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Chuck wants to use his flex cuffs on you

Check out these pictures from longtime Metalbond contributor Chuck:

Chuck flex cuffsChuck Flex cuffsFlex cuffs Halloween

Chuck says,

Halloween is coming up. I wanted to share my SWAT costume — everything is real except for the weapons, of course. The helmet-mounted LED light blinds my prisoners as I near them — a nice touch.

The riot cuffs are homemade from two wide white pull ties and a wide black one to hold them together — and trust me, they work quite well. Some are more open for legs, and some are smaller for wrists. I had a guy over once and used them to secure his hands behind his back while we showered together — now that was hot!




Thanks, Chuck! I hope you nab lots of prisoners on Halloween!



New story just added by Aussieltherbiker

Hey guys, I told you I was going to give you a whole week of erotic bondage reading material, and I did not lie to you. So get yourself a pair of leg cuffs, chain yourself to your desk, whip out your cock (unless you are locked in chastity) and get ready for tonight’s installment:


Mike and Rory by Aussieltherbiker


AND … if you like this, you are in luck because this author has his own story blog — Aussieltherbiker — with lots more erotic fiction!


And be sure to come back to Metalbond tomorrow at this time, when I will be adding another chapter of the Iowa Cowboy series! (Plus another surprise)