Men On Edge one-year anniversary

Congrats to Men On Edge for bringing us one year of great big huge bondage cumloads! And I am not just talking about the models.

gay bondage

In the past year, Men On Edge has brought studs you never thought you’d see in a bondage scene — Marc Dylan, Landon Conrad, Dayton O’Connor and even the Visconti Triplets, plus many more.

This week, it’s feisty New Yorker Kurt Von Ryder who gets bound and edged.

gay bondage

Kurt Von Ryder is a hot athletic stud who has trained in martial arts all his life. They start him off blindfolded on the cross as his arms and legs are tied down. His cock immediately gets hard, poking through his underwear just begging to be played with. As they edge his hard cock, they put some suckers on his nipples while his cock feels the vibration of the hitachis. Kurt starts to get demanding when he’s denied cumming, so they beat him with the flogger before suspending him and fucking his ass with a dildo. Tied down to the cross again, they shove a vibrator up his ass and milk a giant load out of his hard cock. But, for being so demanding, they finish him off with some post-orgasmic tickling as he’s covered in his own cum, screaming for mercy.

gay bondage 30812_19

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Tim the Bondage Slave

By Mister-X / Spartan

“I know what we should do.  I’ll put in my large butt plug.  You put me into my leather straitjacket, put my leather pants on, and strap on my leather hood with nose and mouth holes.  Wrap my arms behind my back, connected at the front, so that my tits will stand out.  Unsnap the coverings over my tits, put on my tit clamps, pulling the connecting chain up to attach to the ring at the front of the straitjacket and snap the straitjacket coverings back over my nips.

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Shamus gets tightly belt buckled from his arms down to his feet

gay bondage

At BreederFuckers, Shamus makes an enticing sight with his muscles restricted from being tightly belt buckled from his arms down to his feet. He writhes pathetically on the floor unable to cover himself for anyone who passes by. He’s facefucked till he gags.

gay bondage

To better get at his asshole, his legs are suspended up in the air so he can be screwed at both ends, fucked with a power tool and made to stick his tongue up another man’s asshole. With his gob wide open he’s made to receive a mouthful of spunk.


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Bobby the a/c repairman gets a lesson in what S&M means

gay bondage

Mechanic Bobby is a sexy bit of rough who drifts into the BreederFuckers office looking to service the air conditioner. Rather than diligently keeping to his work, he has to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong. When he’s offered a lesson in what S&M means, he can’t resist trying it out. By the time he’s gagged with his arms restricted by rope there’s no going back and nothing he can do to stop the big bad men from tearing his clothes off and making him perform a debasing series of tasks for their perverse sexual pleasure.

gay bondage

To really stop this captive from wiggling away from the men and trying to get away, they insert a vicious anal hook up his tight bum. He’s roped to the ceiling beam so he has to stand on his tip toes and his hot naked body is permanently on display. By the end, both his face and his ass cheeks have gone bright blazing pink.


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gay male bondage