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A Harness Built for Two – Part 1

By BigMouthfla

One evening we were sitting down just watching a bit of TV when he got up and asked me to come with him, as he wanted to show me something. I got up and followed him into the bathroom. Odd, but OK. He said, “I’ve got to take a piss. I want you to take it out and hold it for me.” Um, “OK” I thought to myself. He stood in front of the toilet, and I unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out and held it as I was standing next to him. He had a big smile on his face, but I didn’t understand why. Of course, just touching his dick always gets me hard. Well, as hard as can be in my metal housing.

I could feel it starting to stir a bit, then could feel it start to rush out. I have no idea why, but I was really getting turned on by this. I was just holding as he emptied his bladder. He said, “Feels good to hold a dick that can freely piss while standing up doesn’t it?” I don’t know what in the hell he was doing, but damned this was turning me on! He had such a devilish grin on his face the whole time. That very masculine grin of his which was driving me wild. He was barely finished and I was so turned on, I just couldn’t help it. I dropped to my knees and took him deep into my mouth. There was a couple of drops left as I didn’t really shake it off that well. I didn’t care. I was so worked up I just HAD to have him. Yeah I could take a tad bit of piss, but I didn’t mind. I was a sex machine at that point. I was sucking that man so damned hard and with such vigor.

He then did something that always turns me on. He held my head in one spot, pulled his cock mostly out of my mouth, leaving only the head in and grabbed it with his hand. He was going to jerk off in my mouth. Oh how I love it when he does that! He started jerking his own cock, telling me how good it felt. Ah, as I reach down feeling nothing but metal on mine. Then he tells me, “That’s useless … the cock you can feel is right here on your tongue…” He was jerking harder and faster, then said, “here’s your gift…” and shot a huge load on my tongue. I love feeling the pulsating of his cock as it tickles my tongue, feeling him shoot directly into my mouth. Then tasting that oh-so-strong-tasting juice of his. Drives me wild. I’ve always been a cocksucker, but I am now a bona fide cock whore! Well, his cock whore anyway.

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