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Master Jake dominates and humiliates feeble fag elliott

At BrutalTops, sadistic straight Master Jake returns to dominate and humiliate feeble fag elliott. The runt is squirming completely naked in a toilet and the Master finds him and proceeds to dish out his harsh treatment. With cane in hand, the snarling Master treats the sub like a hound and fastens a tight collar onto him before ordering him to lick clean the filthy toilet bowl.


Then the top pulls the worm around the toilet room, all the time shouting abuse and thrashing him with the cane. The damage continues when the Master puts his heavy boots on the worm’s pathetic dick and squashes it, causing elliott considerable pain. On all fours, the sub is ordered to lick clean Jake’s boots before he is made to sit down on a huge dildo, which stretches his arsehole to the max.


The humiliation is completed by the sub having to walk around the room on all fours with the big dildo still hanging out of his ruined hole!

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Micah Andrews gets used and humiliated at Stompers Boots


Micah Andrews is shopping for boots when horny men grab a hold of him. Josh West strips him naked and ties him up in front of the store window. They smack him about and make him suck cocks and feet. Micah endures more torments and made to lick cum off boots. The men beat his ass and drag him into the backroom. They all take turns fucking him and shoot their loads in his mouth. Then Josh tosses the filthy whore into the busy street.


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