The Vacation – Part 12

By Rubrpig

4798 sat on the bunk in his cell, his breath hissing and clicking through the gas mask hood which was now part of his uniform when not in use by a client of the facility.  The door to his cell opened and 2 of his personal guards entered.  One of the guards held a bag of liquid feed product which was what 4798 was fed when locked in the mask.  The guard pulled the drinking tube from the front of the mask and connected it to the bag of food.

The product flowed into the tube and 4798 sucked and swallowed the protein rich food.  Once the bag was emptied, the guards disconnected it and left the cell after telling 4798 that his first client session was scheduled for the next morning.

4798 laid on his bunk and thought about what was going to happen the next day.  Finally he fell asleep and did not wake up till the lights in his cell turned on and he knew he was going to be fed soon.

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The Vacation – Part 11

By Rubrpig

4798 looked over at his guard seated in the adjoining seat on the plane that was taking them back to the city where the facility was located.  He was getting very nervous as the pilot had just announced that they were on final approach.  The engine noises changed and then he felt the thump of the landing gear hitting the runway and then the reverse thrust and braking kicked in, throwing him slightly forward in his seat as the plane slowed down.

The plane taxied to the terminal and stopped at the gate.  The passengers around him stood up and got ready to get off but his guard told 4798 to remain seated as they were going to be the last ones off the flight.  4798 nodded and remained seated as ordered.

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More artwork by Joe T

Here’s another work by the artist Joe T. This is image is being shared here with the permission of the artist.

I really like this picture, because it depicts a prison guard who has been overpowered by one of the inmates. According to google translate, the text reads as follows:

But it fits me impeccable, this uniform! Thanks, Johnson!

Escape in the warehouse of a prison

prison guard artwork Joe T


HINT: A similar scenario is depicted in the multi-part story in the Prison Library called Busman’s Holiday by lthr_jock, in which an inmate figures out how to switch places with a hunky prison guard.