A hard discipline session for Carter

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom punishes Carter with his hand, a whip, a birch, a perforated paddle and a brand new silicone tawse. It’s a hard session for Carter, who is surprised by all the implements Tom has ready to use on him. Tom even gives him a taste of the electrical paddle. Although he strains, grimaces and complains, Carter is obedient and respectful throughout.

ale bondage spank video

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Title of this update: Covid Party

male bondage and spanking

The Twisted Doctor’s Punishment

At Bound Gods, Wolf Hudson finds himself in the hands of a twisted doctor; but once he’s freed from bondage, the punishment is on…


Wolf Hudson has found a new job, but in order to start work he needs a physical, so he finds the only place his HMO will cover, Dr. Micah Brandt’s office. The creepy doctor tricks Wolf into medical restraints and has his way with his patient’s big uncut dick. Once Micah turns his back to grab more “implements,” Wolf finds his window of opportunity and tackles the twisted doctor to the ground and drags him off to the padded cell. Tossed around like a rag doll, Micah is slammed on the floor, beaten with his own belt and fucked from behind by a pissed-off and horny Wolf. Inverted in the air, Micah is beaten from all sides with a vicious flogging before swallowing 8 inches of uncut cock down his throat. Wolf finishes the doctor off with one more fuck before covering his face in cum.

MetalbondNYC_Gay_Bondage_38944_3 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Bondage_38944_7 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Bondage_38944_11 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Bondage_38944_12

Models in this shoot: Wolf Hudson, Micah Brandt

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Beau Sinclair gets forced into football gear

At Bound Muscle Jocks, star player Beau Sinclair won’t be such a star by the time Master Callahan and his buddies are done. They make the huge man suit up, continuing to zap him with the collar so much that he pisses himself! It just adds to the humiliating fun when they make the naked player do push-ups, licking the wet floor below him.

Beau Sinclair gets forced into football gear

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Scene Title: Beau Sinclair & Dire Callahan

Scene Short Description: The Wildcats Suck – Part 2

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Clothed Male – Naked Male

Clothed Male - Naked Male

There is no turning back now! Mike has been brought to the depths of depravity in his training to make a shameless exhibitionist of himself on social media! Views soar as he kneels naked sporting a great big stonking hard on. While his profile rises so does the permanent image of him as a filthy slut spilling semen for likes. This knowledge sinks in while the camera zooms in on his face for his final close-up!

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Title of this video: Social Influencers

Clothed Male - Naked Male


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