Pictures and video: The boss is on all fours barking like the dog he is

At JalifStudio, Max Duran is Mateo Stanford’s personal trainer, an executive who wants to get more buff. What better way to get results than making a good session with the boss on all fours barking like the dog he is? Check out this video clip:


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Video: Master Alex whips Blake Ellis

A lean slave with a fine, bulbous ass is whipped on his broad shoulders, shapely back and round butt, then fucked with a dildo by Master Alex. Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage.

Master Alex whips Blake Ellis

Slave Blake is flipped over onto his stomach, face-down on the bondage table, spread-eagled, completely naked. A wedge of wood is placed under his waist, elevating his ass, emphasizing its roundness. His butt is like two balls of white marble, with a quivering, wet hole separating them. Blake knows his ass will be fucked; he just doesn’t know when or how. His master, Alex, enters, naked, carrying a bullwhip. Crack! The whip comes crashing down on his back, then his ass. Within a dozen minutes, his muscular ass and back are covered with brutal welts. In other words, he is ready to be fucked. And sure enough, Alex produces a huge dildo – and shoves it home. Blake gasps in pain. He is in for a long, hard fucking.

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Title of this shoot: Blake Ellis – Total Submission – Chapter 9

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An untamed muscle beast gets tied up and controlled

Security guard Vincent is roped naked on all fours and on display like a slave at the market. There’s no shutting up this mouthy fucker. Even with a big ball gag shoved in his stupid gob he’s hurling insults. They slick him up with oil so all his muscles gleam like a trophy bull. Vincent’s round bum is repeatedly lashed till he’s wailing like a bitch. It’s so easy to control this untamed beast. Rub his cock the right way and it goes very rigid and he’s aching to get off like a big stupid donkey.

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