The Prisoner Fantasy

By Nick Ensign

I should have recognized him for what he was the moment I laid eyes on him. But you know how it is when a man — any man who fits your ‘type’ perfectly — can knock the sense right out of you. I was at Starbucks, catching up on some emails and Facebook messages, when he walked in with a few of his friends. His hair was cut back into a short flattop, maybe the sexiest haircut a man can wear, and his moustache was thick, dark, but not overgrown.

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Rainy Days in Oregon

By John Strickland

an excerpt

Zac sat down on the wooden steps leading up to our deck. I sat down next to him, my leather pants creaking.

“Come sit down, Keagan!” Zac said.

Keagan plonked down a step lower. The sun glinted off the buckles down the back of his jacket and gleamed off his PVC-covered thighs.

Zac and I were both studying Keagan’s straitjacket. It was the real thing, – a Posey asylum jacket with a red trim to the top of the jacket.

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While I was snorkeling in the Caribbean recently …

… My email in-box was filling up big-time, and it will take me a while to post all the pictures and stories you guys sent. So if you sent stuff to me recently, keep checking back over the next few days and weeks. Thanks as always for keeping in touch!

Here is some of the feedback I have received on the blog:



Alphabjfan writes:

Hi. Just came across your website today and am speechless from the wealth of horny material on it. Can’t believe I did not come across it earlier in life.

And I must agree with you on the beauty of things that lock. For me as a sub there is nothing quite as horny than hearing a padlock or a set of handcuffs lock close. Nothing like moving around and seeing, feeling and hearing a locked padlock dangle around.

I read with great interest your ideas on things for a chastity slave to do. I have my own ideas and shall run them past you at some point, you may be interested.



Manaclesman Hans writes:

You asked your readers to tell what they think of your blog.

Well, I think it’s excellent. As said earlier, I look every day in the Netherlands at your blog and I’m not the only one, I think.

I wish you a lot of (further) success with it.



Callipygianguy writes:

I can’t wait to hear more about Jockstrap. I saw the latest updates… poor guy!

BTW, do you know if your friend who writes Waiting for Ross is planning any more updates? It’s been a while…

Happy Holidays!



Jon writes:

You asked for some suggestions on keeping Jockstrap in chastity, so here they are:

(a) As a personal trainer, Chris should set Jockstrap challenging fitness goals and only allow him a release as each goal is achieved. Jockstrap will find focus he’s never had before, whilst enduring the humiliating feeling of a locked cock whilst he works out to the max. In case a goal is proving difficult, Chris could offer to relax it if Jockstrap accepts a suitable punishment (something not to be taken too lightly, like a session with the paddle/strap/cane, or time in the Punisher).

(b) Something like the CB6000 might be most suitable for wear during exercise, although the Mysteel Ergoslim could be interesting – it’s better looking, looks like it offers decent freedom of movement and would securely hold Jockstrap’s cock in a steel tube between his legs.

You could keep your blog up to date with Jockstrap’s progress.



Bob writes:

Went to dinner tonight and outside the restaurant saw a guy in a medical neck brace. All i could think of is how miserable it would make your jockstrap, immobile as he is. I am a bad person.



FirefighterSIR writes:

I am trying to rope in a few new slaves at the ranch.

I require a slave that can travel to the ranch and commit to at least 3 days of service each time. Slave need not be hung or even sexually active but it is plus. Straight guys who need discipline and punishment often also apply.



A bondage fiction fan writes:

I found a story in My archives about a slave kidnapped off the streets of New York, loaded into a semi and drive to the ranch, kept bound to a fuck bench the entire time. The semi stops at truck stops along the way so that truckers can rape and torture the slave for cash.



Lthr Boy writes:

The story on your blog about Master Paul using a hood and single padlock on Andy – It comes from Hooder UK’s website. I remember masturbating to this particular story many, many times, and have frequently thought about having a sightless, tight leather hood padlocked on my head.

Some of Hooder’s website is still available via the internet archive.  The story you posted used to be under the “Hoods and Blindfolds” section of his main page, but it looks like he changed the story. I always loved his site because under each one of his fetishes, he would post a story, then explain why he liked it. I suggest reading “Interview with a Torturer” on his story page.

One thing to note, because the internet archive doesn’t save background images, the pages appear all white. In order to see the text, CTRL + A to select all and either copy into a word editor or just leave it highlighted to read.

Story Page here

Main Page here




Ken writes:

I’m pretty sure the Master Paul and Andy story is by my old friend Eddie AKA Hooder.  He used to have his own UK website but he took it down a couple of years ago and I have no idea how to contact him these days.  He was a frequent contributor to sites like Jack’s Rack, and is fondly remembered for stories like The Wall and The Fiend.



boycj writes:

My MASTER has asked me to research a shock collar for myself. Any suggestions? tips?



Max writes:

You asked for comments on your blog. My thoughts:

It might be a good thing to get more of the amateurs to contribute or at least say once a week have an amateur day.

I believe that your site should get back to metal as well, it is missed. Something in the beginning was very attractive to see the uniform and metal – that got a lot of attention.

If you need a story line I can certainly contribute a total metal set or two.



Chaingang63 writes:

Got to say, I love your blog. I hit it every night before going to bed. Helps me, um, how do I say this, release some energy.

Thanks for keeping it hot!




Thanks for the feedback, guys!

— Metal





Heat Lamp

By PFC Pflege

Part 1

I met Mark through friends of mine. He was 19 years old; I was 28. It was the summer that everyone was gin-rummy mad, and played whenever we could. Most of the guys were in their early twenties, and didn’t have a place of their own yet, or, if they did, it was a small apartment. Since I had just bought a house, it was natural that a lot of the games were played there. We’d have 6 or 8 guys playing, sometimes more; none of us had a lot of money, so the stakes were real low. On the weekends, if the fever was on, we sometimes played all night, nodding over the cards as the light of early dawn filled the rooms.

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By rts

Today my ultimate bondage fantasy will be realized. I am standing in the workshop of this custom body armor fabricator. Laid out on his workbench are the pieces of my new suit of steel armor that he has made to measure for me. It has been designed so that my entire body will be fully encased in the heavy steel, which will be bolted and locked on me, impossible for me to remove. He will keep control of the keys.

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Metalbond Q&A: Meeting Van Darkholme

A Visit to Bound Gods Headquarters in San Francisco by MetalbondNYCA Visit to Bound Gods Headquarters in San Francisco

By Metalbond

Armory pictures courtesy of

While visiting San Francisco recently, I had the opportunity to accompany the men from the Serious Male Bondage website on a field trip to headquarters. This enormous enterprise encompasses dozens of bondage-themed adult websites — including the kinky gay sites Bound Gods, Butt Machine Boys and Naked Kombat, plus many other hetero kink sites. The whole business is located in the Mission District of San Francisco — in the armory, an imposing building where the movies for all of these various sites are produced, cast, directed, filmed, edited and marketed.

Bound GodsI cannot even begin to tell you how massive this whole self-contained kink universe is. Even for a jaded New Yorker like me, I must say I was quite impressed. It made me think of the days when MGM and Paramount Studios had huge properties with sound stages, wardrobe departments, set designers and thousands of worker bees running around making movies — not to mention all the big talent like Bette Davis and Mickey Rooney, working under contract. In its heyday during the 1930s and 1940s the American film industry cranked out hundreds of movies every year, to satisfy the ever-growing demand of an insatiable pubic.

In a way, is a lot like the golden age of Hollywood. To begin with, when we arrived, we were buzzed in through security and literally drove into the building and parked inside. They have a reception desk, and we had to sign in. We saw dozens of full-time employees going about their business, working behind computers, editing film, creating marketing and promotional materials, and carrying out support and administrative tasks — all cranking out new adult entertainment. These people are all professionals, and they really know what they are doing. The only difference is that, unlike Hollywood, which churned out movies the whole family could enjoy in the theater, the focus with is on a much narrower fan base: consenting adults who want to watch very well made kinky porn. And boy do they deliver.

The Armory in San FranciscoNo matter what sexual orientation you are or what kinky fetish you might have, chances are there is a website headquartered here that will get you all hot and bothered. If you happen to get off on seeing grown men tied up and dominated by intimidating, latex-clad vixens in spiked heels, they’ve got you covered. Maybe you prefer to see women in gags and harnesses being worked over by dominant straight men. Well, they have a site or two for you as well. Into watersports? No problem! How about a site featuring athletic men wrestling on mats for real stakes — with the loser getting fucked by the winner? Yeah, they’ve thought of that, too!

The Armory in San FranciscoAnd if you’re like me and you enjoy watching really well made kinky gay bondage porn featuring some of the hottest and most adventuresome gay porn stars with great bodies and dependable dicks who know how to suck and fuck like champions, you need look no further than Bound Gods. As readers of this blog know well, Bound Gods is one of my very favorite sites.

Then it’s no surprise, of course, that the highlight of the day was the chance I got to meet Van Darkholme — the man behind the Bound Gods site — in person. In the flesh. Wow. In my opinion, he looked much hotter in person than he does in videos, if you can imagine that. He’s tall and worked out, has beautiful eyes and nice dark hair, and has a healthy skin tone. You can tell he eats right and gets plenty of sleep. He greeted us wearing cargo pants, a sleeveless blue T-shirt and comfortable sneakers, also blue. (He changed into a black ribbed cotton tank top for the on-camera interview we did later) .

When we started talking, I could tell right away that that he is just a normal guy. He even told me right off that he doesn’t let his porn stardom go to his head, and this was apparent in his demeanor. I found him to be friendly, soft-spoken, gracious and polite. When I asked him casually what he likes to do outside the dungeon, he looked me in the eye and without hesitation said gardening, with a sincere grin. But don’t be fooled. Behind all of Van’s boy-next-door charm lurks a true bondage master. He has been known to have even the biggest and most muscular of men trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey and whimpering like a baby in no time flat. When we started talking about his work, his eyes lit up and he became more animated. It’s clearly something he enjoys very much. He explained that he likes to work the tops in his videos hard, and that he takes excellent care of his slaves, protecting them and making sure they get what they need. He also shared some humorous behind-the-scenes anecdotes, one of them involving the actor Nick Moretti, who … well, let’s just say he got a little “over-enthusiastic” one day with a fellow actor.

Van took us to one of the sets, and I immediately recognized it from The Slaughterhouse. He showed us the tenterhooks hanging on runners from the ceiling, the wet area complete with drain in the floor, the built-in cage in the wall, and some of the hanging meat props. He also pointed out how the walls and floors in the room had been treated for a realistic look on screen. They think of all the details.

We got to peek inside some of the other sets, including the bar, featured most recently in Bar Bondage Hookup 2. I really wanted to see the padded cell set featured in The Sex Addict and Tommy, but it was in use. In fact, many of other sets were in use, with blinking red signs outside the doors warning passers-by that filming is in progress, keep voices down. We also got to visit the infamous Upper Floor at, where some of the group scenes and live action updates take place.

Van also showed us the equipment room, where the restraints, whips, floggers, hoods, gags, butt toys and other devices are stored. He showed us how directors can come to the room and “check out” equipment to be used in their movies. Sort of like a kinky library or depository. Van said we could not touch any of the gear that would go in someone’s mouth or ass. As he explained, all the gags and butt toys are thoroughly sanitized after each use, and then quarantined for seven days before being put back in circulation. They also have a prep room, where all the actors clean their privates before any on-camera action takes place. We didn’t go in there.

Van also took us on a tour of the rest of the Armory building itself, which really is a former armory. It has a shooting gallery and a live stream running through the basement. (An interesting side note is that when purchased the armory building itself, the transaction generated quite a bit of local controversy. Some community activists and neighborhood groups were up in arms over what they perceived as a threat from kinky perverts about to descend en masse into the neighborhood, filling the area with nefarious characters. That didn’t come to pass, of course, and since then the new residents of the armory and its neighbors have apparently settled into a peaceful coexistence. They even host community groups sometimes for events inside the massive indoor space.)

Before we left for the day, Van told us a little about his new, soon-to-be-launched website, called Bound in Public, which will feature lots of rough play and humiliation. I for one cannot wait to see what this site will be like.

Bound Gods Bound GodsBound Gods interview

Metalbond would like to thank Van Darkholme for his time and for graciously agreeing to be interviewed, and the marketing department for granting access to the building and for their time and consideration as well.

Metalbond would also like to express his most sincere appreciation to Mark at Serious Male Bondage for arranging and facilitating the interview.

Be sure to watch for the on-camera discussion featuring Mark, Van and Metal at Serious Male Bondage.

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