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The Bet – Chapter 09

By lthr_jock

I look at the clock – 11:30. I have an hour to finish my chores before Frank gets back. I check the list on the table – I’m about halfway through and having problems with what would normally be simple tasks. As I turn towards the kitchen to do the washing up, the rubber I’m wearing squeaks and creaks and the accumulated sweat inside it sloshes around. My cock is caged up again, this time in a heavy metal chastity belt that has covered my cock and balls and pulled them back between my legs. My cock has been slotted into a thick sleeve that extends inside my arse and is attached to a butt plug. Each time I start to get aroused, it makes the butt plug move further in and it’s as though I’m fucking myself. When I piss, the sleeve directs the urine inside me.

The steel belt is hidden under a thick rubber neck entry suit that I’ve had on overnight. The suit doesn’t have integral feet or gloves, but separate ones were added before pushing heavy waders on my feet. Rubber mittens went over the gloves that secure my fingers together but allow me to manipulate things – to an extent, anyway. I’m hooded in rubber and gagged, this time with a ring gag that keeps my mouth open. Steel cuffs are around each ankle, connected by a 2ft metal bar. Similar cuffs are around my wrists with a 1ft metal bar between them. Finally, a matching collar is locked around my neck.

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And Then It Woke Up

By GratDelay

Ken Keavey dropped his keys on the table and his duffle on the floor. He was tired but he felt great. He was back from his friend Dmitri’s house and one of the most intense bondage scenes he’d ever experienced. He felt like he had plumbed new depths of subspace. Even now, thinking back on it brought his hand to his crotch. The total immobilization in The Chair, the sensory deprivation and overload, the control of all his most sensitive areas… he was practically ready to do it all again.

But after such an intense experience, what he really wanted to do was to chill. He decided he’d clean off his gear and put it away later and headed into his living room to watch some |||

With a satisfied sigh, Keavey folded up his polishing cloth and set it down. His catsuit was hanging in the shower with a mirror-like shine. All the rest of his gear was cleaned up and properly stowed. After a job well done, he felt ready to chill. He decided to grab a snack before checking out the porn on his Twitter |||

Keavey nudged the last bit of cereal down the drain, turned off the disposal and shut off the tap. Another job well done. He looked into his pantry for something to snack on, but stuff seems to be missing. What happened to his Wheaty Snax or that half-finished bag of cookies from Merchant Pete’s? He felt simultaneous pangs of hunger and dissatisfaction with himself, like he did every night. He’d been meaning to make changes to his diet for some time now, since he’d put on some unwanted pounds; but every night the craving for something sugary caused him to put off his self-discipline for another day.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 08

By TheBadOne

Extracting Prince’s load takes me hardly any time. I can take the full length of it- I can take the full length of anyone- and he’s obviously already close after watching Omni and Zephyr do me over. And, judging by the size of his load, it’s probably been a couple days since he’s let one loose. I’m surprised by that- he doesn’t seem like someone who ever has a need that isn’t met. Either way, I’m proud of my work, and Prince seems pleased, too. I remain on my knees, kneeling in front of him, waiting for my next order.

He raises his booted foot, presses it against my chest, and with one strong movement of his legs I sprawl against the floor. Ouch. OK, then.

“Stay there,” he commands, and then I hear footsteps, the door creak open and shut, and then nothing at all. I’m left staring at the ceiling, the taste of come on my lips. Taking advantage of the first rest I’ve had in hours, I close my eyes, and focus on the throbbing and the warmth still radiating off my body from its beating.

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Tier Four – Part 3

By BoundLongAndHard

BoundLongAndHard speedosSeth did as he was told. He liked doing what he was told, even though his cock didn’t seem to need any help getting or staying hard. The ED cocktail was chalky with a faint taste of cherry. Seth wondered how long it would take before he felt anything. He didn’t have to wait long. Before the 3 minutes were up, he felt as though his cock was being forced to get even harder. He had never felt anything like this. He had lost all control over his cock. He liked having no control. He proceeded to B-3 and had to walk outside in the hall from B-2 to get there. His clothes had already been put in locker. Creighton told him he wouldn’t seem them again until the assignment was over. Thus, he had to walk through the hall from B-2 to B-3 nude and extra hard. Seth actually looked forward to this.

He entered the now familiar pressurized room and closed the pressure-sealed door. As soon as the seal engaged, audio instructions began. The disembodied voice told him to put the helmet on and be sure it fit snuggly and properly. Seth complied. He knew the drill. It announced that depressurization had already begun and would be concluded in 6 minutes. Same old, same old. It then announced he should move into the laser chamber. He would be asked to assume two positions, including the same position he had just shown Creighton and do so on the circular platform that had not been in the chamber during his prior visit. Also he wondered how the announcement – which must have been prerecorded – could have accounted for the pose he had assumed just 10 minutes ago. Nevertheless, he of course complied.

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No Mercenary

By A Lost Boy

You might have questioned my state of mind as I pricked my index finger with a lancet, printing my identity onto a foot-long contract in the passenger seat of a man’s car I’d met via Craigslist.

You might have even pitied me upon reading the terms of agreement in question.

But I can assure you… I was sober within this act & without the haze of lust; in possession of every of my facilities.

Until recently, I was the posterchild for privileged. The kind of guy who wears a tie to smart-casual. An Oxford Alumni, willing to kiss whomever ass required to rise up through the ranks… a real piece of shit in hindsight.

I deserved this, my thoughts declared as I peeped over the first edition document towards the driver with a sinister grin; the sinister grin, I had misread as welcoming. A movie star smile with a twist, carved amongst a sea of hedge-cut facial hair.

I remember admiring the man of forty, a sharp nose; an equally as sharp chin under there somewhere. He donned a full-set of salt & peppered hair, cropped with precision.

“Are you certain?” The man said with words unambiguous as I handed over the parchment.

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The Cock Tease – Part 2

By New York Cheech

I don’t know how long he left me there. I’m sure it wasn’t for more than a few minutes, but it felt like more. My mind was racing. The pain in my nips and balls had subsided into a dull ache. I was slowly loosing my erection and getting a little depressed. And then the music started. There were definitely high-quality speakers in the room, and I heard a Marilyn Manson album began to play loudly. “…it’s arma-goddam-mother-fuckin-geddon…” The music was both menacing and erotic at the same time.

With the music playing, I didn’t hear him return to the room until he was very near me. I actually felt his energy before I really saw him. As soon as I saw him, my flaccid dick came back to life. He was naked, and this was the first time I was getting a good look at his body. He was my vision of the perfect man. His chest was muscled and strong, and defined by the leather harness that crisscrossed his massive pecs. His torso was covered in fur, but trimmed short and kept neat. His flat 6-pack stomach led my eyes down to one of the most beautiful uncut cocks I have ever seen. He was well endowed, and I could tell the girth could get some getting used to. His balls were heavy and full and shaved clean. His legs were muscular and tan, and he had a serpent tattoo wrapping around his left leg from his calf up to his upper thigh.

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