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Weekend With Jonas – Part 4

By ty dehner

The hotel room was dark, which didn’t mean much to me as I had been blindfolded and couldn’t see anything. The room was cooler so I could tell the sun had set. It must be very late, but I truly didn’t know what time it was. I would listen for some sort of sound but heard nothing. Just my breathing and the sound of the leather that encased me. I was slipping into a slumber as I was so relaxed and enjoying the smell of the leather. That is when reality came shocking back and my crotch was heavily shocked. I yelled into the gag and my body jumps in my confinement. It was then I realized that Jonas was in the room and I was safe.

“You’re still here fucker and you’re still trapped.”, it was Bart. Now I was confused.

“You’re mine now. Jonas has left.” There was a shock and I was getting worried. “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of you in the coming days.”

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Weekend With Jonas – Part 3

By ty dehner

We arrive in the neon city and I think about me surrounded by all the people and glitz and I’m wearing a full rubber suit under my cowboy outfit. Will anyone even notice. Jonas knows right where he is going, and we end up parking at one the big casinos. As I get out of the car, I am self-conscious but that doesn’t stop Jonas and he gives me a shock to remind me of his power.

We head into the building and it isn’t long before he is sitting in front of an electronic machine and pressing buttons. I stand behind and to the side so I can see but he knows I am there. Each spin ends with me getting a shock or not. It seems that he is losing more than winning and I am learning quickly how to hide the pain that my cock and ass are experiencing. It’s not like there is lots of time between shocks as each spin last just seconds and Jonas immediately presses the button to start a new game. At the same time, he presses the button on his remote and I am shocked. He pauses after a good half hour of play and looks at me.

“I’m not doing too good boy, but this is the most fun I’ve had losing! I can hear your grunting each time I shock you. I love it!”

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Weekend With Jonas – Part 2

By ty dehner

I woke as someone was working something around my body. Shortly I was being hoisted out of the pool and the weights around my body were heavier now as I was no longer in the water. The guys had used an engine hoist to pull me out and bring me down setting me on a body board that is used by EMTs. They released the belts from the hoist and then started strapping me to the body board. I wasn’t going to be getting out the scuba gear and I think I was going to be going for a ride.

I didn’t hear from anyone, but the board was lifted, and I could feel it moving and no doubt taking a route through my house and into the garage. It was hard to hear but I think I heard the sound of metal and soon I felt myself moving. My movement stopped and I think I heard some latches being secured. Then I know I heard a metal door slam shut. I tried to move but I couldn’t move much. My fingers were able to move, and I was certain I felt a wall very close to my side. The weights pressed me on the board and restricted my movement. I was sure that I was in a box of some sort.

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Weekend With Jonas – Part 1

By ty dehner

Even with the metal cage on my cock and the small spikes digging into the skin I was able shooting my load into the suit. I was just so fucking horny after all that I had been through that I just couldn’t get to sleep until I evacuated my balls. After coming down from a monster orgasm I fell asleep with my muzzle still on. I was exhausted from the long weekend and just ready to catch up on my sleep. As I woke it took me a moment to catch up on the events and remember how I was still locked in the suit and cage. As I got out of bed, the liquids that have mixed in the suit ran down to my feet. Since I couldn’t use the toilet I just pissed in the suit and then went to my computer. I left the muzzle on as it continued to make me feel submissive.

Sitting down at the computer I power it up and find a message from Jonas. Opening it he told me how much he enjoyed the weekend and that I really impressed him with all that I did. At the end of the message he provided the combination to the lock on the suit and instructed me to get out of it. I was to close it back up so that none of the liquids would escape and keep it in a safe place. On Friday he would contact me and tell me how to prepare for the coming weekend.

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This Changes Everything

By ty dehner

In one’s life there are moments that change our way of thinking while moving us to a path we never thought we’d take. Many of them happen when we are young, some happen later in life and make more of an impact. This is my story of one of the events that changed everything.

Life was good, I was living alone with good friends and a good kink life while creating media for an online kink world. I had recently become self employed that provided me with new ideas to explore. One was attending an annual rubber gathering in Canada. It had been occurring for many years, but I never had the time or guts to travel across the border and experience it. This year was different, and I made the decision that I was going.

There was a theme to the event something like the future. I happened to have a black wet suit and a really cool full-face snow mobile helmet. So, I put together a pair of MX boots and gloves, added battery powered lights in the helmet and got myself a police duty belt and planned on going to the main gathering on Saturday night as a Cop of the Future.

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By ty dehner

The sweat was pouring from under my helmet washing away pieces of the dirt and grit from my face. Every muscle in my body ached, but I couldn’t give up now. Everyone had one goal in mind right now. This work, nearly 48 hours straight of it, was taking our minds off the bigger picture. I hadn’t been out of my fireman coat since the call came in, it weighs a ton on me right now, but it protected me from the small falling pieces of concrete and glass. I don’t know how all this finally happened and it is beyond any of our imaginations that we are searching and digging in such desperation, but we are not giving up, we can’t. We are firemen and dedicated to our fellow firemen and first responders.

As I wiped the sweat away from my eyes, I’m sure the grit smeared across my face. But there is so many layers of it what does it matter. The sun was setting on the second day since something happened that would forever change me. I was so focused on my digging that I didn’t feel the Captain grab my shoulder at first. He yelled at me over the machinery that motored on everywhere around us. He finally got my attention and told me it was time for me to head home and get rest. I shook him off, but he ordered me to get my ass out of there and home. He knew I wanted to stay, but also knew that I needed the rest.

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More With Jonas – Part 5

By ty dehner

At times, the day passed quickly and at other times it passed oh so slowly. As the day went on, I wanted to be released more and more. It was getting harder for my cock to get harder, and the electro only seemed to be more intense each time. My breathing was labored in the hood, being gagged with the piss-soaked sock and the duct tape keeping it in. Even though the piss kept my mouth moist, my throat was getting scratchy because of the moaning and screaming I would do as the electro reach the high frequencies.

I was sweating in the heavy leather I was strapped into, but the hood kept my nose filled with the smell of leather. It was diabolical what Jonas had done to me. I had shot my load over and over, probably six or seven times. I lost count, just like I didn’t know the time of day or even where I was kept.

I didn’t know when Jonas or Max might return.

As I enjoyed the rest, I tried to get into things to that I could get hard and shoot another load. Another round started, and like the others before it was random and I didn’t know the extent of suffering I was going to endure. After a while I was able to get hard, as I felt the tightness of the bondage I was in. Things were building again, and as I was getting hard I started to lift my head. Quickly it was pushed down, and I felt something on the sides and top that kept my head from moving.

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More With Jonas – Part 4

By ty dehner

As I struggle with the hood, it is quickly laced tight and the zipper is pulled down over the laces. My hands are pulled behind my back as I realize that Jonas must have gotten out of the chair. The hood has a strong leather smell as it is snug on my face. Handcuffs are slapped on my wrists, and they aren’t gentle about it. The zipper at the front of the hood is opened, and I learn that this is one of the layered hoods.

Jonas is smiling at me.

“Get on your knees.”

I struggle, as my hands are cuffed behind my back, and get on my knees on the concrete floor. I look up at him, and he just stands before me allowing me to take in how amazing and powerful he looks in his leather uniform. After a few moments, his gloved hand grabs the zip of the hood and closes it, putting me into a leather solitary. I hear their boots leave the room, and I am left alone again.

For a little while I can take kneeling, but over time my knees get sore on the hard floor. I work to relieve pressure on one knee, but it adds pressure to the other. Then I adjust the other way. I spend my time moving back and forth trying to manage the pain that is increasing. I think about sitting or getting in the chair, but I’m certain that would not go over well and I would be punished. I haven’t done anything to be punished so far and am not going to start now.

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