes and yes.



Dear Metal,

I love to be put in bondage from mild to wild, with emphasis on wild. My problem is that I don’t have anyone to put me in bondage. I live in Florida, but am not able to travel because of financial reasons. Do you know of someone who would like to put me in bondage on a regular basis? I can host and have enough bdsm toys to equip a dungeon, but do not have a dungeon. I have been put in a straightjacket, mummified with duct tape, tied with rope, bound with steel restraints, handcuffs, leg cuffs, and more. Please contact me and I will give you more information.

Metal responds:

Hey guy, sounds like you need to post a profile on Recon with some pictures. A well-equipped and enthusiastic guy like you should be able to find tons of play partners! You might also want to read this recent posting. Best wishes,



Hi Metal,

I have a quick question for you. Do you know of anyone who is willing to hold the key to my chastity device until they believe I am ready to be released? If you happen to know somebody please let me know.


Pup Neo


Dear Pup Neo,

Have you ever been to the LockedMen site? There are lots of guys there who offer all sorts of long-distance keyholding challenges and dares, etc. You can also use the chastity keyholding service they offer at Mr S — yes, they really do this, and it really works!




Hi Metalbond,

I’m a fan of your site from the UK. This video was on Xtube, but then it disappeared. Have you come across this video before, and if so you know if it is still available anywhere?

(See pic below)


From seeing your site it’s good to know that there are others who actually prefer bondage to sex.

Metal responds,

I don’t know where that video came from, but I would imagine someone reading this will know. Let’s see if anyone responds in the comments.



Hey Metal,

Just wanted to say hello and let you know I’m still “kicking” when not chained and sometimes then too! Back when you were seeking donations to help with the website expense, I didn’t give anything, but I want to and can now.


Dear Jerry,

Your contribution would be very much appreciated. To pitch in, you can click on the PayPal button in the column to the right, toward the very bottom. You’ll have to decide if you are a “minimum-security,” “super-max” or “life without parole” kind of guy. The funds go to “LockerJock” and are used for hosting fees and site development costs — including an upgrade that is currently in the works. (Stay tuned for more information about that.)



Dear Metal,

I have been interested in being a prisoner and being constrained since my pre-teens. This site is awesome! Do you offer anything like Mens Central Prison where one can pay to role-play being locked up like it’s really prison? Or if you don’t, is there a place like that in the NYC area?

Metal responds,

I’m not aware of a facility like that here on the East Coast. But in my view, from what I can tell the Mens Central Prison would be worth the cost of a plane ticket, plus whatever other fees they are charging.



Dear Metal,

Do you ever do blogs on bondage using dog runs? I once saw a picture and thought it was hot.

Metal responds,

You might want to click for my various Dog Training posts. Also the posting Keeping a Line on Your Bottom might be of interest to you.



Hi Metal,

I really want to thank you for all the great posts on your site and the inspiration for me to buy two chastity devices — a metal one locked on for over 24 hours a few weeks ago, and now the leather shorts. What would you recommend for the best comfortable device for at least a week?


p.s. I am locked up while I am sending this message with no escape till 8 a.m. tomorrow.

Metal responds,

If you want comfortable, you will definitely want to stay away from The Punisher. The Boy Trainer is an easier device for longer-term wear, in my opinion. Click here to see both in use.



Dear Metal,

Probably hard to find, but I would love to see pics of men with their legs wrapped around the head of another while being serviced.

Metal responds,

Sounds great to me!



Dear Metal,

It is hard to find the words to describe how much I enjoy your site. I view it every morning, and again in the evening, ALWAYS looking forward to whatever may be the new post. The stories have been incredible, some of my all-time favorites. There are several that I re-read regularly. The bondage pics, the descriptions, are TRULY a gem!

Thanks for ALL that you have done in helping others explore their fetish behavior/lifestyle. Truly a gift to all of us out there.


Metal responds,

Wow Dave, thanks!




A newbie wants help breaking into the local gay bondage scene

A Metalbond reader recently sent me this via email:

Dear Metal,

I’m 33 years old, gay male. I’m looking to sort of “ease into” local gay BDSM. I’m a bit sexually shy, but I have, as long as I can remember, found myself attracted to BDSM. I’ve finally worked up the nerve to try and get into it beyond looking at websites. I’m looking for advice on how or where I should go in New York City to meet some people. If you have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


My response:

A great place to start is the New York Bondage Club. They meet on Sunday nights at Paddles on 26th Street. You can join in the action if you like, or just watch, and it is great place (in my opinion) for beginners.

The education-focused GMSMA (Gay Male S/M Activists) closed down several years back, but some of the alumni from this organization have formed BDSMU, which bills itself as “a new organization focused on building education and camaraderie in the NYC kink community.” They offer monthly events at the Eagle NYC. You can connect with BDSMU via their Facebook page.

Workshops and classes on various topics are also offered at The Leather Man (primarily gay men) and Purple Passion / DV8 (a more “heteroflexible” crowd) on various topics. Check their websites for class offerings, times and dates.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, should put up a profile on Recon. There are lots of local guys out there, and if you get the app you might find (since this in New York Fuckin’ City) that some very hot bondage stud is closer than you can imagine! And he can’t wait to get his hands on a horny newcomer like you!

When you do meet up with someone, be sure to be careful! That means meeting in a public place before going home with the guy, telling someone where you are going, etc. You might find this article from the Anti-Violence Project especially helpful.

Have fun — and send me an email sometime telling me about your adventures!





Metalbond mail

hard slave writes,

OK, so now I’ve wasted a couple of work hours on this story you posted and I’m only halfway through it. I’m sitting at my desk with a massive hard-on hoping I don’t cum in my suit pants. Which by the way if you so much as laid on a finger on me I would. Hoping I can get my boner under control before my next meeting. And of course I’m wearing the tight-trousered suit today, so there’s no hiding it. Thanks.


M. Robles writes,

Now that we have 3-D printing, has anyone used it to make bondage or gear items? Or more, custom-fitted and seamless chastity devices?


Michael writes,

Don’t know if you post submissions from followers, but your recent duct tape photos reminded me of the attached, taken awhile back in a bar with 30-plus people watching. I’m on my knees in the photo. An incredible experience. Post if you like. Would enjoy …



Bondgmk wites,

I was privilege to meet James Bond at the New York Bondage Club many years ago. I was visiting from the UK a friend in Long Island, and the same day I flew in the club had a meet going on. As I had chatted with James Bond online many times, it was one of my wishes at some point to meet him, and I can’t tell you how much of a thrill it was to hang out with him for a couple of hours that evening. I was welcomed with open arms and felt a very much part of the bondage fraternity. It reminds me very much of a gentleman I knew in the UK, the late Jim Stewart (of Fetters fame). So that’s my remembrance of James Bond. I am proud to have made his acquaintance.


Tom writes,

I read your story of The Motivator on Eckie. I did when you posted it, and some days ago again. Wouldn’t you continue it? It is a great story, one of my favourites.


Another guy writes,

Here’s an idea for pics your readers can submit. I’ve grown to like some of the Vibram five-finger shoes. Thought it would be hot to have readers who have them submit pics of themselves wearing the five-finger shoes with legcuffs locked on or their feet or roped up in them. What do you think?



Slv2RubR writes:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, S2/E08 “Slaves of Las Vegas”

Most of the way thought this episode I was pleased with how the kink culture was represented. The episode originally aired back in 2001, before I knew about the kink culture. I believe it was that first glimpse that brought me in. Looking back now, I’m glad I saw that glimpse.



Jim writes,

I have what, I guess, is a relatively strange fetish, even among kinksters. I love to be made to sweat. There are a few pics on Eckie’s site of guys in steam cabinets, and I’ve always loved being in multiple layers till someone else was ready to let me out, but I don’t see much of it in others. Hell, I sometimes workout in the gym in a double-layer neoprene sweatsuit from “Kutting Weight”. Do you know if there are any pages like that out there?

MetalbondNYC_Picture-2 MetalbondNYC_Picture-3



Reader mail: Looking for a rope bondage picture, erotic novel, and more

Some Metalbond readers have questions and want some help. Others have comments to share. See below:


Ropeluvr writes,

I know your primary interest is metal bondage, but I’m hoping you can at least put me in touch with someone who can help me. Years ago (at least a decade), I came across a photo that I have fantasized over. I no longer have this image in my possession and really would like to track it down again.

It’s an image of a guy in denim, shirt unbuttoned to show a rope harness beneath. He’s beside a mud puddle and his lower body is covered in mud.

I believe it was partly associated with a story I had read which revolved around a bondage hunt where the subject was given a head start and his goal was to escape capture or be put into bondage. The guy lost.

Anyway, even if you can’t help me out, I hope you can point me in the right direction. Thanks.


RbbrStorage writes,

I just blew my load reading the “Roger” series by David Sellers — one of the hottest stories I’ve ever read, maybe only second to “Ross.”  You provide a great service …. :-)


David Sellers writes,

I’ll write for you again soon — just as soon as my life settles down a bit.


Aquala Guy writes,

My novel is pretty much finished. I’m asking your readers if they’d be willing to read it for some honest critiqueing. I’ll send it to the first 3 people who send me an email at aqualaguy@gmail.com. Can you post something?


RH of Mencomix writes,

I don’t know anything about that play “Pig” – but it reads and looks interesting. Maybe something for your website??? https://buddiesinbadtimes.com/shows/pig/


Mark writes,

There are one Sadistic, one Murderer, one Necrophiliac, one Zoophilic, one Pyromaniac and one Masochist. They are sitting in the garden of the psychiatric hospital. Without knowing how to occupy their time.

Bored, the zoophilic says: “Why don’t we fuck a cat?”

Then the Sadist says: “YES we fuck the cat and then torture it!”

Murderer Says: “YEEES! We fuck, torture the cat and then kill it!”

Necrophiliac Says: “OOOOH YEAAAAAAAAHHHHH! We fuck, torture, kill the cat and then we fuck it again!”

And say Pyromaniac: “YES, YES, YES! We fuck, torture, kill, fucking the cat back again and we set it on fire!!”

It makes a sudden silence, and everyone watches the Masochist and people ask him:

“What about you? Did not you say anything???”

And the Masochist says:  “MEOOOOWWWWWWW!”



While I was snorkeling in the Caribbean recently …

… My email in-box was filling up big-time, and it will take me a while to post all the pictures and stories you guys sent. So if you sent stuff to me recently, keep checking back over the next few days and weeks. Thanks as always for keeping in touch!

Here is some of the feedback I have received on the blog:



Alphabjfan writes:

Hi. Just came across your website today and am speechless from the wealth of horny material on it. Can’t believe I did not come across it earlier in life.

And I must agree with you on the beauty of things that lock. For me as a sub there is nothing quite as horny than hearing a padlock or a set of handcuffs lock close. Nothing like moving around and seeing, feeling and hearing a locked padlock dangle around.

I read with great interest your ideas on things for a chastity slave to do. I have my own ideas and shall run them past you at some point, you may be interested.



Manaclesman Hans writes:

You asked your readers to tell what they think of your blog.

Well, I think it’s excellent. As said earlier, I look every day in the Netherlands at your blog and I’m not the only one, I think.

I wish you a lot of (further) success with it.



Callipygianguy writes:

I can’t wait to hear more about Jockstrap. I saw the latest updates… poor guy!

BTW, do you know if your friend who writes Waiting for Ross is planning any more updates? It’s been a while…

Happy Holidays!



Jon writes:

You asked for some suggestions on keeping Jockstrap in chastity, so here they are:

(a) As a personal trainer, Chris should set Jockstrap challenging fitness goals and only allow him a release as each goal is achieved. Jockstrap will find focus he’s never had before, whilst enduring the humiliating feeling of a locked cock whilst he works out to the max. In case a goal is proving difficult, Chris could offer to relax it if Jockstrap accepts a suitable punishment (something not to be taken too lightly, like a session with the paddle/strap/cane, or time in the Punisher).

(b) Something like the CB6000 might be most suitable for wear during exercise, although the Mysteel Ergoslim could be interesting – it’s better looking, looks like it offers decent freedom of movement and would securely hold Jockstrap’s cock in a steel tube between his legs. https://www.my-steel.de/shop/index.php?cat=c63_ERGOslim.html&language=en

You could keep your blog up to date with Jockstrap’s progress.



Bob writes:

Went to dinner tonight and outside the restaurant saw a guy in a medical neck brace. All i could think of is how miserable it would make your jockstrap, immobile as he is. I am a bad person.



FirefighterSIR writes:

I am trying to rope in a few new slaves at the ranch.

I require a slave that can travel to the ranch and commit to at least 3 days of service each time. Slave need not be hung or even sexually active but it is plus. Straight guys who need discipline and punishment often also apply.



A bondage fiction fan writes:

I found a story in My archives about a slave kidnapped off the streets of New York, loaded into a semi and drive to the ranch, kept bound to a fuck bench the entire time. The semi stops at truck stops along the way so that truckers can rape and torture the slave for cash.



Lthr Boy writes:

The story on your blog about Master Paul using a hood and single padlock on Andy – It comes from Hooder UK’s website. I remember masturbating to this particular story many, many times, and have frequently thought about having a sightless, tight leather hood padlocked on my head.

Some of Hooder’s website is still available via the internet archive.  The story you posted used to be under the “Hoods and Blindfolds” section of his main page, but it looks like he changed the story. I always loved his site because under each one of his fetishes, he would post a story, then explain why he liked it. I suggest reading “Interview with a Torturer” on his story page.

One thing to note, because the internet archive doesn’t save background images, the pages appear all white. In order to see the text, CTRL + A to select all and either copy into a word editor or just leave it highlighted to read.

Story Page here

Main Page here




Ken writes:

I’m pretty sure the Master Paul and Andy story is by my old friend Eddie AKA Hooder.  He used to have his own UK website but he took it down a couple of years ago and I have no idea how to contact him these days.  He was a frequent contributor to sites like Jack’s Rack, and is fondly remembered for stories like The Wall and The Fiend.



boycj writes:

My MASTER has asked me to research a shock collar for myself. Any suggestions? tips?



Max writes:

You asked for comments on your blog. My thoughts:

It might be a good thing to get more of the amateurs to contribute or at least say once a week have an amateur day.

I believe that your site should get back to metal as well, it is missed. Something in the beginning was very attractive to see the uniform and metal – that got a lot of attention.

If you need a story line I can certainly contribute a total metal set or two.



Chaingang63 writes:

Got to say, I love your blog. I hit it every night before going to bed. Helps me, um, how do I say this, release some energy.

Thanks for keeping it hot!




Thanks for the feedback, guys!

— Metal




Readers of Metalbond blog sound off

Here are some comments I have received recently from blog readers:


I’ve always been massively into bondage, and your site has definitely led to me trying a few specific things. Me and my boyfriend tend to top each other, and your site has given me loads of inspiration in regard to what I’ve done to him!


I’m reading your blog almost daily. It is very good, the best I have seen on the internet. Keep up the good work!


Sure you get swamped by these sorts of messages, but I just thought I’d say how much I enjoy your site … and your profile on Recon of course. It’s inspired plenty of my own adventures, in fact reading entries on there pretty much led to my current thirst for chastity!

Keep up the good work!


Oh fuck that’s hot … locked in, locked out, locked up, locked down … whatever you want in you can’t get in and whatever you want out of you can’t get out of … unless you got the keys … otherwise you’re just fucked.

My chastity keyholder has a rule for me about blogs while i’m locked up … once i’m sent to one, i gotta go through ALL the posts.


I have never once entered your blog without getting turned on … big time! How do you keep up the excellent work day after day?

Take care and THANK YOU for helping to maintain my fantasy life (I’ve got a real one too, but, though it involves play as top and bottom, I love the stimulation ) .

hey, MetalbondNYC Sir–

just a quick note to say thanks for Your site.  as evidenced by the list of links on the side of Your page (and others’ pages), there are a lot of sites out there for guys who share our interests.  but Your site has easily become the one i check first, multiple times a day.

as a bondage/kink sub in a relationship with a vanilla guy, i’m often on the hunt for good bondage content online…and i devour every single post on Your site.

just locked myself into my cb3000 for a few days — and yet again, i check Your site and it drives me insane. In a good way.

Dude, you and I have some wicked fantasies!  I wish we were closer because somehow I get the feeling that you wouldn’t flake out on me when it came to locking a piss hood on my head.  Somehow, with you, I just get the feeling that I would truly become a urinal.

And my balls would also feel the effects.

gay bondage

Dear Metal,

Here are some recent messages that were sent to me from blog readers:


Dear Metal,

Here’s a fantasy I’ve had for some time: I show up at your hotel room. I enter, close and lock the door. I face the locked door and strip to my jock strap. My cock is throbbing in its locked chastity belt. I put my black spandex hood on, the one with only a mouth hole, and my 2-inch locking leather collar over it. I snap the lock. I slip on my bondage mitts, and one by one, I lock the padlocks. I clasp my hands in the small of my back, legs spread, and wait your orders. I’m vulnerable. I’m your prisoner. My mouth is yours. I don’t know if or when I will see you, or if the chastity belt will come off, and if it does, will I come?

— Canada


Dear Metal,

It would be cool to be bound in a way that my exposed crotch is constantly tormented by another bound person’s booted foot.



Dear Metal,

I’m curious about what kind of restraint you are in the pic [below] — some kind of canvas sack? Looks nice!



That’s a leather sleepsack that was designed and built by Jim Stewart of Fetters, in London, with the tanned leather side on the inside and the rougher suede leather on the outside. This is a piece of vintage bondage equipment that is no longer available commercially. I was fortunate enough to have been kept in it overnight many years ago (over another sleepsack of black leather, so I am actually in TWO sacks) by BondagemanSF, who also gave me the Mohawk.



Dear Metal,

I just spent a little time on your site. Truly excellent. Great pics, graphics, presentation. Creative, professional and very well designed. Congratulations!

—New York state


Dear Metal,

I’m from Brazil. If you monitor from were come your readers, I suspect that I am the only one who is reading your blog on this country, unless you also count my boy.



According to my site stats, there are almost 3,000 visitors from 137 different cities in Brazil.




Your site is blocked in Thailand. Should that be considered a good thing?

—via the internet


Hi Metal,

Have not been in touch for a while. After 100 days in chastity the relief was fantastic and am now waiting for new instructions from anyone interested in confining my desires. You did not get pics, as I had a few problems near end of my incarceration.

But I have to say that I continue to get so hot looking at your site and again say I get a kick out of all the time u spend getting us guys HOT!!!


drubind aka chastrubpig


Bound Gods

Emails from prisoners, future chastity slaves and bondage carpenters

Here are some recent emails from readers of this blog:

G’Day Metal,

The Padded Cell series was quite fascinating, and I followed along from start to finish. My interests run to extended bondage and similar confinement, so I enjoyed every post and photo. Have yet to do anything that intense, but I DID endure a lockdown in a small basement crawl space chained by a heavy, 3-foot logging chain from steel neck collar to a wall ring. No release and minimal contact for 4 days. I did OK for the four days, although was pretty quickly bored out of my skull. Like to think I could have extended that, but 3 weeks in a padded cell? The thought excites but the reality might be a bit much for this old bondage freak.

You can perhaps understand that I’d like to get in contact with The Warden to discuss this sort of thing. Some of the arrangements in the cell I was in might be of interest to him.

— via email


Dear Metal,

Last winter I had a few large oak trees come down with the severe ice storms that we had in NC. I’m going to have them cut up into lumber for flooring on one of my trailers. There is much more than I need for that project, so I’m thinking of making some bondage furniture. I’ve already put some feelers out at the NYBC for ideas.

So put on your thinking cap or put it out there on your blog and let’s see if we can make some hot/unique furniture. I have a pretty good set of woodworking tools and skills. Let me know what you think!

— via email from North Carolina

Dear North Carolina,

I think it is a great idea to make some bondage furniture!  You can’t go wrong with stocks, or if the wood is HEAVY and THICK it might be great to make a confinement box!

Please send pictures of what you make!



Hello Metal,

I have been looking at your site for a while and think that it is great! I would do anything to be your next chastity test subject. I have always wanted to try chastity but have not had the guts to go and purchase a device. I have also never had anyone willing enough to allow me to try a chastity device as well.

Let me know if this is anything that you are interested in trying.

Hope to talk to you soon

— fballboy

Hey there fballboy,

I can’t hook you up with a cock cage at the moment, but I will give you some ORDERS!

Here’s what I want you to do. Go to your local sporting goods store and buy yourself a CUP JOCK. That’s right. I want you to get yourself a hard cup — the same kind athletes wear. (When you buy it, I want you to check out at the register with the hottest guy, too!) You are to wear the cup jock for one week. That’s right, for the next SEVEN DAYS you are to wear the cup constantly, under your clothes at work, to the gym, when you are out with friends, etc. Also I want you to wear the cup jock to BED AT NIGHT. The only time you may take the cup jock off is to shower, and then it goes back on. This will, of course, mean no beating off for a week.

Then report back after your sentence is up.



Dear Metal,

Half way through the night — in my cell in pitch darkness — I lost it and started screaming and pulling at my chains. I got rock hard as I realized there was nothing I could do about it … and that was only about 12 hours in! Movement was so restricted — double chains running down from the collar to the wrist and ankle shackles.

— from an anonymous reader

The anonymous reader also sent PICTURES, but they are not for posting unfortunately. Let me just say the pictures are among the hottest I have ever seen. He’s in a striped inmate’s uniform, chained by the hands, feet and NECK with a THICK, HEAVY metal collar!



Dear Metal,

Seeing the 3-week-long session The Warden did gave me an idea for a story line. Setting a museum (a science), a 3-month display on prison and prisoner conduct. Intake of the prisoners, with help from the local jail, would start off with a week in the “real” jail, then the people who are the prisoners transferred to the display. The cells will be monitored by the visitors by closed-circuit TV.

Have a set of guards and have solitary as well as a padded cell.

— Gene

Dear Gene,

What a great idea for a story! This reminds me a bit about the Stanford Prison Experiment and the movie Das Experiment, which I have written about here on Metalbond in the past.

Anyway, I love bondage stories, especially when they involve lockup of prisoners, and hopefully your idea will inspire someone to write something interesting and send it to me!




I am loving your website. I found it a couple of months ago and find myself checking it a couple of times a day for updates. I love the photos of course, but the stories are really amazing. I’m dying to find out when The Bear Trap saga will continue. I’m so anxious to hear more of the story.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you have another fan and I hope you keep up the good work. I appreciate it and my dick loves it.



Dear Lance,

Thanks very much for the email, and I am so glad you enjoy the Bear Trap series! It’s one of my favorite stories as well and I am thrilled to be able to share it here on the site.



Dear Metal,

I get off on all kinds of m2m kink and BDSM, etc. Will be 87 in June but not ready to still feel the pain being more of a masochistic pain pig. There is something hard and very masculine about metal as it’s so unforgiving and sadistically macho. Got initiated after being picked up in a San Francisco bar in 1961 and became a totally addicted pain pig. Founded an SM club here in Vancouver in 1982, and it still exists. Called Vancouver Activists in SM, the web site is www.vasm.bc.ca. GMSMA helped me with info when I was setting up the club. Became a member of Chicago Hellfire Club in 1984 and remain an associate.

— George aka skindad

Dear skindad,

Thanks VERY MUCH for writing! I think it is awesome that you are going strong at 87!




Sent you an e-mail a few days back and you have not responded. I thought that in your blog you say that you respond to all e-mails. Sorry if I have bothered you.

— via email

Hey guy,

This blog is a part-time hobby for me, not a full-time job, so I can’t promise I’ll write back immediately. But I always try to respond to everyone eventually. Thanks for being patient with me.


gay bondage porn