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I Was Naive

By slavesuit

I guess you could say I was naïve.  Probably gullible.  But the offer seemed too good to be true.  I had been searching for a compatible guy to play with for a long time.  Living in a remote area of the United States, I was within a few hours drive of a couple of major cities but I never had the time to really get there.  If I did, I had other things I needed to do other than feed my love of bondage.

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Extreme Bondage Collection

I am such a fag. I get the Undergear Catalog, because I enjoy looking at pictures of hot young men with nice bodies showing off their packages in “gay” underwear:

Extreme Bondage Collection at Undergear

The latest edition of the Undergear catalog featured something that caught my eye. It’s called the “Extreme Bondage Collection” (the pictures marked “G” and “E,F” in the upper right).


Private message from Metal to the creators of the Undergear catalog: Listen, if you guys want me to show you what “extreme bondage” really means, come on over. Bring Mister E,F with you, as well as Mister A,B and Mister C.