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Just a little off the top please

No, fuck you! Since you flew out to San Francisco from Kansas City to be my rubber bondage prisoner for the next three weeks, you are going to get the buzzcut that I want you to have! And you’ll look great when I walk you down Castro Street on a leash.

Forced haircuttingforced haircut MetalbondNYC

Today’s rubber and forced haircutting pictures are courtesy of the men over at Serious Male Bondage. Fuck yeah! It’s a pay site, but worth every penny in my opinion.


Do you want your cock to be locked in wood, chrome or camo?

For those of you who absolutely MUST have something out of the ordinary when it comes to chastity devices, check out these “designer” styles of the popular CB6000 device, available from Mr S:

Mr S chastity deviceMr S chastity 02Mr S chastity camoMr S chastity

Yes, you are seeing this correctly, do not attempt to adjust your computer monitor, those are devices in wood, chrome — and (my favorite) — CAMO! I would love nothing more than for some brave reader to lock himself in one of these and send me a picture taken in the gym locker room. Click the pictures to be taken to Mr S.