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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 14

By PredicamentBondage

The slave is kneeling at what we call “a kneeling-rest”. Its hands are behind its back, each grasping its opposite elbow, with the forearms aligned and parallel to the floor. The head is bowed, eyes open, focused on an imaginary point on the floor several feet ahead. Its knees are spread wide, its ankles less so, toes bent and planted firmly on the floor behind its buttocks. It rests half way between an “upright kneel” and “sitting on its heels”. The strong thigh muscles draw the eyes in, and frame a glorious set of genitals, hanging invitingly as if being offered to their owner – me.

Its cut cock is impressive at about 7 inches soft, 10.5 inches when hard, with a slight downwards turn and a striking mushroom crown. The rod has excellent girth and arcs over two hairless golf-ball size globes, gorgeous to behold. The penis is rock-hard and dripping pre-cum, as it always is when in the presence of its Master. It’s a Pavlovian response. The mere thought of its Master will result in an instant erection. Training is a wonderful thing.

I am on the cusp of a dilemma. An hour ago, I received a call from the client who ordered this wonderful piece of beef. The customer has had a change of mind and asked if we could negotiate a deal that will allow him to take delivery of only two of the three slaves he ordered. He’s a good patron, having purchased a lot of product in the past, so I don’t want to upset him with a refusal.

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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 05

By PredicamentBondage

Things are quite leisurely at the training facility with only two slaves in stock. It was wild a few weeks ago because we had eight on the go but, as it is, I feel like I’m on holiday.

Shit-head has been with us a few days now. So far, it’s spent 24 hours isolated in its pod, exercising and learning how to drink from the water dispenser. Following that, it spent the best part of a day hanging in the factory area being broken. Like its peer resident in the next pod (piss-slit), shit-head has also been through its very first training session, lesson one – SPEECH LAW NUMBER 1.

Today, it’s SPEECH LAW NUMBER 2 and shit-head is already in place, eager to begin (I’m sure).

My little brunette fire-plug is standing in one of the classrooms, one foot on each of two large blocks. The blocks are 3 feet apart so its legs are spread wide. Wrists are in 18th century iron shackles and pulled straight up, forcing the slave onto its toes. It still wears the heavy ball stretcher that it’s involuntarily had to endure for several days, making its balls ultra-sensitive and very tender. Around its neck is a shock collar, the remote control handily in my jeans back pocket.

“Good morning shit-head” I say in greeting.

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The Examination – Part 1

By slavebladeboi

I looked through the one way glass as they wheeled him in. He looked about 19, fit, tanned, 5 10 or so, short jet black hair with eyes to die for. Well he wouldn’t actually have to die for them. I’d already been ordered to get everything I wanted out of him, but alive this time.

Oh well.

The three goons that dragged him into my “Initial Examination Room” as I liked to call it, so much nicer than “torture chamber”, were typical types. Heavy, muscled, hairy bears, none of them under 6’3” and wearing the uniform for their jobs in this wing, leather leggings and boots with heavy rubber aprons and bibs. Sometimes they wore fingerless studded gloves too but these were not uniform, just impressive.

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Chastity Agreement

By Leatherboston

I am about to enter into a chastity agreement with a friend who is willing to be my key-holder and be strict and adhere to the conditions I list in a chastity agreement. See draft agreement. Just curious if you or your readers have any suggestions for additional stipulations for the contract? I want it to be realistic but also challenging.



This is an agreement dated __________ and between ______ , herein referred to as the caged male and ______, herein referred to as the key-holder. This is a consensual agreement between two adults of sound mind and body for chastity control and key-holder services. Both parties enter into this agreement freely and openly, and without coercion of any kind.

The contract will enter into force immediately on the date signed by both parties and will remain in effect for thirty days, self-renewing period, plus any earned penalty days.   After which time the contract will be satisfied and the key-holder will let the caged male go free. The caged male agrees to be locked in a chastity device for said contract period plus any penalty days earned during the contract period.

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A Week at a Cabin in the Snow – Part 5

By Mister-X/Spartan

Day 6.

After the usual warming, exercises, food and shower the next morning, Master Leach again locked me into the chains. It took some time, as it did the first time, until I was finally tightly standing while in chains. Master Leach said that he would be going over to the proprietor’s place to pick up his slave, and he needed to lock me into the cell for the rest of the day and night. So I would be again tightly chained, initially in the prisoner transport chair, then in that cell of his down below. I had hoped to be able to have a day to rest and recuperate, but I certainly wouldn’t be getting that while tightly chained in that cell. My cock started getting hard at the thought.

After all that time getting me chained up, initially locked to the prisoner transport chair and then locked into the cell, master finally pulled my collar back and forced the thin bar through my collar. With the extra leather around my neck from the proprietor’s hood and the huge stiff penis in my mouth, this was a lot harder to deal with. Initially I could barely get any air through the tiny pinholes. Master could see that I was having difficulty, and stayed to make sure that I would be all right. Eventually I was able to get somewhat settled down. The problem is that with that difficulty my cock immediately erupted. I had that extra pain to deal with.

After master left, I realized that this was much worse than the last day and night I’d spent in that cell. I was going to have to force myself to accept it by focusing on taking one breath at a time. It was only when I thought about the position I was in that I would start to panic and my cock would start to get hard. That stiff hood and gag didn’t help matters.

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Birthday Surprise – Part 02

By mclioncub

Here is the next part of the story …

Master Alan and Kevin walked over to me, and Master Alan said that I must really be confused with everything. I shook my head to the affirmative. Kevin explained that he had not filled you in on anything so I know this is all a surprise to you. Let me bring you up to speed. Kevin approached me a few months ago and wanted to give you a very special birthday. It started off as just a week’s stay here in my dungeon, but over the coarse of the last few months it has become much more than that.

When he first came to me he told me that he was not into the whole bdsm scene but wanted to learn about it so he could participate in your bondage week. Well it turns out, Kevin has found the whole Master gig as a real turn on and he absolutely thrives on taking control and he has blossomed into Master Kevin. I immediately turned my stare to Kevin and he confirmed everything Master Alan had stated with a solid nod and the look in his eyes. Master Alan then said that it was time for Master Kevin to finish explaining things.

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Bondage Contract

By Unknown

Sometimes it is best to put it in writing, to make it official …

The following is a proposed bondage contract between STUDTOP and Handcuffman, to take place in three segments. In the first and third segments, Handcuffman is to be STUDTOP’s prisoner for 12-hour increments of time. In the second segment, STUDTOP is to be Handcuffman’s prisoner for 12 hours. There may be additional “break” time between segments, provided both parties agree, but once each segment has commenced there will be no backing out early.

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