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Overnight Cage Training


overnight in a cageWhen I was in the army, we did attend several Commando Courses along my career. I remember once we had one in a place I won’t quote, as there is no real interest in the place location. On week one, we had a lot of training and learning skill. At the beginning of the second week, we had to use what we have learnt the previous week. They wanted us to practice too after a period of stress, specially a “risk run” up and down the fort. For getting the stress they wanted us to get, we had to spend about three hours in a cage.

Let me describe the surroundings. The fort was by the seaside. We could have a nice view on the ocean, and parts of the walls were falling into the sea. On one end, there were moat and rocks that were filled with water at upper tide and almost empty and very damp and muddy at lower tide. This was the period they would love us to run or crawl in stinky mud. On the other side of the fort, it was the beginning of a wild sand beach. As it was a military property, no civilians were allowed miles around.

Training was rough and efficient, and most men enjoyed it a lot as it was really challenging you.

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 04

By Atlanta Stud

With spring break approaching, Dave and I wanted to get away from campus, but we didn’t feel like hanging out with a bunch of college kids in Daytona getting wasted every day. We were on the web looking at potential cabins to rent for a week at a state park when Brody popped in and asked what’s up. Filling Brody in, he told us to scrap that plan because his folks have a small cabin about three hours out that we could all go to … that is, if we didn’t mind having him along for the week. So it was set that we’d leave that Friday morning of spring break.

When I got back to our room after taking my shower the morning of our departure, I noticed two packed bags on the floor. Dave saw the inquisitive look on my face and said not to worry, everything I’d need is taken care of and to get dressed. He had laid out my attire for the trip … jeans, boxer briefs, long-sleeve olive thermal shirt, brown belt, my desert tan military boots and day old socks.

I was pulling on the boots when Brody, in jeans, short sleeve sweatshirt and his black speed lace military boots and sporting a fresh military haircut walked in carrying his duffel bag. “Let’s hit the road, men!” he barked as he dropped his duffel bag on the floor.

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Skinheads and Legionnaires


Part 1

stories by CREUSSI have been serving the Foreign Legion for 7 years, aged 17 to 24. After a couple of years of Service I was a Brigadier Chef, the equivalent of a Corporal. With a couple of mates, Legionnaire or Lance corporal or Corporal, we used to have a night leave at times, and we were enjoying spending our free evening in a Café by the old Roman Theatre. Place was quiet and the owner was rather friendly, as were customers.

When there, we used to have a quiet table at the rear of the café, rather cut from the rest of the crowd. When we were 3 or 4 we used to have at least one row each paying for some beer, so we could have four beers each in one evening, often double of this amount!

You know that legionnaires are not allowed to wear casual clothes at any time when in their first contract. So every time we were having a leave we had to leave the barracks in “tenue de sortie,” our equivalent of number 2 dress. We were not allowed to be outside of the barracks on a leave in combats, too.

One night I was with two of my mates, Legionnaire Mike T., an Englishman, and Brigadier Gary S., a Scot. They were a little it older than me, not much, but still. I was 19 and half myself, just back from the NCO school and to become a Marechal des Logis soon, the cavalry equivalent of a Sergeant!

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