The tables are turned

Handsome Master Lionel makes a welcome return to continue his vicious mistreatment of this pathetic sub. The top dominates the runt by lashing a dog collar to his neck and pulling him around. All the while threatening him with a severe beating, using his mean belt. The naked sub has to swallow Lionel’s spit before licking his boots and having his own dick harshly trampled on.

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Things Change

By ty dehner

I found the dirt parking area off the wooded road and pulled off as I was instructed to. I sat for a few minutes to catch my breath and think about what I was about to do this afternoon. Alex and I had talked over time either via the internet or on the phone. We were both interested in gear and all the fun stuff one does in it. We also both got into very intense scenes that few would actually do. After viewing his Tumblr page I was surprised how far he wanted to go. I asked him about it, and he became very open and pushed for me to be where I am, parked on the side of a lonely road out in the woods. He also has me in my football uniform that I got from the local NFL team.

As I start to think what might happen, my cock stirs in the cup that is under the UA shorts and pads of my blue football pants. The socks and cleats match it all with my jersey tucked in. I am in a long-sleeved black UA shirt that is under my jersey and the full heavy lineman gloves. Alex is really into football gear, and he wanted me to start off in the right mindset. The only things missing are the full shoulder pads and helmet. But he knew that would be difficult to drive in.

Opening the door, my cleats step into the muddy ground as it rained earlier. He had instructed me to put my wallet and keys in a plastic bag and duct tape it to the back wheel well. It was a crazy move as I ripped a piece of tape and covered the plastic bag. As I reached into the back wheel well I heard a motorcycle. Looking up, I saw the hottest dude in full leathers and helmet ride by. I hope he hadn’t seen what I was doing. If he did he didn’t stop. He continued down the road.

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His naked body is strip searched by uniformed guards

At StripSearchHell, it’s comical that he still thinks that obeying the rules is beneath him. He’s been in clink for 2 weeks, and this muscular hairy fuck hasn’t realised that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. It doesn’t matter that he was once the big man. In here, he is a little bitch that got caught and now his body is the plaything of the guards. I bet he thinks they are too stupid to even look at him naked, much less touch his ass. Maybe he’s right, but that’s the rub when you’re thrown in jail, big man!

Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_01 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_02 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_03 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_04 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_05 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_06 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_07 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_08 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_09

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My True Love Gave to Me

By Steellock

“Your true love gave to you: A dragon tail over both cheeks! Happy Christmas Boi! Are you ready for a celebration?” He asked. The impact is like a thick cane with a fiery sting that wraps itself around the side of your butt and makes you shout. It fucking hurts and is normally held for the end of the sessions! Or when i’ve been a bad boi….

“On the second day of Christmas” and i saw stars as He landed our widest and thickest rubber paddle on first my right then my left butt, swinging it hard and hitting right where the dragon tail had just fallen. My heart sank – Oh shit what was in His seriously inventive mind? “And a dragon tail over both cheeks,” He chanted and the action followed the words.

Not that there was much i could, or i suppose really wanted to, do about it… My wrists were locked in thick padded leather restraints that were locked to the arms of the St Andrews Cross. A second set were locked round the legs of my 20-hole boots and locked to the spread legs of the cross. A thick wide leather belt went round my tight waist, holding me firmly to the structure but also a safety measure for wayward strokes. Now in two years together he had NEVER missed with a stroke!

His present to me was a new “Bishop” head harness, complete with a long tongue gag; a flat rubber plate that was now sitting over my tongue and very effectively restricting the volume of my first howl of the night.

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