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Tied Tight

By Mister-X/Spartan

I was sitting there, tied tightly in rope. He was across from me, doing more rope work that he planned to put me into. He was a master at it. I didn’t even try to get loose from what he’d put me into. I knew that there was zero chance of my escaping. All I could do was sit and wait. Occasionally he would look back at me and get that sadistic smile on his face before he returned to his work. As I sat there my mind started to wander back.

* * *

I first met him when I was in high school. I had a side job on weekends, and had been saving up money. Finally I was able to afford what I’d wanted for several years. After I’d purchased that leather jacket, I proudly wore it to school the next day. One of my classmates, Jeff, saw it and told me he wanted to try it on. I didn’t want to get out of it, and told him no. Jeff was the class bully, and I knew that I was taking a risk by turning him down, but after all the work I’d put into getting that jacket, I didn’t want to let it go.

After class Jeff was waiting for me at my car. I wasn’t able to avoid him, and he told me “if you don’t let me try on your jacket, I’ll beat the shit out of you first, and then I’ll take it.” After saying this, he held up some brass knuckles that he had on his hand.

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Spy Gets Captured

By Mister-X/Spartan

I warily looked around. This was near where I was to meet him. I didn’t see anyone, which was a good sign, since I was early. It looked like the authorities didn’t know about our planned meeting. I walked over to where I was to meet him, and saw a figure walking this way. When he was close enough I saw it was him. He was nervous.

“I’m being followed.” I had pulled out my pack of cigarettes and pulled one out to give him.

“What? You shouldn’t have met me, then.”

As I started to leave he put the cigarette in his mouth and said, “wait, I’ve got the information you want.”

I hesitated, pulling out my lighter to light his cigarette, and that was when a bunch of armed men started coming out of the nearby area, guns drawn. I realized I’d had it. All these years I’d not been captured, but my luck had finally run out. My cock started getting excited.

The other guy panicked, and started to run away. I knew better than to do that. When he was taken, he was screaming, but not for long. When the others came up to me, they said something in the local language. I knew they had said to put my hands behind my back, but I played dumb. One of the guys spoke English, and said “don’t play dumb, Mr. Crawford.”

“Play dumb? Why? I’ve done nothing wrong. He just asked me for a cigarette and I gave him one. Then he wanted a light, and I pulled out my lighter when you people showed up.”

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The Devil – Part 3

By Mister-X/Spartan

Out at the guy’s car, he put me into the back floor, cuffed my ankles, and brought my wrists back and my ankles forward before locking a short chain onto the two. I was now in a cuffed hogtie. I wouldn’t be able to get up from that. He got into the driver’s seat and started driving off. He was a chatty one. “I’m sure you’ve never experienced anyone as good at dominating you as I will be.” I chuckled inwardly at that statement.

“I’ll warm you up first, then face fuck your eyes out. You’ll love it, although your cock will be in chastity so you won’t be able to get enjoyment from that.” On hearing that, I suddenly realized that my cock was already in chastity, as required when I was out of the house. I wondered what the guy would think of that. Also, I’ve got that spiked punishment collar around the base of my neck which is chained to my chest harness. If my leathers are removed, he’s going to get an eyeful.

The guy kept going on and on. It’s been my experience that guys either do it, or they talk about doing it. Rarely does one do both. With all the talk this guy was doing, I wondered how good he would actually be. I figured he was a newbie.

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The Devil – Part 2

By Mister-X/Spartan

That night and the next day, the devil didn’t play with me much. That holiday he added some clamps to my tits, but that was the only additional gear he put on me. Amazing as I found it to be, I was starting to get adjusted to that extreme position he kept me in while in that cage. I erupted about a half dozen more times before I was awakened Tuesday morning to get cleaned up and go to work.

The collar he kept at the base of my neck was closed with a special kind of key. There was no way I would be able to get that off. True to his word, he removed the top collar so I could get my shirt and tie on. My cuffs were also removed, as well as the gag. It was the first time I’d had the gag out since that Friday night when we met. I was also finally able to shit, though by then it had solidified and I couldn’t.

He got breakfast ready while I got cleaned up and dressed. I noticed the shirts he’d gotten me were tighter and heavier, with a higher collar than I usually wore, one with two buttons. With those on, I couldn’t see any sign of what lay underneath. But I could sure feel things.

He locked my cock in chastity. “Whenever you leave your house, your cock will always be locked up.”

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The Devil – Part 1

By Mister-X/Spartan

I slowly started waking up. I started to stretch my arms out in front of me, and realized that I couldn’t. When I opened my eyes to figure out why, I remembered that I was tied tightly to a chair, my wrists cuffed behind my back. As I started feeling the cuffs on my ankles and the tight ropes tying me, as well as the gag that was preventing me from opening my mouth, my cock started getting erect. I couldn’t see him because I was blindfolded, and I didn’t hear a sound. My memory started recalling what had happened.

I had recently moved to this city, and didn’t know anyone I could play with. After I’d gotten settled, I started checking out sites to see if I could find someone suitable. I’m a bottom, and have had a fair amount of experience with tops. I figured I knew the catchwords to look for to distinguish those who were just looking for a slave from those who were genuinely interested in playing.

This guy came across on his site as someone who was genuinely interested in playing, despite his internet name, ‘the_devil.’ But with that name, I was intrigued. I decided to meet up, telling him that I didn’t play with anyone until I got to know them better. We met at a nearby restaurant, and discussed desires over dinner, which I had told him I would treat him to. Remembering now, I did most of the talking. He seemed to agree with everything I said, being very nice and accommodating, saying that it was also what he wanted. I realize now that I was too eager to find someone that would get me what I wanted.

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The Facility

By Mister-X/Spartan

Mark finished his morning dump. He carefully worked the butt plug back in. Then he put on the belt which held it in place, also making sure that his dick, which was in chastity, was pushed down between his legs. He didn’t want that to be noticeable at work.

With the important part done, he finished dressing in his heavily starched crisp white fitted shirt, tie and three piece suit. After tightening his tie as tight as he could get it at the top of the high collar of that shirt that looked and felt like it was molded onto his body, he added the tie pin underneath it, bringing the bottoms of the shirt collar tightly together at the middle of his neck. He looked in the mirror and saw a sharply dressed businessman, picked up his briefcase, and headed off to a long Friday of meetings. He was going to have to concentrate to keep his attention on the meetings and not on what he would be experiencing afterward and through the weekend.

There was a break for lunch. At least he didn’t have lunch with the people he was having meetings with, and was able to meet up with Jerry to have a bite.

“Hey, Mark. You’re looking pretty sharp!”

“I don’t feel it. Just finished four hours of boring meetings.”

“I’ve had a rough day, too. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.”

“Me too.”

“Got anything planned?”

“This is my weekend to visit that facility.”

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Special Western Clothes

By Mister-X/Spartan

I grew up in the big city. My college roommate grew up on a country ranch. Our backgrounds couldn’t have been more different. But we hit it off from the first time I set foot into our dorm room.

I was bringing in my stuff to load into the room, when I saw Darren making knots in some rope. I had been into being bound for the last five years. When I saw the rope I said something like “I hope you’ll use that rope on me, roomie”.

Darren looked over at me and got a big smile on his face. “It sounds like I’m going to enjoy rooming with you!”

I put my stuff down and said “hi, I’m Louis Short. Just call me Louie.”

“Hi, Louie. I’m Darren Hartford. And I love to tie guys up with my rope. You won’t be able to get out of any rope work I do.”

“Great! I love to be tied up. And I don’t want to get out.”

“Can I help you get your things brought in?”

“Sure. I’ve still got a couple more loads. My car is out front.”

After we’d brought everything up and I parked my car, I started putting things away. Darren and I started getting acquainted then, and we found out where we were from and what we were majoring in at school. We checked our classes and found that, while we didn’t share any classes, they were at pretty much the same times, giving us some extra time together. At that thought, we both started getting smiles on our faces as we thought about the possibilities.

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Improving My Posture – Part 2

By Mister-X/Spartan

At work Monday morning I was obviously forced into stiff, erect posture. The problem was sitting on that butt plug, something I’d never done before. It was quite uncomfortable, and was initially distracting me from concentrating on my work. As I was thinking about the butt plug, I started thinking back on everything that happened that previous 4-day weekend.

I had never experienced anything like that before in my life. I certainly got quickly acquainted with a side of life I’d never seen before, let alone experienced. And to be truthful, I kind of enjoyed some of it. Or at least, my cock did, or would have if it could have been able to. The thought of that brought up another problem I was having, sitting here at my desk. It was difficult to find a comfortable way to sit with that metal chastity on my cock.

I’m sure that my appearance is much better than it had been, but I wondered whether my bosses were comfortable knowing that it came at the expense of my getting as much work done. Judging by how they enjoyed this past four days, I expect that they are comfortable with that. I noticed that my boss seemed wryly amused to see how uncomfortable I was wearing my new shirt, knowing that I had that butt plug and chastity on underneath. But I had to get my mind off the changes I was now experiencing and get it back on my work. If my work output declines significantly, I could still find myself without a job.

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