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How he spent the night

Hey guys … for those who have been emailing asking about the Padded Cell inmate, yes he is still locked up! Here is the latest update from The Warden:

Here are some images of one of the rare occasions that the inmate is out of the jacket to give the arms some relief. His ankles are still very close shackled, though.

He was NOT a happy inmate and VERY tired in the morning. Not that he knew what time of day it was any way.

Padded Cell Inmate


Thanks Warden … Meanwhile for all the readers who are following this scene here on Metalbond … keep checking back for more updates from the Padded Cell!



I’m so glad to see an update!

I was thinking maybe the inmate had had a problem, like a health issue or something like that.

It’s good to know he’s doing well.



A full naked shot … Nice! He’s a fine looking furry bear, naked and bound …



Very cool!

Still would love a shot at being the next prisoner!

Thank you Sir for the update!


The Warden

The inmate is in fine condition for someone who is approaching three weeks in a padded cell.

I feel bad as I made the mistake of telling the Governor that the inmate said that the compliance hood was working well and that the inmate said it was very comfortable! He instantly said zip it on him out of the Strait Jacket Padded locking mitts and leave him till the following day. That’s just what happened and I don’t think the inmate was happy about it but that’s not MY doing, or is it? I do feel very bad as maybe I should not have mentioned it, but if the Governor found out that I did not communicate this I may have been taken off the padded cell wing?

This is probably also why there was a bit of a break in the images being forwarded as there is not much to see other than this. I suspect over the next few days and last week of the inmate’s incarceration things may be busy or not, depending upon what the Governor has in mind.


The Warden

ohrubberpup1, please I am NOT a Sir. I am a mere pawn under the control of the Governor of the Institution. Sir is a title of respect to those that have earned it, I believe. I am sure you will join the line of possible inmates to which no doubt there may be an opening soon. That, my ohrubberpup1, is for the Governor to decide.



My compliments to the Governor and his trusty staff.



Has he been disobedient yet? How is he punished?


Sick Puppy

Damn but that turns me on, love to be in that myself.



WOW 3 weeks, I really look forward to hear what the inmate has to say about his time in the padded cell. He is such a fine specimen, congrats to the Warden.

Question, where your institution is located?



It looks like he has a fresh diaper waiting for him…


The Warden

Yes time flies from OUR perspective, but the inmate thinks he has already done 4 weeks and is convinced The Governor is keeping him longer as punishment for times of disobedience.

This last week I have a feeling is going to be tough on him and he is going to be enduring LONG periods of NOTHING, which is hard to do when your mind is occupied by normal things.

The Governor spends most of his time in the United Kingdom but does travel quite often to specialist patients whom he knows personally. The Institution itself is located dark in the depths of English Countryside down a disused old cart path and is 12 miles from its nearest building.

I will probably get into trouble for allowing that snippet of information, but I would think it would do any harm.



Dominic Pacifico tops Blake Daniels at Bound Jocks

Dominic Pacifico

Bound Jock Dolan Wolf is tied on his stomach with his hairy ass in the air. Bob Hager comes into the room and takes advantage of the helpless jock by drilling both of his holes. First, he starts with Dolan’s open mouth until he is nice and hard, and then Bob walks around the back of the tied up stud to stick it in his rear end. Using the ankle ropes as handles, Bob power fucks Dolan until he cums.

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Be careful when hooking up online

Hey fellas, time to get serious for a moment.

There have been a number of serious incidents here in NYC in recent weeks involving gay men getting murdered after hooking up with other men they met online. These incidents have received widespread media attention in the local papers and TV news broadcasts.

Guys, PLEASE be careful when meeting up with new guys for sex play … ESPECIALLY if it involves bondage! Here are some tips that you might find useful:

  • If you are going to seek a play partner out online, I would strongly suggest you stick to a tried-and-true profile site like Recon, and avoid Craig’s List. (With Craig’s List, especially if you are going for bondage play, you are just taking too big a risk, in my opinion.)
  • When you are on a site like Recon, the guy’s profile will give you a much better sense of him. Does he have multiple pictures of himself available? Do they match? How long has he has had a profile on the site? Does he have friends listed whom you know? Check with some of those guys. Use your common sense.
  • Definitely make sure someone knows where you are going. That means giving a trusted buddy the guy’s contact information. (Whenever I invite somebody over here to tie up for the first time, I always send the guy my full name, address and phone number with a note, “feel free to give this information to a trusted friend, so that somebody knows where you are.”)
  • If you don’t have a buddy to act as your “safety,” then get one. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go into detail with your safety buddy about what you are doing or getting into, if you are uncomfortable or embarrassed sharing that information. Your buddy is not going to judge you, and you can return the favor for him next time.
  • You might want to consider meeting the guy in a public place, like at a bar or coffee shop, before going back to his place for the action.
  • Even better, go to a public play space like the New York Bondage Club to play for the first time.
  • If you are tied up at a play party with lots of other guys around and things get out of hand, you can always yell the universal safe word, which is “safe word!”
  • Another thing to consider, if you are going to get tied up by another guy for the first time, is that it is probably better to go to HIS place and not have him over to your place. Is there a doorman or security camera where he lives? That’s a plus for you.

Again, make sure that someone knows where you are going!!!

For more information on how to hook up safely, a really great resource is the New York City Anti Violence Project (AVP) … they have a 24-hour hotline — 212-714-1141 — as well as a downloadable PDF called “Staying Safe” that you can download by clicking here.




Yeah, that’s Master Avery on the pages of Rolling Stone mag

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (circulation, 12 trillion) arrived at Metalbond’s apartment, and lo and behold, it’s none other than Master Avery – aka Christian Patrick – pictured in an article about the Sundance Film Festival!

Christian Patrick aka Master Avery

You can see lots more of Master Avery right here on Metalbond by clicking here, and you can see him in action over at the various sites by clicking here.

(Meanwhile, does anyone know how I might actually see the movie ‘Interior: Leather Bar’?)