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Enter Reality – Part 03

By ty dehner


ty dehner gay bondage storiesThe ride through the metro area was interesting as Chris controlled the conversation. He had questions about my stories which let me know he had spent a great deal of time keeping up with my imagination. I felt safe during the ride, secured in the leather straitjacket and muzzle, and a bit excited with the unknown of all this. As we exited the freeway, I didn’t know where he lived as he didn’t discuss much about himself when we have talked. During the drive when I responded to his questions I mumbled through the gag, my throat getting dry as it had been a while since I had anything to drink, not even water. But I was glad we weren’t sitting in silence this entire time.

Driving down Riverside Drive, the road was on the edge of the Los Angeles River along the edge of the mountains in Griffith Park.

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Enter Reality – Part 02

By ty dehner

Take a chance

ty dehner gay bondage storiesWalking thought the parking lot I keep a pace behind him, showing him I understand my position to him. We arrive at his flat gray Jeep. He turns to me, reaching for me and hugging me tightly. This is the first time I feel his leathers so completely and I melt in his arms with the warmth he provides. Pushing us apart. he holds on to my shoulders as he looks me in the eyes. “I said I have some gear that I want you to be in when we get to the Eagle.”

“Yes Sir,” I affirm, anxious to see what he would like me in. He opens the back door on his Jeep and pulls out a large piece of leather. Holding it up, it is a heavy, quilted leather straitjacket. I look at the jacket, then at him. “Yes Sir.”

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Enter Reality – Part 01

By ty dehner

It starts with an email

ty dehner gay bondage storiesSetting the glass with orange juice on the table, it was another perfect morning in the desert. Sitting at my writing table on the patio, the sun rose about an hour ago as it was March. Opening my laptop, my morning ritual is to check my email. The emails I look forward to the most are communication from readers of my short stories or my novels. As a leather scribe here in the Coachella Valley, anytime a reader takes the time to share their thoughts with me starts my day off well. Most of the time, I receive good comments about one of my writing, on occasion there is an email that is critical, which I’m fine with. A storyteller has to be open to criticism along with praise. Both are useful when I work on my next piece of fiction.

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Bog – Part 2

By ty dehner

ty dehner bondage storiesThe drizzle has stopped as the bog is getting gray as the cloudy skies block most of the sunlight as the day is getting long. Missing his hard hat, Josh is leaning against a tree with dirty white rope tightly securing his body. The biologist is still unconscious, as his hands are also tied, laying in his lap, his hi-viz gear covered in dirt and mud.

With Josh’s head slumped on his chest, a dark mud-covered figure approaches the lifeless Josh. Stopping next to the bound man, Tyree lowers himself to come closer to the handsome man he has secured for himself. Tyree’s dirty gloved hand reaches across to stroke the face of the bound man. As the hand lightly strokes, some mud is left on the goatee of Josh.

Kneeling next to the captive, Josh is a large, well, creature. Though he is a man, he has outfitted himself in camouflage gear to be hard to spot in the bog. Standing six-foot-six, Tyree settled into the bog to hide from the world while hiding from his life and desire to be with a man.

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Bog – Part 1

By ty dehner

ty dehner bondage storiesThe soft muddy soil spreads out beneath the tall cypress trees that have been growing over the decades in these wetlands that sit just east of the big modern city. There is a shallow layer of dirty water, looking like glass, settled between the wild grasses and mounds of dirt. The calm breeze makes the moss slowly sway, providing a calmness in this area with no direct sunlight.

These bogs sometimes have stories shared by locals about happenings that occur when the weather is right. Most just dismiss them to the art of telling a scary story during a stormy night or for a party during Halloween. Few people ever venture deep into bogs, preferring to stay safe and warm in the open areas that they can see what might happen. But for a rare few, the bog provides an escape from the world we live in today. Here a person can be who they want, no one to bother them, no one requires them to follow the rules. Just be alone, content, and maintain their life as they want to.

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Leather Cop Enforcement – Excerpt 1

This is an excerpt from ty dehner’s new leather kink novel, coming July 31, 2021, to Amazon Kindle and in print. This excerpt is exclusive to Posted here with permission.

ty dehner book


By ty dehner

The red Dodge Ram finds a parking spot near The Barracks, the Palm Springs area premiere leather bar. There is a light drizzle falling this evening after an afternoon of thunder showers. After parking, Mateo checks that he is prepared to meet the man that has him locked in chastity, looking at his face in his rear view mirror. He smiles as his young skin is clear of any blemishes and he has freshly shaved. His black hair on his head is in a close crop that makes it cool for him when he is on the work site. Opening the door of his truck, Mateo’s boot lands in a puddle as he steps out of his truck.


He had worked hard to shine his Wesco’s just two hours ago. He steps out of the puddle, reaching behind his driver’s seat he pulls out a rag. Placing his boot up on the door rim, he wipes it down and brings back the shine he had worked so hard on. Thinking back upon their first encounter in his trailer, he knew that that KTM rider had to be a leather man. Why else did he have them meet at The Barracks. Being in leather and bondage himself, Mateo didn’t want to overdo his first meeting so he settled for his Wesco Boss boots, black leather motorcycle chaps over his black skinny Levi’s, a black t-shirt with the Mr. S logo on it and his leather vest.

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Hotel Hot Tub

By ty dehner

ty dehnerAfter an afternoon of sightseeing in San Diego, I returned to my hotel in Oceanside, California. A block off the beach, my room on the fifth floor had a great view of the ocean and one of the longest piers on the California coast. With all the walking I had done I favored some time enjoying the hot turbulent waters of the hot tub. So, I slipped on my bathing suit and headed up to the rooftop where the swimming pool and hot tub were located. When I stepped out onto the patio, the view was impressive with a glass wall around the top floor so the vistas would not be spoiled. I was also glad to find no one using the facilities so I had it all to myself. Since it was late afternoon and, on a Friday, most people would only be checking in or busy with other activities.

Since towels were provided, I grabbed one placing it on a chaise lounge that was near the hot tub. I took off my t-shirt folding and placing it on the towel, with my cell phone and key card under the towel. I had a second key card that I always had just in case, in the pocket of my bathing suit. Making my way to the inviting water, I took in the ocean surf as it was rolling on the sand on the beach. The sun was starting its downwards drop to the horizon.

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The Birthday

By ty dehner

ty dehner bdsm authorTrey and I have been friends for quite a while now. We’ve played a few times, but mostly we’ve developed a great friendship. We were going to the movies today, the first time we’ve hooked up in a couple of weeks. When I arrived at his apartment, he was fiddling on his computer. I made myself comfortable on the sofa as he finished up his stuff. We had plenty of time before the movie started. After he finished, he came and sat in the chair next to the sofa. We talked about what we both had been up too in the last couple of weeks. While we talk online a lot, we still always have something to talk about in person. Trey looked pretty hot in his 14-hole black boots and matching black t-shirt with bold white letters spelling out “Skinhead.” There was a shine to his shaved head reflecting the sun coming through the blinds of his small apartment.

We were talking and laughing like guys do when I found my hand touching his shoulder. It was just a brief touch, but it sure felt good to touch him, again. He must have liked it, because he gently brushed me on the arm. Then it started the touching and slight tickling. He knows my sensitive spots. Our booted feet were playing with each other, hands on the legs, stroking.

Before long, he had my Ben Sherman shirt undone and his hands were tweaking at my tits. He was saying how they should be pierced because that would give him something to work with. I shuttered a little bit, not liking the thought of the needle going through my tits.   I worked my shirt off and felt his hands against my skin. They were warm and rough from the construction work he does. He has shown me, rather intimately, the leather gloves he wears for work, but his hands were still rough. I worked my hands around his body and we took each other in a warm tender hug.

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