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A tied captive gets worked over

At BadBoyBondage.com, the Master continues to let the tied captive know exactly where he stands. The prisoner is eventually released from the ropes, but he doesn’t get to enjoy his freedom long before he is put through his paces and shown proper posture.

the Master continues to let the tied captive know exactly where he stands

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Title of this shoot: “I’m Having Fun, Part 2”

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Video: Roughed Up Slave

Pan’s torment continues when his master secures him to a rack by hands and legs. Scroll down for a free video preview from MyDirtiestFantasy.com:

Pan’s torment continues in this second part where his master Yah-Jil secures him to a rack by hands and legs. Yah-Jil seems more motivated than ever in his master’s role and orders him to suck his cock whilst whips his ass in pomp. Soon the master fucks hard his ass before to climb the rack and start to piss Pan’s back and ass. Yah-Jil spits and steps on him before to places him to the Saint Andrews cross, where the punishment becomes harder and harder with different types of whips and hot wax. When Pan seems he is going to falter, Yah-Jil puts his dick out and jerks it off, first slow then faster, until Pan explodes among moans. But, what about some more hot wax all over the slave’s body to end the hell time?


Here is a video preview:


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Title of this shoot: Roughed Up Slave – Part 2

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Pictures and video: ‘Opened And Abused’ at My Dirtiest Fantasy

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of mydirtiestfantasy.com. In this shoot, the look on the faces of these captives is such that you can tell they’re enjoying every fucking second of nipple torture, electro-play, butt-stretching and hot waxing that the fiendishly wicked dom throws at them.

nipple torture, electro-play, butt-stretching and hot waxing

Here is a free video preview:


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Title of this shoot: “Opened And Abused, Scene 3”

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Welcome to the submissive slut dungeon training challenge

At Bound Gods, Draven Navarro and Mason Lear are put through submissive slut training in the dungeon of Master Sebastian Keys. They are pushed to their limits in rope bondage, flogging and fucking, screaming till they cum thick loads!

Draven Navarro gay bondage

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male bdsm Draven Navarro

Cock hungry whore is tied naked at Dore Alley Street Fair

In this vintage shoot from Bound In Public,  Brian Bonds endures the cattle prod before he’s gang fucked at Dore Alley Street Fair


At the Dore Alley Street Fair, Brian Bonds is the center of attention. He’s bound to the cross with his balls tied up as the doms carry him through the crowd. After an intense flogging scene to get the crowd going, Brian is suspended on a fence with a zipper going down his thighs. The crowd cheers him on as Brian takes a shock from the cattle prod before the zipper is ripped off his legs. The BIP crew takes the naked stud back to a sex shop to have their way with him.

33186_2 33186_17

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A naked prisoner is affixed to an upright X-cross

Dream Boy Bondage

“You are going to like this in prison!” prison guard Martin Thorn says as he pushes a massive, ridged butt-plug deep into Levy Foxx’s virgin ass. The prisoner screams and buckles as he’s penetrated over and over. Martin leaves the plug in, then covers the captive’s firm ass cheeks with clothespins and leaves him overnight, fucked and in pain. The next day, Levy, still completely naked, is affixed to an upright X-cross with chains and elastic bands. The bands dig into his lean leg muscles. He’s been alone for hours when Martin returns, wearing the black uniform of a torture-guard. Martin gags the prisoner with a ball-gag then methodically flogs his muscular body, stopping briefly to stroke his body and twist his nipples.

tied up in gay bondage

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Title of this shoot: Levy Foxx – Prison Bitch – Part 9

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Video: Austin is bound on a horizontal X-cross

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, Austin is tortured with the single-tail whip and sprays of alcohol. Then he’s fucked with a steel dildo – and shocked with electrodes attached to it.


A few days ago, Austin was a college kid whose biggest worry was making sure he didn’t get a co-ed pregnant. Now, every muscle in his body aches, his back is scarred from hours of whipping and he is bound, naked, to a horizontal X-cross. His head hangs back, causing his lean torso to arch seductively. The man torturing him – young, strong and sadistic as hell – enters the dungeon, with a bullwhip in his hand! Austin can’t believe he will be whipped on his chest and stomach. The first lash – on the top of his pecs – feels like a knife and hot branding iron hitting him at the same time. The lashes keep coming, slow and steady, until his torso, from his neck to his pubes, is brutally marred. Then Jared sprays the wounds with alcohol and rubs them hard with his fingers. The pain is unbearable. But it gets worse: Austin’s virgin ass is fucked with a steel dildo – and electric current is sent surging into his bowels.

Title of this shoot: “Austin – Frat Boy Tease – Part 7”

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The Need

By Slavebladeboi

He grabbed my face with his left hand and pulled it so I was facing straight into his. “You sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yes Sir” I blurted out

He hesitated for a second or two. “Think boi. Remember what we said. Say no and things remain the same between us. I won’t think any less of you and you’re not to think you failed in any way. Say yes and you can scream to the angels, Christ and the fucking gods above, I ain’t stopping till I’ve finished.”

I hesitated for a few seconds.

“Yes or No?”

I looked straight into his large brown eyes that stared straight back at me from under the black leather executioner style hood he wore.

“Yes, Sir.”

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