Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Check out what happens at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs:


Randy is a 22-year-old, toned, smooth-skinned, straight father of two with his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his chest along with a her big, fresh hickey. Scott ties him with his legs spread wide and hands tied to his knees and torments him with a slow, teasing hand job.

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The perpetually horny young man is defenseless, at Scott’s mercy for release, looking into his eyes with a pleading expression as Scott delights in keeping him on the edge.

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Spencer Reed gets tied up in wrestling gear

Check out the latest from Bound Jocks:

Wrestling hunk Spencer Reed is tied on his back with his hands stretched over his head. Morgan Black enters and sees it as his opportunity to molest the helpless brute …

Spencer Reed gets tied up in wrestling gear Bound JocksEasily pulling Spencer’s cock from his singlet, Morgan goes to town on Spencer’s hard cock while sporting a sizeable boner of his own. But just when the cocky jock lets his guard down, Spencer traps Morgan’s head between his powerful thighs and demands to be untied!

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Ryan is locked in Rich’s cock stock

Meanwhile over at Reluctant Young Men, Ryan is getting worked over.

Reluctant Young Men Ryan is locked in Rich's cock stockRyan is a 23-year-old-straight guy who finds himself with his legs in shackles, his hands roped above his head and his cock and balls in Rich’s cock stock. He must endure a beating with leather and wooden paddles and a whip without moving an inch.

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The slightest movement causes him pain in his balls. His soft moans grow into gasps of pain as the intensity increases. Soon his pathetic whimpers fill the room as he cries out in pain, not daring to move a muscle.

Here’s a free video preview of Ryan’s ordeal, courtesy of the guys over at Reluctant Young Men:

[media id=21 width=640 height=360]



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New website: Gay BDSM Personals

Do you ever read the ads on Craig’s List and get excited by them? Well, now there is a website dedicated to some of the hottest gay BDSM ads out there:

Gay BDSM Personals

The proprietor of this new site sent me a note recently. He writes:

Hi Metal,

Your blog is my favorite adult site. When it comes to bondage, control, humiliation, etc., you obviously get it. Thanks for doing what you do, and keep up the good work!

I wanted to share something with you. I just started a new blog called Gay BDSM Personals.

I have been reading personal ads in print and online for years. They can be very entertaining, if you know what I mean. I’ve been collecting ads that I find especially authentic, creative, and well-written. At some point I realized I could make my collection into a blog, and for my first blog post, I chose one of my favorite ads:


I want to take you to the Fair on a leash. Your “uniform” for the outing: slave collar, ball gag, leather harness, butt plug, boots, and fist mitts locked behind your back.

Does bondage excite you? I hope so because I want everyone to see your raging hard-on. Just to make sure I will feed you Viagra. If the situation gets too humiliating I may let you wear a blindfold. Eventually we find some backroom slave to suck you off.

I am GWM, 44, decent shape, clean cut. I am experienced with BDSM and respect limits. You must be into public humiliation, prepared to spend at least 3 hours in this predicament. Negotiable options include public flogging, urinal service, etc.

Serious replies only please. Tell me exactly why you want this, include your stats and face pic – or else your message will be deleted.

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Erik Rhodes

How very sad. Porn star Erik Rhodes has died at age 30, after an apparent heart attack. His real name was James, and I used to see him out and about all the time in my neighborhood in Manhattan, but unfortunately I never met him or talked to him. He certainly was a head-turner. I understand from reading about him and hearing about him from friends of mine who met him, that he was a troubled soul. And that makes me very sad.

Here’s a picture of Erik on the set of the Falcon production of The Pledgemaster, and there are more pictures from this video posted here.

Erik Rhodes MetalbondNYCFor those who want to read more about James, there’s a very nice tribute to him on the blog of Derek Hartley.